September 2004 - Edition No. 21

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Nathan B. Bradley

Nathan Bradley has the historical distinction of being the first mayor of Bay City after it was incorporated as a city in 1865. Shown in this month's graphic is Nathan with his home in the background. He gave up this home for use as a hospital which was the beginnings of the former Mercy Hospital. The Mercy Hospital building has since been converted into an apartment complex known as the "Bradley House", named after Nathan.

Nathan was born at Lee, MA, he was the sixth child of William and Lucy (Ball) Bradley. His folks moved to Ohio when he was four years old which is where he grew up. As a young man he followed in the footsteps of his father who was a tailor. He gave up tailoring after a short time and moved to Wisconsin to work in lumbering. His success in lumbering eventually brought him to St. Charles, MI in 1857. That same year moved again to the village of Bay City where he spent the rest of his life.

Nathan was an active politician and businessman. Besides holding the office of mayor, he held a seat in the state senate, and was a twice a member of Congress.

  • Heritage/People/{Nathan Bradley}
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    City of Bay City [Visit Website]

    Visitors to the city's website are greeted with an image of the city's historical city hall which has housed the city's government for 107 years. The leaders that built this building envisioned a bright future the city, and while their expectations of becoming a second Chicago or Detroit have not been realized, their forecast was correct. The city has wheathered the urbanization of America and is often cited by other communities as a model of a city on the go.

    Bay City's website provides the information you need to contact officials and departments of the city, and a great deal more. You'll find presentations on projects that the city has underway, including the "Uptown At Rivers Edge." An interesting view is the [City Ordinance Map] that is a color coded and zoomable "pdf file."

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  • The Bay City Times {Visit Website]

    The Bay City Times' web presence is on the where you can read daily news stories, and browse an archives for previous stories. Besides Bay County, they also cover news for the communities of northeastern Michigan. In addition, the newspaper has a website providing [Contact Information] (telephone numbers & email addresses) for various departments.

    The Bay City Times was founded by Wilbert H. Gustin in 1906, however, its history can be dated back to 1873 and the Bay City Tribune newspaper which was purchased by Gustin in 1916 who consolidate the papers into one operation. The Times has been throughout its modern history a good steward of local history featuring many articles and on occassion, featured issues on the subject. A number of its writers have evolved as local historians. The late, Leslie E. Arndt, a Times writer, authored two narrative style books that are excellent sources about local history.

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    Index to news highlights ...
    Sep. 1 - Introduction.
    Sep. 2 - Bay City Wants to Improve Landscape of Downtown.
    Sep. 3 - The Old Bijou Becoming Stately.
    Sep. 3 - Lightning Shocks City Hall Stopping Time.
    Sep. 3 - Election 2004: Helpful Resources To A Wiser Vote.
    Sep. 4 - Former President Clinton to Have By-pass Surgery.
    Sep. 5 - Frances' Forces Hit Floridians.
    Sep. 7 - September Brings River of Time.
    Sep. 8 - L. Surath & Sons 75 Year History Ending.
    Sep. 11 - Remembering Victims of September 11, 2001.
    Sep. 12 - Williams Township 150 Year Settlement Celebration.
    Sep. 12 - Local Coast Guard Station Gets $250,000 Boat.
    Sep. 13 - Treasures Found Below Flooring of Old Westown Theater.
    Sep. 13 - DDA Wants To Better Utilize Wenonah Park.
    Sep. 17 - Essexville-Hampton Schools Facing Huge Deficit.
    Sep. 19 - Standish Celebrates It's Centennial in October.
    Sep. 19 - Bijou Orchestra Kicks Off Season.
    Sep. 21 - CBS's Rather Owns Up to Poor Journalism - Maybe.
    Sep. 26 - Internet Source for News and Information.
    Sep. 26 - Pending Presidential Debates Will Be Staged.
    Sep. 26 - River Of Time's Farewell Day A Good One.
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    and Editorial Comments by Bay-Journal.

