March 2004 - Edition No. 15

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Featured History - Go to: History | Featured Websites | News | Websites Updates |

Trinity Episcopal Church of Bay City

The Trinity Episcopal Church was founded in 1854, three years before Bay County was organizated. At that time Bay City was known as "Lower Saginaw" and a part of Saginaw County. This church community has been a pillar for worship ever since.

The history graphic depicts the present church buildings with an insert sketch of first church building that was erected in 1860. Folks who lived on the west side had use a boat or a barge traverse the Saginaw river in order to attend church. The church didn't move to it's current property on the north west corner of Center and Grant until 1883.

The church had an active missionary history in the local community help to establish religious groups in the villages of Wenona, Banks, Portsmouth, Essex and McEwanville. You can learn more on their heriage page:

  • {Trinity Espiscopal Church of Bay City}

  • Featured Websites - Go to: History | Featured Websites | News | Websites Updates |

    (Featured local and regional websites.) For a complete list of local websites, see

    Bay City Morning Rotary Club (Bay City) [Website]

    The Bay City Rotary Club became a chartered member of Rotary International in 1990. Rotary International was founded in 1905 by Paul P. Harris of Vermont. Today, there are approximately 1.2 million Rotarians and 29,000 Rotary clubs in 161 countries. The Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders around the world dedicated to providing humanitary service, encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations, and helping to build goodwill and peace in the world.

    Our local Bay City Morning Rotary Club was organized on February 1, 1990, with Jerry VanAlst being elected as the club's first president. The club has grown considerably since then, and plays an important role promoting high standards and growth of businesses of Bay City and Bay County.

    On their website you will find additional history on both the local and international clubs, a roster of current officers and past presidents, and a list of committees and the name of individuals heading up each.

    Essexville News [Website]

    The Essexville News website is relatively new and was started by Vince Doriean. It has quite a few unique features that viewers will enjoy whether or not you live in Essexville. The website is based on viewer participation by allowing them to input information in real time.

    Some examples of subjects covered are "Today's Life Solutions", "Recipe Exchange", "Classified Ads", "Neighborhood History", Neighborly Referrals" and "Favorite Links." The website is professional looking and easy to navigate. It is sure to become a favorite for many as its content increases. While your visiting the website make a posting of your upcoming church event, rummage sale, etc. to the "Community News." Its free and another way for promoting public activities.

    Local/Regional News & Commentary - Go to: History | Featured Websites | News | Websites Updates |

    (Highlighted news items and our commentary about it or other subjects. For more extensive news coverage online we recommend [ - Local & Regional Michigan News] and [ - Articles on Bay Co.].)

    March 1 - Introduction

  • (Bay-Journal Commentary)

    Its been a tough winter, low temperatures and extremely high heat bills will soon depart. I doubt anyone will miss them either. I know I won't. March usually brings warmer temperatures and sometimes, heavy snow falls which are more tolerable knowing we can now count in days rather months when it will all end.

    We've made a change to the layout of this page by merging "Commentary" and "News" into one section which will make it easier for us to post updates to the page. Also, it should be easier for viewers to read rather having to jump around the page to find new postings. And, we've added a "Go to" menu to the header of each section.

    February was a pretty good month for the website with some nice additions, the story on Henry W. Sage being the major one. Another is the new section on {Ethnic History and Genealogy} in the Heritage Library under Groups. The idea of adding this new section was motivate by recent contacts I had regarding my own Polish genealogy. My experience in researching the Polish heritage of my family has been that many of their village neighbors also settled in Bay County. Therefore, it may be true for other ethnic groups. I thought it may useful for their descendants to have a local means of coming in contact where they can exchange information about their genealogy and heritage. Presently there are messages boards for French, German and Polish families. More will be added if requested. How useful this will be will depend on a lot of help from viewers in getting it off the ground and bringing it to life by posting to these boards.

