December 2004 - Edition No. 24

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Nate & Mary Ida Doan.

I first met Mr. Doan (Nate) at Central High School as a student. At the time, I knew him as the most friendly janitor working there. He always had a smile and always had something to say that would cheer you up whether or not you needed it.

The years went by and I never thought much about Nate or any of my other high school friends for that matter. I was too busy getting rooted into becoming a responsible adult. While in the military service, I married. We returned to Bay City after my hitch and began working towards getting a house and raising a family. After several years of trying, we finally had our first child. That year it was a special Christmas because it was our first one we celebrated as a new family.

Eighteen months later, our second child was born, and it was that Christmas I renewed my acquaintance with Nate, except this time as Santa Claus. It was at the First Congregational Church that we belonged to. Every Christmas it was a tradition to aggressively seek Nate for the churchís Christmas Play. He was a very busy man that time of year. It was easy to understand why with him and his wife, Mary Ida, being the communityís Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus.

Mary Ida and Nate never failed to bring smiles to the kids faces and joy to their hearts, and parents to. It was hard not to imagine them as anything other than Mr. and Mrs. Claus because they were what you saw. Whether or not they were wearing their seasonal costumes, their pleasing and friendly personality remained the same. They were a gift of joy to all in their presence.

Thank you Mary Ida and Nate Doan for filling our hearts with happiness, and for the many fond memories of Christmas past.

Visit our Christmas Remember pages which include scenes from Nate & Mary Ida Doan Santa House:
  • Information/Family/ {Christmas Remembered}
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    From Bay-Journal's {White Pages}:

    Nate and Mary Ida Doan Santa House [Visit Website]

    BAY COUNTY - Everyone knows that Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause lives at the Northpole, however, folks in Bay County also know that he has another home in Bay City. It's a log cabin filled with the wonderful gifts created by happy elves and volunteers who are stationed at there.

    And, yes, they have their own website. What a creative crew! But, images don't do justice to the things they've made -- you have to visit Santa House in Bay City to fully enjoy seeing the things they've made.

    From Bay-Journal's {Yellow Pages}:

    St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church {Visit Website]

    BAY CITY - Trying to stay seasonal theme, we looked for a local church to feature that might have a Christmas display. Not find any, we chose St. Stanislaus website because it includes background music. St. Stans (most everyone uses the abbreviated name) has roots in our community dating back to 1874. It was founded by primarily by Polish immigrants who settled in that area of town. Their website touches on some of this history along with contemporary subjects regarding church activities.

    Further history may be found at:
  • Heritage/Religion/ {St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church History}
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    B-J - Introduction.
    Dec. 1 - Only 24 Days Left To Shop!
    Dec. 1 - Needy Kids Enjoy Shop With Heroe Event!
    Dec. 1 - Holiday Cheer and Dance Expo To Collect Toys For Tots.
    Dec. 1 - Monitor Township Board Puts Hold on DDA Expansion.
    Dec. 2 - Dow Chemical Tranfers to Benefit Midland.
    Dec. 5 - Third Annual Project Blue Light Ceremony Is Wednesday.
    Dec. 6 - Tragedy On Bay City's West Side Takes Life.
    Dec. 8 - Trinity Episcopal Church 150 Years Old.
    Dec. 8 - Midland County Evaluating Jail And Courthouse Needs.
    Dec. 10 - The Passion of Nick's Miniature World.
    Dec. 14 - Delta College Closing Off-Site Campus At Saginaw Centre.
    Dec. 15 - Planners Propose French Quarters For Marquette District.
    Dec. 21 - Portsmouth Township Board Welcomes Wal-Mart.
    Dec. 22 - Sanford Youngster Has Christmas Spirit.
    Dec. 22 - Evidence of New Construction Projects In Community.
    Dec. 22 - Phoenix Brewery Building, A Sad Demise.
    Dec. 25 - Christmas Day Best Wishes.
    Dec. 28 - Ash Borer Threat Spreading.
    Dec. 28 - New State Program to Protect Farmers Starts Jan. 1.
    Dec. 30 - Governors Wage Goodies on Outcome of Rose Bowl.
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    ^ Introduction - Bay-Journal Commentary.

    BAY-JOURNAL - Merry Christmas!

    The holiday season is upon us. For many of you, it means putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the home and yard with the colors and objects we associate with the season. At Bay-Journal it means the same. Itís a tradition each year to change the look of the website during the Christmas season. Whiles it is a lot of fun coming up with some decorations and employ the greens and reds of Christmas, it is also a lot of work. Consequently, itís December 1 and Iím still rushing to finalize the website and get this monthís magazine issue online!

    Egads! Itís almost 4:30 p.m. Iíll have to wing it now! I usually try to have everything done the day before the first day of the month. My problem is I get a little distracted when working on graphics. I start our doing one thing, then, another idea pops in my mind, and another, and before you know it ó Iím late!

    Oh well, I hope you enjoy whatís been done as much as I did in doing it!

