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Adopt A Piece of History!
Become a Bay-Journal Contributor.

Are you interested in work that.....

    - Gives you unbelievable job satisfaction?
    - Contributes to your personal education?
    - Increases your knowledge and that of others?
    - Gives you recognition for your hard work?

It's all possible by becoming a "virtual employee" of Bay-Journal.
We're an equal opportunity employer offering public service positions to anyone who desires to participate in our community awareness project -- to put much of Bay County's history online. All of our positions provide complete freedom -- you chose your own work assignments. Available positions to be filled are:

    PositionTypical Job Requirements
    Subject CoordinatorA take charge type person able to work well with others and organize information.
    Research SpecialistsEnjoys spending quiet time at library and meeting people in developing historical facts.
    AuthorsSkilled in written communications, able to relate facts in an interesting and enjoyable way.
    TranscribersDedicated individuals possessing great patience for typing digital copies of documents required for web pages.
    PhotographersEnjoys and possesses a knack for capturing various image forms of our community. Able to provide in digital format for web presentations.
    AuditorPart time position for individuals who appreciate proper English and spelling. Possesses a low tolerance for mistakes in printed documents and is willing to reports infractions to the Webmaster.
    General LaborPart time work locating old photos and documents of historical significance, then sharing them on the website.

Pay Scale:
All positions receive the same pay scale. Upon completion of your work, submit it to Bay-Journal's "virtual pay master". Onced approved, you will receive full credit with your name posted to the Contributor's Page and on any specific Subject Pages for which you did the the work.

Adoption Program:
For individuals that prefer temporary work or need help in determining a work assignment, we provide the "Adopt A Piece of History" program which enjoys the same pay scale. Contact: Bay-Journal Click to send email

A Serious Moment:
Like a plant that flourishes because of its roots -- becoming aware of our heritage helps us develop a deeper appreciation for the present.

It is this connectivity to our past that led me to creating Bay-Journal. It began as my personal journal about Bay County for sharing my limited knowledge on its history with you. For it to be more than this -- it requires help from you and others in the community to be participants. I believe it is a worthy cause and a fellowship that offers a great deal of personal reward.

Join me if you can in celebrating the rich history we have inherited from those who have contributed so much to what we have today. Help me to create public awareness of their deeds, become a contributor -- it's work that we can all benefit from!
-- See a name listing of our Contributors.

Be a Coordinator
While Bay-Journal initially built around the history of Bay County, its structure allows for expansion to include histories for other counties, such as Saginaw and Midland, or others in the Saginaw Bay basin. But, this will not happen without volunteers who are willing to become County Coordinator, and make it happen. As a County Coordinator you can form your own nucleus of volunteers to help build history content, which will appear in its own county section on Bay-Journal.

If that is too large a project, consider becoming a Township Coordinator to have at least your community's history shared on the internet for others to learn about.

BAY-JOURNAL: Putting Local History Online.