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Bay-Journal's Seven Major Sections.

The normal entry point from the web. Contains quick links to various points of interest within Bay-Journal and menu to major tabbed sections.
Contains a variety of information and resources not neccesarily related to history. Includes such subjects as news, weather, web links and special subjects.
Specific histories of communities within Bay County; cities, villages and townships.

General history about Bay County. Features geology history, native settlers, pioneers, and industrial development upto the mid 20th Century.
Specific subject histories. Features people, places, businesses, building, groups, etc.

Photo Library. Presented in albums on various subjects. Slide viewer includes description with each picture.
Web pages of Individuals, Sponsors and non-profit organizations.

History Content.

As a general rule, history content presented on Bay-Journal will be a minimum of 50 years old. Some exceptions to this are the PERSONAL PAGES, where sponsors or organizations may desire to include comtemporary history. Or, other pages where contemporary information is a part of the overall history of a subject.

Menu Systems.

There are "seven main entry tabs" or sections of Bay-Journal at the top of each page. Within these main sections, the menu system will typically be a "side-bar menu" displayed to the upper right corner of the page. Sub-pages to specific subject may have their own menu system specific to that subject. We try to provide "sources" for the content presented and where available, "internet resources" related to that subject. Within pages, there may be links to addition information on a specific item, these links will typically open a new window for their viewing. New windows are opened for all off site links and some on site links. This is done so you may remain on the page you have chosen until you decide to leave the Bay-Journal site.

Other Icons and Link System.

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Link to [External Website] opens new window - close when done.
Information graphic Link graphic to Bay-Journal pages, hover mouse over it for information.
Appears at bottom of page, click to return to top of page.

Site Design.

We've designed the site give a subtle effect of being at a theater. Content appears on a white back ground (our screen) and behind it is our curtain in a contrasting color. Above the screen is our billboard graphic which changes according to the subject matter being presented (see below). And, above the billboard are rotating display ads available to sponsors of Bay-Journal. We AVOID the use of pop-up ads when ever possible. However, some may appear as a result of off-site content supplied by "free" service providers. Our goal is to use "paid" only services when sufficient support from sponsors warrant this.

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