    The website now has over 664 pages which can make navigating it a little difficult, especially for first time vistors. If this has been your experience, you may want to try using the {Search Bay-Journal} feature which locates all pages referencing a specific subject. This feature is available at the top of most every page. Just click on the "UTILS" graphic which opens a mini-menu, under the "Bay-Journal" header you'll find "Search Bay-Journal website".

    March 1 - New Forum Boards

    The new forum boards are getting off to a "slow" start -- there has only been a handful of posts from viewers. I'm not sure why? It may be that many are just not aware of it or may feel hesitant and waiting for others to get the ball rolling. The forums were created to give you and other viewers way to interact with each. As viewers of Bay-Journal, you have a few at least a few things in common -- the Saginaw Bay Area, its history and a family genealogy connection.

    A number of different boards have been set up to provide some focus for groups. There are boards for people living in the counties of Arenac, Bay, Midland and Saginaw. There are boards where you can share genealogy information or discuss your French, German or Polish heritage. And, there are General boards for open discussion on any topic of your chosing.

    If you can -- help us get these board off the ground! Make a posting! It can be an inquiry regarding your family's surnames, ask a question for others to reply to, express an opinion, or whatever is comfortable for you. With your help the forum boards can be an enjoyable and valuable resource for everyone.

  • Information/ {Focus Forum Boards}

    March 1 - Three Popular Businesses Facing Problems (Bay City)

  • (Source: Bay City Times, March 1, 2004 - article by Rob Clark, & internet forums.)

    Two local restraurants are closed and there is no idea when they'll reopen, or who will take over ownership. The Hooters restaurant along the river's edge on Midland has been closed for quite sometime, and this past Sunday, the Herford and Hops restaurant on Midland street also closed. The third business is the Holiday Inn which has fell behind on its mortgage payments. Each of these business are key assets to the community and one can only hope all three will work their way out of their individual situations. Each has played an important role in their own way to attracting people to the downtown area.

    The new Double Tree Rivers Edge facility that will be opening this summer just may become a welcoming competitor for the Holiday Inn and restaurants in the downtown area. Those who attend conventions do not always stay or eat where the convention takes place. From early reports in the Bay City Times, it looks like their advanced bookings are doing well. It would be nice to know which groups have already made plans to hold their convention there.

    March 1 - Fireworks Auction Telethon Exceeds Goal! (Bay City)

    The 9th Fireworks telethon was held this past weekend and long-time promoter, Terry Watson, was happy to report $23,250 was raised, exceeding the goal set of $22,000. The auction was took place at Labadie Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Buick, GMC Truck on Euclid Avenue and was broadcasted on local Channel 3. Many businesses in the area donated items for the event. While the fireworks is a Bay City event, the auction itself should have an appeal to people outside of this community since we're all bargain hunters at heart. With a little public service help from the local TV stations it could happen.

    March 7 - BEWARE NEW VIRUS!


    You may already be familiar with an earlier email virus that emulated an email being sent by Microsoft Windows! There is a new one doing the same using other well know known internet providers such as AOL, CHARTER and others.

    I recieved such a virus attempt which protrayed itself as coming from, and it wasn't caught by my virus scanner! The stated that my email address would be pulled in three days! And, that I needed to open the attached ZIP FILE using the secret code in the message to for instructions on how to keep this from happening. Instead, I called Customer Service at Chartermi -- they confirmed that the email was a virus scam.

    It's unfortunate -- but I don't trust any email with an attachment -- even if it is from someone I know! Spammers now use stolen email addresses to do their vicious work. The Bay-Journal and my personal email addresses all have been used this way some time now! You most likely have gone through this your self. When it first began happending I took the appropriate action of reporting it to my internet provider, but they are helpless in doing much about it -- they can't really block the sender (my email address). So, I'm constantly deleting "bounced emails" returned to my email address by other providers informing of an email being return because "it contained a suspicious attachment." I now delete these without further action.