    Other online local news sources ...
    [Bay City Times] - Booth newspapers.
    [My Bay City] - Bay Co. articles
    [Arenac Co. Independent] - newspaper
    [Midland Daily News] - newspaper
    [Saginaw News] - Booth newspapers

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    Around & about snapshots
    {Recent Photos}


    Local news highlights is provided as a service to our out of town viewers. The content is selected from various sources of public news. For more complete coverage, refer to "Other online local news sources" referenced above.

    ^ Aug. 1 - Introduction - Bay-Journal Commentary.

    "Website Update Frustration."

    Last month I announced that the project of updating the website was complete. After three months of work changing the coding on every page, I was relieved to have this behind me. But, I recently found a "link" error in the header of a large group of pages which I had correct. There may be others that I am not aware of yet. If you should encounter a broken link, it would be a great help to me if you would drop me an email letting me know about the error and what page it is on.

    Another subject that concerns me are errors in the content of some of the pages. All the result of my taking shortcuts to build content for the website as quickly as possible. This practice of doing things on the fly achieve volume but at the cost of some spelling errors, missing words, or just plain poor grammar. Your help in identifying and reporting these culprits will help me greatly in improving the information presented.

    I have been working on improving the ledgibility of menus where it seem to make sense. Long textual menus tend to hide Spacing out the content so it's easier tend to be more difficult when looking for a specific subject. So I'm adding icons which spreads out the information out and help to draw the eye's attention to a specific subject. This has been done on the menu for the Information Center.

    ^ Sep. 2 - Bay City Wants to Improve Landscape of Downtown.

    BAY CITY - The city has a goal to remove telephone poles from the landscape of the downtown area over the next five years. Work has already begun in this direction in the alley way next to the Shearer Bros. Block which is undergoing restoration. It's a great idea which should be a standard for new developments wherever they may take place in the city. While telephone poles may still be practical they have survived long beyond the existence of technology to place power lines underground. The citizens of Bay City are enjoying the benefit of having leaders in this community with a vision that goes beyond what is normal and their thinking is leading the city to a brighter future.

    ^ Sep. 3 - The Old Bijou Becoming Stately.

    BAY CITY - The State Theater, originally known as the Bijou when it was built in 1908, is beginning to look stately again. Pattie Lorie, executive directory of the theatre, has been overseeing a long-term renovation plan that has been supported by fund grants, private donations, fund grants, and volunteers, the theatre is reclaiming its former appearance. The theatre is undergoing a major renovation that will recapture its past beauty and personallity. The theatre was closed this past summer to accomplish work on Phase IIIA. (Use link below to their website for specifics on renovation plans.)

    On September 9th, the theatre will be holding its 3rd "Taste and Theatrics of Bay City" fund raiser to kick off the new season. Those attending will be able to enjoy a social evening of food and beverages followed by a special presentation with a theme based on the Academy Awards. Tickets for the galla event are $25.00. Call 892-2660 for information.

  • Website: State Theatre
  • Related Page: Heritage/Theater/Bay City Theatre History.

  • ^ Sep. 3 - Lightning Shocks City Hall Stopping Time.

    BAY CITY - About 8 p.m. Saturday evening, mother nature decided to still the clock that towers above city hall, with a mighty blow of lightning she sizzled the brains of the tiny computer chip that manages the keeping of the city's time.

    Mother nature's dastardly deed also quieted the city hall's telephones, and the carillon system of the clock that sounds melodic tunes on the hour, letting all within hearing distance know of the city's current time.

    Fortunately, mother nature spared our historical and beautiful city hall and business will proceed as normal. However, until a new computer chip arrives and is installed, the city's official time will remain at 8:05 p.m.

  • Related page: Heritage/Structures/City Hall History

  • ^ Sep. 3 - Election 2004: Helpful Resources To A Wiser Vote.