    In Novembers issue of the magazine we publish a press release from Santa Clause about his arrival in Bay City. Apparently, there was a change in the plans. Added was his arrival at the Santa House by train. Unfortunately, I didn't make it over in time to get a picture. If you didn't see November's magazine, you can see the press release by clicking {here!}

    During the updating of this month's issue, we'll throw in a few cute seasonal graphics. Like the following one.


    Ending graphic.

    ^ Dec. 1 - Only 24 Days Left To Shop!

    BAY COUNTY: White Thanksgiving officially kicks off the Christmas season for most of us, stores seem to begin getting ready for it earlier each year. For many merchants, the Chistmas season determines whether or not they'll have a profitable year. However, don't loose sight of the joy the season. Gifts are the least of what's the season is all about.

    If you've haven't been enjoying the season as much as you like, it may be because you aren't in tune with the entertaining things available for you do during this season. There are plays, music and other happenings taking place every week from now until Christmas. Visit the Trombley House which is decorated and open to the public. Love music, take in festive show of the Bijou Orchestra. Like awe and wonder, head over the the Delta Planetarium for a special holiday show. And, don't forget checking out what's going on at the schools, many are putting on a plays and musical.

    Remember, after the holidays it won't be the presents that linker in your memory, it's being the experience. Make it a good one for you and your family.

  • {Community Events Calendar} - some things to do!

    ^ Dec. 1 - Needy Kids Enjoy "Shop With Heroe Event!"

    HAMPTON TWSP.: About 50 needy kids got a special Christmas thanks to local police officers and sponsors like Meijer, Pepsi, Nabisco and others. The shopping spree took place at the Meijer store in Hampton township. Each of the kids had $100.00 to spend. Officers pushed the shopping carts so the kids had plenty of freedom to adventure in the ailes for something special. Many bought gifts for their family members, that says a lot that these kids who have little themselves chose to share their good fortune.

    ^ Dec. 1 - Holiday Cheer and Dance Expo To Collect Toys For Tots.

    BAY CITY: This Sunday , December 5, at 4:15 p.m., over 300 cheerleaders and tumblers will perform and collect toys at the Doubletree hotel in Bay City. It's all aimed at helping every child gets a toy for Christmas. Everyone is invited to participate, but to get in you'll need to donate a toy or a minimum of $5.00 which will be used to purchase one for a kid. The good news is that if you can't make the fun afternoon, you can still donate to the U.S. Marine Corps Toys For Tots program. [Bay County Toys For Tots Website]


    "Images & Verses."

    ^ Dec. 1 - Monitor Township Board Puts Hold on DDA Expansion.

    MONITOR TWSP: On a majority of 5 to 2, board members voted to rescind approval of the DDA expansion of Monitor's industrial park. It appears this is only a temporary set back for the DDA. At issue is the 30 year period that the DDA can capture property taxes for use in the industrial park. The board wants this time shorten.

    Local realtor, Frank Janca, informed the trustees that he has a client from outside of the area that is interested in purchasing 45 acres at the industrial park for a new business that would create up to 300 jobs. The possibility of successfully landing a new business of this size should speed the negotiations between the township board and the DDA to reach a sastisfactory agreement.

    ^ Dec. 2 - Dow Chemical Tranfers to Benefit Midland.

    MIDLAND: Dow Chemical will be transferring jobs from its Chemical Science and Specialty Chemicals plant in South Charleston, WV to their plants in Midland, MI and Freeport, TX. The move is a part of the company's plan to costs and improve efficiency. About 70 jobs will be involved in the transfer. The South Charleston plant became a part of the Dow Chemical Company in 2001 when they acquired the Union Carbide Corporation.

  • South Charleston Technical Center

    ^ Dec. 5 - Third Annual Project Blue Light Ceremony Is Wednesday.

    BAY CITY: This year's celebration will take place at the First Presbyterian church, 805 Center Avenue in Bay City. The programs begins at 7:00 p.m. this Wednesday and is free. The annual event is organized by law-enforcement students of the Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center, and are helped by volunteer students of the Center. The Center's food program is providing refreshments. Activities include The event is timed with the national program that honors of police officers. The public is encouraged to participate by prominately placing a "blue" display among their Christmas decorations and/or tying a blue ribbon to the antenna of cars.


    "Yummy" Recipes.

    ^ Dec. 6 - Tragedy On Bay City's West Side Takes Life.

    BAY CITY: A stabbling late Sunday led to the death of a 26 year man. The fatal attack took place at a residence located at 300 E. Thomas, and involved a 37 year old women and a 41 year old Saginaw man, the later fled the scene and is being sought by the police. The women who received minor injuries was treated at Bay Regional Medical Center then released. The police has not revealed the names of the individuals involved, nor specifics related to the cause of the tragedy. Police are requesting that anyone with information regarding this matter to call 892-0161.