    What I do with all attachments that I consider to be "most likely okay" is to download them a "floppy disk" where they can be isolated and easily found for scanning with my anti-virus program. If it is a file I "was expecting" to receive, I open it from the floppy disk to view before relocating it to the hard-drive. If its an attachment that I "wasn't expecting," I first send off an email to the person that supposedly sent it "requesting verification" from them that they actually sent it.

    Because of the above, I make it a policy to never forward an attachment to anyone without comments in the body of the message. This at least gives them something to work with in determing it's is most like from me. Because of the volume of emails messages, I delete all mail with attachments even it they are from someone I know if the body message is blank.

    The problems of spam email and scam virus attachments will one day be resolved or at least reduced -- until then, you need to do what you can to protect yourself. Stay informed as much as you can about the "latest" virus threats and never "assume" it won't happen to you.
    Stay informed by frequently checking our Virus Advisory page!

    March 8 - New Exhibit of Bay County's History Progressing.

  • (Source: Bay County Historical Society newsletter, Issue 1, 2004.)

    I just received my copy of this newsletter which is sent out four times a year. It's exciting reading filled with information about the progress being made with the new Bay County History Exhibit which will open in early 2005. The new exhibit will be very special and is expected to better inform visitors on our county's wonderful history. The display area has been increased from 1000 sq.ft. to 3700 sq.ft, construction of the new exhibit area is progress now and displays are being built.

    We're only months away from being able to experience the dream and imagination of the hard working and dedicated individuals associated with the museum. You can still help -- they are always looking for volunteers and donations to help them do even more exciting things to educate our children, citizens and visitors about the historical foundations that are the pillars on which our present community moves forward.

    Become a proud supporter of our community! Get your own copy of this newsletter by joining the membership list -- it's an inexpensive way you can stay informed and support your museum.

  • [Bay County Historical Society Museum]

    March 10 - New Container Manufacturing Business Eyeing Monitor (Monitor Twsp.)

  • (Source: Bay City Times - Mar. 9, 2004, article by Rob Clark.)

    Premier Manufacturing LLC, a newly formed company, is considering an existing building near Monitor's industrial park to set up a new container manufacturing business that would add 92 new jobs to the area, and potentially upto 200.

    The company has a $30 million contract to produce 156 million one liter bottles of water. Plans are for Premier Manufacturing to make the bottles and have Shay Water Co. of Saginaw fill them using purified water from the Bay County Water Plant. Beyond the current bottled water contract, the company plans on obtaining contracts to make other containers used in packaging of industrial products.

    If plans progress in a timely fashion -- the company could be in operation by late summer. However, container manufacturing requires several significant processes and specialized equipment which can vary considerably depending on the type of containers to be produced. It is assumed that Primier Manufacturing LLC will specialize in plastic containers based on water bottles being their first product. If so, they will amolding process to shape containers -- the following link describes the various processing methods of molding containers:

  • [Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI)]
  • View map of area for the proposed new company

    March 11 - Irish Lassy, Governor Granholm to Parade.

    It was announced that Gov. Granhold will participate in this years St. Patrick's Day Parade in Bay City. In recent history, the parade has been unable to get residing governors to join in Bay City's Irish celebration. Years ago, the parade frequently had the honor of Michigan's governor walking along Center Avenue. This year the parade is sure to be a special ocassion. Besides being able to see a governor, this good looking lassy will be pleasing to the eye and is bound to increase the attendance.

    March 12 - Bay Regional Medical Center Planning Major Expansion (Bay City)

  • (Source: Bay City Time, March 11, 2004 - article by Patti Brandt.)

    Bay Regional Medical Center owned by McLaren Health Care Corporation is planning a major addition to the west end of it existing facilities along Columbus Avenue. The $70 million dollar expansion will ahve four floor aimed at improving the hospitals operations. A new entrance will be added to first level which will become the new emergency center with an ambulance bay. The second level become the center for cardiac services. The obstetric unit relocate to the third leve and the fourth, the be a new same day surgery facility.