    NATIONAL - About a month or so ago we added a Election 2004 feature to the website's news page. Its purpose being to help you to find information on the internet that may help you reach a decision that might allow you to cast an informed vote. We've just added another source, "" that you might find useful. It promotes itself as a non-partison organization whose goal is to check the facts regarding information provided by the Democratic and Republican parties. Whenever they find the truth has been miss-represented or is just wrong, they write an article about the true facts.

    We believe that "speaking the truth" is an important characteristic that should demanded by voters from anyone who seeks political office. If politicians bend the truth to get gain office there is no reason to believe after they are in office that they'll keep their promise or even have a need to the best interest of their constitutents.

  • Related page: Information/Features/Headline News

  • ^ Sep. 4 - Former President Clinton to Have By-pass Surgery.

    ESSEXVILLE - Former President Bill Clinton experiencing chest discomfort , was admitted to a hospital on Friday. A series of tests confirmed that he has blockage in veins of the heart muscle that will require open heart by-pass surgery. He had no apparent heart damage, and his recovery is expected to return his health to a normal condition in about two months

    I had open heart by-pass surgery and I thought it might helpful to use my own experience to explain the process for those not familiar with this surgery. I've included a couple of snap-shots taken the first day I returned home that show the incisions from this operation. My health situation was pretty much the same as that of President Clinton. I had no heart damage, my cholesteral was above average, and taking medicine to control high blood. The surgery is a very safe medical practice with less than 3% of patients experiencing any major complications as a result of it.

    Dec. 1998

    Chest incisions.

    Leg incisions.

    My grandaughter Erin.
    {Click images to enlarge.}

    The widely used technique for open heart by-pass surgery involves sawing open the chest wall exposing the heart to the surgeon. The heart is normally stablized using a pump system. Replacement veins for the by-pass are generally taken from the patient's legs. Afterwards, the chest wall is secured with pins to allow it to heal properly. The highly doped patient has no awareness during the surgery.

    I have no recollection of my post operation recovery that day. However, the following day my body was throbbing with pain and discomfort as if a big mac truck had hit it. My body was in a state of damage control sensing the threats, sending warning messages to my mind which turned on pain sensors to alarm me into action. In the meantime, the marvelous human body used it's built in recovery system to heal whatever it could possible do to survive.

    My first post surgery awarness came the day after it took place. It was a miserable day. My body was weak, my mind clouded with pain killer and a general feeling of wanting a bad dream to stop. Each subsequent day, life slowly got better and my body's strength improved. But, pain remained a constant companion -- I never hestated to call the nurse whenever I felt the need for relief. A constant battle wages between the body's pain signals and the nurse's instructions, "the more you walk the sooner you will return home," an incentive that helps you endure each agonizing step that slowly returns to a casual walk. However, I never hesitated to ring for the nurse to get a pill whenever I needed relief from the pain. I left the hospital on Friday, five days after my surgery looking forward to comfort of normal surroundings.

    My at home recovery included walking as much as possible, plenty of rest and avoiding any lifting or activity that could potentially cause damage or over strain the body. The worse pain I felt was upon waking up each morning. The effect of pain killing pill was gone. My body reaking with pain resisted my movement to raise myself out of bed so I could get a pill to relief the pain. After the first morning, there was a glass of water and pill sitting next to my bed which was consumed immediately upon awakening. Although it didn't give immediate relief to the painful process of raising myself out of bed, I at least knew it would come sooner.

    After about two weeks, my mind slowly began to gain control over my body encouraging me to do some things I shouldn’t be doing yet. Each attempt was met with a negative painful response from my body. I returned to my office work 10 weeks after my surgery while my body slowly finished its recovery process.

    My advice to President Clinton or anyone who will have open heart surgery is to “take it slow,” and educate your mind in advance so it will understand the impact that this surgery will have on your body. Knowing what to expect and following the medical instructions you receive is the fastest and safest path to a speedy recovery.

    ^ Sep. 5 - Frances' Forces Hit Floridians.

