About Bay-Journal Publishing.

The Publications. -- This section contains a variety of materials published by Bay-Journal, such as: Featured Articles and Stories, and Guest Materials; and an Archieve of old Monthly Magazine issues.

In The News. -- Featured articles by Bay-Journal or guest authors about subjects with a local or regional interest.

Thinking Out Loud! -- As the title implies, this section is set aside for featured articles on a variety of subjects that have an enduring interest. Itís where guest authors and amateur writers are able to share their stories with Bay-Journalís viewers. Some topics authors have written about include Madonna, miniature train hobby, desecrating cemeteries, schools, economics, and others.

Bay-Journal Monthly. --The monthly magazine has been temporarily suspended, however, previous issues are available from the archive. The popular magazine may return at some point in the future if we can get some volunteer help in putting it together. Contact us if you are interested being restoring the monthly magazine which has a focus on local/regional subjects.

Updates to Bay-Journal. -- This page provides a chronological listing of new content added to Bay-Journal, each links to the content page. This listing has grown in importance as a resource for browsing the website' more than 1,300 web pages.

Help us if you can! -- Bay-Journal was designed to be an interactive community for placing local history on the internet to help increase awareness about our heritage. Bay-Journal was launched in 2002 with 50 web pages and during 2006 the content reached 1,000 pages with the help of a relative few people making regular contributions. Seems like a lot history, but itís not. Our efforts to date have just touched on some of our local history. We need you and many others who share an interest in this local history help us generate the many interesting historical stories still waiting to be shared online.

"Adopt A Piece of History Help Page."

In closing. -- When I started the Bay-Journal website as a retirement hobby in 2002, I had no idea what interest it may have on the internet. The websiteís popularity has grown from a few thousand visitors initially to several hundred thousand annually in just three years. If you share my interest in local history and like the content offered on Bay-Journal, I'd like to hear from you whether it's about helping put local history on line or just a personal comment about the website. Your input and comments are an important resource from me in understand whether or not Bay-Journal is meeting the needs of its viewers, and what improvements might be made to improve the website.



Marvin A. Kusmierz
Editor, Bay-Journal Publishing
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