    Bay Regional Medical Center was formerly the Bay Medical Hospital Center, which originally opened on Columbus Avenue 27 years ago as General Hospital.

  • Vist their website at []

    March 20 - Local Leaders Consider Professional Baseball Team (Bay City)

  • (Source: Bay City Times, March 20, article by Pattie LaLonde.)

    Leaders of the community met with the owner of a professional minor league team who expressed an interest Bay City for his team. Mentioned was a 5,000 seat baseball stadium costing from $15,000 to 19,000. Several locations were mentioned as a possibility including the area of the former Bay Aggregates property on the east side of the Saginaw River near City Hall. Robert Belleman, City Manager, indicated that a study would be required to determine the financial feasibility before any agreement is reached. He mentioned, "Ideally we're looking to open for the 2006 season, that would be April." Others attending the meeting were Robert Katt, City Mayor; Thomas Hickner, County Executive; Joseph Rivet, Representative; James A. Barcia, Senator; and other economic development specialish which were unnamed.

    Clarkson Baseball Park
    Do you remember this Bay City ballpark?

    Editorial comments by Marvin Kusmierz:

    The idea of having a professional baseball team in Bay City has been around for a long-time, and the current interest may fade as fast as it came. It's not a matter of desire, but of financial resources that has kept the dream from materializing. The population is the Bay City area may not be large enough to support a profession team. And, Bay City already has some excellent amateur leagues that already fill many spectators needs to watch aball game, and it's free. It's an "iffy" proposition that I don't believe will get beyond the financial study. The only way I can see it happening is if the proposed ballpark has mult-use capability and is designed with this in mind. Optimally, the seating area should have a roof covering spectators from inclement weather and providing shade from the hot sun. Such a facilities could double as an outdoor entertain complex relieving Wenonah Park of having to be closed off to the public use for such ocassions. Other possible activies might be professional entertainment tied to the various summer festivals, a circus, special olympics or even a winter carnival with an ice rink.

    While my feelings shout, "Let's go for it," my other side is concerned about financial resources it will take to make it happen. However, this is for the city leaders to tangle with knowing they have already invested heavily in other areas, and the "Up Town At River's Edge" is still to be accomplished.

    If it happens this time around, I think the stadium should be named, "Clarkson Stadium," as proposed by Tim Younkman, writer for the Bay City Times in a 2002 article. John Clarkson is a Hall of Fame pitcher who has a historical connection to this community. You can read more about in the Heritage Library.

  • Heritage/People/ {John Clarkson}

  • Changes & Additions to Bay-Journal - Go to: History | Featured Websites | News | Websites Updates |

    (Current month's updates to Bay-Journal. See "archives" for previous updates.)

    March 1 - New Map Resources (new)

    We've added an 1802 heritage map of Michigan which at this time was still undeveloped except for settlements in Detroit.

  • Information/Maps Library/ {1802 Michigan}

    The Library of Congress has an extensive collection of maps online that many may not be aware of. We added a link page to their website which includes direct links to a selected number of maps that we picked for your awareness.

  • Information/Maps Library/ {Library of Congress Map Collection}

    March 11 - Bay County Historical Society (new)

    We've added a Personals page for the society that features some of the many activities that they are involved related to our county's history. I stopped by the museum that other day and had a chance to see the construction going on to ready a "new" exhibit area for displaying larger and more artifacts of the past. The new exhibition is planned to ready for the public in the first quarter of 2005.

  • Personals/ {Bay County Historical Society}

    March 13 - Articles of Confederation (new)

    We've added this document to the Selective U.S. History section. Many may not know that the Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the U.S., it eventually was substantially rewritten because it severly limited the role of the national government -- all power lied with the states. The national government was limited to diplomacy and defense of the nation.