    FLORIDA - Hurricane Frances with winds up to 105 miles per hour hit Florida yesterday. The slow moving hurricane that is nearing the size of Texas, will reap its devastating effect on most of Florida. Besides wind destruction, Frances is expected to cause widespread flooding with up to 24 inches of rain. The hurricane is expected to weaken before leaving Florida in a direction west north west dispersing severe storm conditions on the south eastern states.

    ^ Sep. 7 - September Brings River of Time.

    BAY CITY - The annual "River of Time" event sponsored by the Bay County Historical Society and Museum will be held on September 25 and 26 at Veterans Memorial Park in Bay City.

    Performers from near and far will transformed the park into a village settlement taking on roles of blacksmiths, fur traders, candle makers, soldiers and others depicting what life was like ago. It's an educational experience for all ages and it's free for you to enjoy.

    Related references:

  • Bay County Historical Society Museum/ [ River of Time ]
  • [ Article by Dave Rogers with background history of on subject. ]

  • ^ Sep. 8 - L. Surath & Sons 75 Year History Ending.

    BANGOR TWSP. - On September 1, OnmiSource Corp. of Ft. Wayne, IN purchased L. Sarah & Sons, Inc. at 1414 N. Madison Ave., in Bangor Towship that brings an end to the 75 year old Surath family scrap business. Earlier this year, OmniSource purchased the former Hirschfield and Sons scrap business. OmniSource plans to consolidate the assets of the Surath business into their Woodside Ave. plant. The Surath property will be put up for sale.

    Louis Sarath who founded the company, immigrated here from Russian in 1906. He literally built a scrap business one piece at a time. Initially, it was a means of survival but he found he was able to make a living dealing in scrap. He collected and bartered for scrap that he pay to have hauled to Hirschfield. Eventually he got a horse and wagon and began hauling it himself. Soon, he had enough to get a warehouse on eastside of Water St. just north of Third St. In 1930, he moved to a warehouse on Walnut St. -- the property now is occupied by the tennis courts in Veterans Memorial Park. Thirty-one years later, he moved north near where the Liberty Bridge is today.

    Louis might be surprised that his business prospered as long as it did. It has provided a good living for his son and his grandson, Bernie the last Surath to run the business.

    ^ Sep. 11 - Remembering Victims of September 11, 2001.

    NATIONAL - The the best thing we can do in the memory of all the sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and friends that have been lost at the hands of terrorists is to bring them to justice and confront the issues of our world that from which such fanatical rogues are able to thrive.

    Each of us can and will make a difference in how soon this is done. We must guard against complacency and returning to indifference about what happens elsewhere in our world. We owe it to the future of ourselves and our children to assure freedom and liberty are preserved. Each of us must be a force for change by staying alert to the threat while ensuring that our government is doing everything they can to bring the evil of a few to an end.

    Williams Twsp. first brick house

    Dasky Saloon - Auburn

    ^ Sep. 12 - Williams Township 150 Year Settlement Celebration.

    WILLIAMS TWSP. - On September 18th and 19th Williams Township will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first white settlement. In the Fall of 1854, John Gaffney, a hardy Irishman established a wilderness homestead at what is now 5800 Garfield Road. There he cleared the trees and began farming, while his homestead is long gone his property continues to be used for farming. Joining Gaffney that year were William Skelton, Charles Bradford, William Spofford, Charles Fitch, George W. Smock and Lyman Brainard. All purchasing their property at the Flint land office in 1854.

    Williams Township was originally organized under Midland County in 1855. It was much larger geographically than it is today. Williams became a part of Bay County when it was organized in 1857 from portions of Midland and Saginaw counties, and all of Arenac county. Williams and Hampton were the founding townships. They had a vertical adjoining boundary with Williams comprising the western half and Hampton the eastern portion of the county. Their northern boundary was what is now Arenac County and to the south to Saginaw County.

    The celebration will take place at the townships hall and park at 1080 W. Midland Road, on the westside of Auburn. The activities includes a community picnic, display of historical items, time-period actors, usic, cake decorating contest, ice cream social, and a guide trolley tour narrated by Agnes Skelton Schmidt, author of the history book, "Auburn and Williams Township."

    Related references:
  • Williams Township [Website] - Includes celebration information.

    Bay-Journal related pages:
  • Communities/History/ {Williams Township, Auburn & Fisherville}
  • Heritage/Religion/ {St. Anthony church, Fisherville}

  • ^ Sep. 12 - Local Coast Guard Station Gets $250,000 Boat.

    HAMPTON TWSP. - The local U.S. Coast Guard station has received a new patrol boat from the Homeland Security agency. The 29 foot long boat equipmented with guns has the speed to run down most any boat that might be expected on the river or bay. Seven hundred of these boats are being delivered to key ports around the U.S. to help shore up protection against possible terrorist attacks.

    (click to enlarge)

    ^ Sep. 13 - Treasures Found Below Flooring of Old Westown Theater.

    BAY CITY - It has been a long time since the old Westown Theater on Midland Street has been used as a movie house. The theater building is still entertaining customers today, but as the Westown Nightclub. However, a recent discovery has the owners excited about the movies that were once shown when it was a theater. Found below some old flooring was a stash of very old posters and films, all appear to be in excellent shape. A preliminary investigation indicates the treasure may have a value of several hundred thousand dollars to collectors. The owners may be offering a few of the items up for auction in November. Proceeds would be spent to cover ongoing improvements to the building.

    (Click images to enlarge)
    Top image: Original Wenonah Park viewed from Water St. about where the Delta Planetarian is today.
    Bottom image: recent view looking north. Band shell to left and fountain to right.

    ^ Sep. 13 - DDA Wants To Better Utilize Wenonah Park.

    BAY CITY - The Bay City Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is planning on spending upto $50,000 to have a study done that will determine what may be done to make the Wenonah Park better utilized by the public. Possibilities mentioned are" A play area for youngsters and benches nearby for parents.; A permanent ticket booth for the entertainment shell, including temporary seats and expanding the ground seating area in front of the stage. A permanent fence surrounding the park replacing the tempering fencing that is now used for pay to see entertainment.

    The goal is to make the park more useful to residents and visitor to the city while providing an attractive grounds with activities along the Saginaw River. A consultant is expected to be hire by the beginning of next year with improvements starting in the Fall of 2005.

    The park as it stands right now is well designed providing for a peaceful and beautiful setting along the river. It would be nice to retain much of this atmosphere, maybe adding some colorful flower beds and a shallow stream wandering through the southend of the park fed by the water from the Friendship Fountain. A child's play area nearby should make it an inviting destination for families.

    ^ Sep. 17 - Essexville-Hampton Schools Facing Huge Deficit.

    ESSEXVILLE-HAMPTON - $500,000 in cuts will be required this school year, and $1 million next year to the school's balance budget. Suggested steps to help bring the budget in balance include: Requesting voluntary layoffs.; Establishing pay to play sports.; Increasing class sizes for kindergarten, second and fifth grades. Deeper cuts will be required next year. The schools system has been making budget cuts for the past two years in face of cut backs in state funding. $1.1 million was cut from last year's budget.

    The situation will remain tenuous until the state is able to effectively control it's budget caused by a loss of revenues due to a weak state economy and cuts from the national government. The ripple effect is what taxpayers no matter where they live are being hit with a reduction in services while the cost of these services become more expensive. The present situation of sending revenue to the state and federal governments for redistribution back to states and local governments isn't a cost effective, nor desirable, it erodes the decision making of local level schools and government while placing local money in the hands of politicians who are detached from the concerns of local communities.

    ^ Sep. 19 - Standish Celebrates It's Centennial in October.

    STANDISH, ARENAC CO. - On October 2 the community of Standish will celebrate it's centennial. Prelinary celebration activities are underway leading up to this date. The Arenac Independent newspaper is hard at work preparing a Centennial Edition for the occassion that is expected to be published on September 29th. A Standish Centennial Cookbook containing favorite recipes of local citizens will published.