  • History/Selective US History/ {Articles of Confederation}

    March 14 - Patrick Henry and Liberty. (new)

    Another document addition to the Selective U.S. History section, the words of Patrick Henry written in 1775 on the subject of liberty.

  • History/Selective US History/ {Liberty, Patrick Henry}

    March 14 - Building of Michigan Central Railroad Depot (new)

    The Michigan Centrral Railroad depot and complex was located between Woodside Ave. and First Street, just south of Madison Ave.

    In 1899, the Bay City Daily Tribune ran a series of articles regarding the proposed new depot being built in Bay City by the Michigan Central Railway Company. Thanks to a contribution from Alan Flood who enjoys researching old newspapers articles, we can read about it as well.

  • Heritage/Writings/ Building of the Michigan Central Depot (1899)

    March 15 - Memories of Third Street Bridge (new)

    An article recalling my fond memories of the old Third Street Bridge that was at one time the only bridge connecting the east and west banks of the Saginaw River in Bay City. Before it, a wooden toll bridge in the same spot was the first structure crossing the river. Until it was created -- travel across the river had to be made by barge or boat.

    The only other bridge that I can remember from my more youthful years was the Balinda Street Bridge which was a knotch or two narrower than the Third Street Bridge, and a bear to cross if driving an automobile. Maybe you can recall the Cass Avenue Bridge -- it's one that I have no memory of at all. If so, why not share on Bay-Journal so I can enjoy learning what it was like. For that matter, I encourage you or others to help keep these memories alive for others by contributing a Personal Memories article about any subject that was special to you during your younger years.

  • Heritage/Writings/Personal Memories/ My Memories of the Third Street Bridge

    March 16 - Biography of John McGraw (new)

    John McGraw was a wealthy lumber baron from Ithaca, NY. He and his friend, Henry Sages, also from Ithaca, partnered to build The Sage & McGraw Mill in 1865 which gave birth to the village of Wenona that later became the heart of West Bay City.

  • Heritage/People/ John McGraw, Lumber Baron

    March 17 - Heritage Homestead Pictorial (new)

    We gathered images we had stored on some of the early Bay City homes and created a pictorial for them. We'll add more as we go along. If you can contribute some -- that would be great!

  • Pictorials/ Heritage Homesteads

    March 18 - Recalling Old Streetcar Days (new)

    Robert Trudell, who was a youngster when streetcars first appeared in Bay City wrote down his recollections of that time period, and this appeared in Leslie Arndt's book, "The Bay County Story -- From Footpaths to Freeways." He makes reference to the evolution in transportation that took place beginning with streetcars and ending with the jitney (buses) that eventually ruled the day.

  • Heritage/Writings/Transportation Old Streetcar Days by R. Trudell

    March 20 - Pin Up Board (new)

    Some more fun for kids -- we've created a pin up board where characters and objects can be moved around with the mouse to create fun scenes. It will young kids become familiar and hone their skills at using the mouse. And, they get to be creative by combining these icons into their own picture.

  • Kidz Only/ Fun Things To Do! (Use the drop down menu and select "Pin-Up Board."

    March 21 - Elizabeth (Wilcox) Rodgers (new)

    Elizabeth and her family arrived in Lower Saginaw (Bay City) in 1837, a year after her husband, Thomas Rodgers came here from Canada. As a young girl she learned medicine from her father which she put to good use attending to the medical needs of the early pioneers of this area. We've added a writing done by William R. McCormick, another pioneer, about Mrs. Rodgers.

  • Heritage/Writings/ Elizabeth Wilcox Rodgers

    March 22 - 1905 Sketches of Bay County People (new)

    In 1905, the G.W. Graham Publishing Co. printed the, "Michigan Gallary of Pen Sketches" which contained prominent businesses from various cities in Michigan. We put together a pictorial on those from Bay County.

  • Heritage/Pictorials/ People Sketches 1905
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