    Activities that will occure on October 2 include a Centennial Parade, a Cake Walk, an Old Steam Engine/Farm Machinery Show and other commemorative events.

    ^ Sep. 19 - Bijou Orchestra Kicks Off Season.

    BAY CITY - This season's opening performance took place last night at the Central High School auditorium. The Bijou Orchestra, led by Leo Najar has come up with an unusual combination of live music and silent pictures to provide a unique entertainment experience. The performance was a crowd pleaser, the ensemble played before the silent film Steamboat Bill Jr. starring Buster Keaton. Their next performance, entitle "Holiday Pops II", will take place December 7 and 8, at 7:30 pm at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple Auditorium on Center and Madison avenues. This performance will feature classical, tradition, gospel and folk songs, sung and played by over 100 community performers.

  • The Bijou Orchestra -- Ticket and up coming events information is available on their website.

  • ^ Sep. 21 - CBS's Rather Owns Up to Poor Journalism - Maybe.

    NATIONAL - After a week of CBS defending it's story on President Bush's Air National Guard service, Dan Rather announced that they could no longer stand behind the document on which the story was based. No apology was offered to those victimized by the story, nor an explanation of how such shoddy journalism made its way on the air to millions of Americans just weeks before the presidential election.

    The sincerity of CBS's reversal on this story seems to be in question. In a later interview, Rather essentially said that while CBS can not vouch for the document itself, the story was true! However, no facts were provided to substantiate this conclusion. How are we to believe a story is true without facts? The truth is not the domain of "opinion" of anyone person, it is earn by facts. The public deserves to know when an announcer is opining on a subject as oppose to provide the "factual news." Otherwise, news stories are little more than blogging (personal commentary).

    However, CBS doesen't stand alone on the rubble of poor news reporting. It is a disturbing fact that most news media sources are all to willing to follow the political rhetoric of this election instead of helping us sort out the facts. Is news 30 years old relevant to today?

    Apparently it is to many in television and the print media news, thousands of hours of coverage has been given to the distant past of Kerry and Bush, that has done more to validate the political campain rhetoric than the political ads that have focused on this history. Are any of us the same person we were 30 years ago? Not hardly! I would think that most of us have matured as human beings as we progressed through our life experiences.

    The news has done little to help us sort out the facts so we can decide on who can best lead our country for the next four years. The agenda related to terrorism, Irag, sky-rocketing heathcare costs, national deficit and countless other subjects are what is at stake today. If not the news media, who is going to take the high road and help us become more informed as voters? It is little wonder why citizens are becoming so politically polarized, or discusted with the political process and the news media that has joined the political process.

    Internet resources on subject:
  •, Sep. 8, 2004 - New Questions On Bush National Guard Duty.
  • CBSNews Statement, Sep. 15, 2004 - (.pdf file) Explanation of story's development.
  •, Sep. 20, 2004 - CBS Statement On Bush Memos.
  •, Sep. 20, 2004 - Rather On The Ducument Errors.
  •, Sep. 20, 2004 - Dan Rather Statement On Memos.
  • WCBS, Sep. 20, 2004 - (Video) Rather interviewed by WCBS report.

  • ^ Sep. 26 - Internet Source for News and Information.

    The CBS and Dan Rather highlighted a new source for individuals interest in ascertaining facts on subjects of importance – the internet. It was an internet “blogger” that caused CBS to defend the facts of they presented in their story about President’s Bushes Air National Guard service. They couldn’t, and were “forced” to issue a statement to that fact.

    Bloggers are individuals who have a website for posting personal comments on whatever desire. Blogs have become so popular in the past year that even celebrities and television shows are now using them to stay in touch with their audience.

    But, Blogs aren’t the only source of information on the internet. Long, before their arrival, the print media went online – internet viewers can newpapers published around the world. Those who do will quickly understand how slanted the news media is, most push their point of view on subjects that meet their political interests. But, at least the viewer has alternative points of view to consider as to the facts or lack of facts behind news stories.

    A fairly new and recent group of bloggers has come from soldiers fighting in Irag. Their Blogs are providing a deeper insight of the conflict coming from those most affected by the experience of being there.

    As anyone following the published news in the U.S. will know, most of the reporting on the Irag conflict has been about the shocking, spectacular and mainly negative stories. Negative news reporting is not a new condition of the Irag situation, the media has a propensity to focus on stories that are dramatic attention getters. It helps sell what they most news companies are about today.

    Today, companies that provide a “news service” are rare and pretty much non-existent. This is most evident in cable television news which is primarily based on ratings to survive. At one time, news was considered public service and to a great extent, a cost burden companies willingly supported. That changed with consolidation that has taken place in the print and television news. News is now being run as businesses, and profitability has crept into the decision of what stories are news worthy. This trend has given rise to the “opinionated news” that dominates the broadcast air waves of TV and radio, leaving viewers and readers without a balanced perspective of discerning fact from bias.

    The internet seems to be an answer for individuals who are interested in a means to sort out the question of what is the truth may be on a given subject. With a little patience, one can easily find an abundance of sources on a subject from which to better determine their own opinion on the matter. However, the “golden rule of awareness” should be the guide of all interested in the truth, “Don’t believe it just because it has been said or appears in print. Entertain informaton both sides of an issue, then conclude for yourself what seems to be a rational and reasonable fact.” (Of course, this article should be judge the same way.)

    Internet resources on subject:
  • [The Mudville Gazette] - Blog, includes large links list of military websites.
  • Information/Special Features/ {Headline News} - See "Links" for web newspapers.

  • Sep. 26 - Pending Presidential Debates Will Be Staged.

    September 30th will be the first of three presidential debates. Many in the news media are pointing to the importance of these head to head debates as crucial to both candidates. But, are they? The up coming debates like many of the previous are well managed (controlled) by the Democratic and Republican parties who hassle out the terms and rules of the debate. To their credit, and to the chagrin of many others, the debate is now pretty much a staged event to assure that no unmanageable surprises crop up in the dissertation between the two candidates.

    Before 1988 the debates were organized by the non-partisan League of Women Voters, fed up with the influenced of the political parties on the platform and the questions, and lacking public support to pressure the political system, they abandoned the debates rather than be part of a staged event. They issued the following explaining their position on the matter:

    News release, Oct. 3, 1988 - "The League of Women Voters is withdrawing its sponsorship of the presidential debates . . . because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter. It has become clear to us that the candidates' organizations aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity and answers to tough questions. The League has no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public."

    The Commission on Presidential Debates, consisting of members of the two major parties, has run the debates since then.

    Our present political election system is on a guide slope that should be a concern to voters. There is little oversight that helps voters waddle through the muck of staged information. We end up of with sound bites feeling the time of political ads and now the debates. Oh we will watch, because it’s a free show and it’s live. Besides, it’ll be on all of the major networks.

    If I could wave a magic wand, I’d like to see an old fashion debate, something like I use to watch on PBS TV, I believe it was call the Advocate or something like that. The debate took place between two opposing sides, each with five or six members and one leader of the debate team. A single moderator controlled the time and made sure the debaters stayed true to the subject. Each member spoke to a specific subject, one spouting the pros of it and the other the cons, and each person speaking had the opportunity to counter and challenge the others comments once based on facts not opinion.

    There was no Bush is a wimp! Or, Kerry is a flip flopper! That’s kind of stuff doesn’t belong in a debate among civil people trying to win the vote of the electorate to become our leader. We aren’t interested in who is the worst of the two, rather we looking for the best to do the job at hand.

    Internet resources on subject:
  • Commission on Presidential Debates.
  • Movement for open presidential debates.
  • League of Women Voters/ Elibrary Former presidential debates videos.
  • League of Women Voters of Michigan current election.

  • Sep. 26 - River Of Time's Farewell Day A Good One.

    The sun vanished behind thick clouds all day Saturday, the opening day of the River of Time event, but today, it shone brightly and warmly creating perfect setting for my mind to wander back in time to what life may have been like for my ancestors.

    I'm of Polish descent and it was too hard for my mind to substitute Gol~a~bki (stuffed cabbage) for the beaver stew being cooked in one of the black kettles hanging over an open fire pit. However, I found it impossible to imagine the sound of a polka in place of that coming from the Scotish bag pipe group. None the less, it was a perfect day for this wonderful event and my thanks goes out to the many volunteers, sponsors and the Bay County Historical Society Museum for this fine gift.

    If you'd didn't make it the last day of the event, some pictures of it are are available at...

    Pictorials/ River of Time 2004

    Bay-Journal Website Updates -- Menu | History | Websites | News | Bay-Journal Updates |

    Help us if you can! -- Contribute content to Bay-Journal.

    Sep. 5 - Time Clock.

    We've added another untility to the Family Center that accurately provides the correct time and current time of places around the world.

  • Information/Family Center/{Time Clock}

    Sep. 8 - Ship-building at Bay City (1886) - Contributed by Dave Swayze.

    1886 Detroit Tribune newspaper article reviewing shipbuilding at Bay City. Information includes listings of vessels built and commentary about early builders.

  • Hertiage/Writings/ {Ship-building at Bay City}

    Sep. 13 - Salvage of Propeller Globe (1867) - Contributed by Dave Swayze.

    1867 Detroit Free Press article describing the salvage of the sunken vessel Globe off Charity Island in 1864. It was raised by Capt. Spaulding who hauled it to Bay City.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Salvage of Propeller Globe}

    Sep. 15 - Captain Benjamin Boutell (1844-??) - Courtesty of Links to the Past.

    Capt. Boutell was ran the largest fleet of tugs during the peak of the lumbering era. He built his wealth by expanding into several businesses which included the Marine Iron Works and the Excelsior Found Company which supplied castings to the Wheeter Shipyard. The Captain who was borned in Deerfield township (Livingston County) was married to Amelia C. Dudtlenger of Arenac.

  • Heritage/Writings/People/ {Capt. Benjamin Boutell}

    Sep. 17 - Bay City South End Fire of 1892. - Contributed by Carolyn McGrath.

    Jul. 28, 1892: View south from Fremont avenue of destruction on Water street.

    Bay City's most disasterous fire happened on July 25, 1892, it started at the Miller & Turner mill at the foot of 31st street and spread to a forty block area, causing 1800 people to go homeless. This historical story begins with a personal letter written by Lilitia Dickie to her brother that evening about the fire and loosing her home. It is accompanied by seven articles that appeared in the Bay City Tribune newspaper on the 26th and 27th.

  • Heritage/Writings/Fire/ {1892 South End Fire.}

    Sep. 18 - Maritime Biographies and History. - Courtesty of Links to the Past.

    The waterways of the Saginaw Bay area from the days of the earliest white settles been a location of maritime activities, from schooners to lake carriers hauling goods in and out of the Saginaw River. At one time, hundreds of tugs and barges help the large vessels navigation in and out the ports of Bay City and Saginaw. Thanks to permission from the "Links to the Past" website, we are able to share these histories here with you.

  • {Leonard Sleno} - Bangor twsp. resident, marine engineer employed by Capt. Boutell.
  • {Frank A. Smith} - Marine engineer, graduate of Bay City high school.
  • {Captain Harry L. Shaw} - Saginaw resident, helped build Belinda, Twenty-third, Court and Mackinaw local bridges.

    Sep. 26 - Gen. MacArthur Speeches.

    We've added some memorable speeches of General Douglas MacArthur to the Selective U.S. History section, his brief speeches given at surrender ceremony of Japan, his address to Congress and his farewell address to cadets at the West Point military academy.

  • History/U.S. Selective/ Gen. MacArthur Speeches

    Sep. 26 - Pictorial: River of Time 2004.

    Photos taken this date of the final day of the River of Time event.

  • Pictorials/ River of Time 2004
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