    Update Dec. 8: The 26 year old man's name is Peter L. Wilkinson, the 37 year old woman is Catherine J. Coon. The 41 year old suspect was apprehended on Monday, however, his name has not been released. Funeral services for the deceased will be Friday at 2 p.m. at the Trahan Funeral Chapel, 256 N. Madison Ave., Bay City.

    Drawing of First Church Building.
    Opened Mar. 10, 1860
    E.S. of Washington, bet. Center & 6th.

    ^ Dec. 8 - Trinity Episcopal Church 150 Years Old.

    BAY CITY: Tim Younkman, writer with The Bay City Times, has a nice article in the newspaper's December 8th edition about the history of the Trinity Episcopal Church located on the north west corner of Center and Grant. The church community will be 150 years old next week, or as Mr. Younkman points out, almost as old as the history of Bay City itself.

    Many of the pioneers that settled here and helped to create this community known as the Lower Saginaw early on, were members of the Trinity Episcopal Church which was organized in 1854, twenty three years after Leon Trombley built a log-cabin here 1831 to become the first white settler here. Six years later, the Saginaw Bay Company, platted the land and in 1849, the village of Lower Saginaw was organized. The Trinity Episcopal church preceeds the organization of Bay County which took place in 1857 -- that year, the village of Lower Saginaw was officially renamed village of Bay City. The following history references provide further information:

  • Heritage/Religion/ {Trinity Episcopal Church}
  • History/Pioneers/ {History by Gen. B.F. Partridge]
  • History/Database/ {Events Timeline}

    ^ Dec. 8 - Midland County Evaluating Jail And Courthouse Needs.

    MIDLAND COUNTY: County commissioners recognizing the need for better jail and courthouse facilities are evaluating whether to expand and update the existing 80 year old facility or build a new one. Many are concerned about what will happen to the existing historical building if a new combined jail and courthouse is built. A new facilities would most likely be located in a different area that would better serve the community's present demographics. For more on this subject, visit...

  • [Our] - Midland Daily News


    "Christmas Links."

    ^ Dec. 10 - The Passion of Nick's Miniature World.

    BAY CITY: There are some people whose passion for a subject is so great that it becomes an obsession. We all know one or at least about one these individuals. Let me introduce you to another one, Nick Clement of Bay City, Michigan, whose has a passion for miniature trains.

    Iíve known Nick for over 30 years. We worked for the same company and enjoyed a friendly relationship for all those years. We even golfed in the same league and exchanged ribbing, but until it wasnít until I retired four years ago that I understood the passion Nick had for his hobby. I knew he had a large display of miniature trains in his basement, and I had even seen it. However, I assumed he was a collector of the hundreds of items that he had on display.

    My understanding of Nickís hobby all changed the other day. I stopped by his house to return a book that I had borrowed from him over a year ago. I needed to relieve myself of the guilt feeling that had lingered for months about my abusive delinquency in this matter. He greeted me with a smile and casually brushed off my apology for having taken so long to return his book.

  • Click {here} to read the balance of this story and see a pictorial of Nick's creation.

    ^ Dec. 14 - Delta College Closing Off-Site Campus At Saginaw Centre.

    FRANKENLUST TWSP.: Delta College has decided to move activities being held at off-site campus in downtown Saginaw to its main campus in Frankenlust township. The move is being made to take advantage of expanded capacity of the main campus as a result of their recent building project. Involved in the move are the Office of Corporate Services and the robotics lab. The school has operated a campus at the Saginaw Centre for the past 13 years. It also has a campus at the Ricker Center in Buena Vista Township that it has operated for 25 years.

    Dec. 15 - Planners Propose French Quarters For Marquette District.

    BAY CITY: Imagine driving into the small Marquette Business District someday in the future and suddenly getting the impression that you're in France. Well, the city's planners believe that's possible, let's hope that it's most likely probable. It is just what is needed to draw customers to this historical part of the west side. The roots of this area of Bay City are to Frenchman Joseph Tremble (Trombley) who platted the land for what became the village of Bangor, shortly afterwards it was renamed to Banks due another Michigan commununity already named Bangor. It should also be noted that Joseph built the historical Trombley House which was the first framed home in Bay City (then, Lower Saginaw), and that his Uncle Leon was the first white settler building a log-cabin on the river's edge at what is now Fourth street.

    Bay City has some talented people working in the planning department. They apparently know their local history and understand it's value as an asset for the future of Bay City. Their organized approach of reclaiming the vitality of the city's ethnic districts benefits the overall appeal of the city as a place to live or at minimum, visit. To the community's good fortune, many of the old buildings that represent this history are still standing. They just need to be exposed and polished up to take advantage of their uniqueness in an organized way. And, it can be done as a process over time at minimal expense to merchants and the city. A little painting using colors specified by a theme approach would do wonders at very little cost. In time the metal siding exterior that was the craze at one time, and is now faded, and full of dents and scratches, can be removed and painted or replaced with a more appropriate look to fit the desired image.

    There are many good things happening in Bay City and Bay County that will make for a brighter future for its citizens. Probably the biggest issue that needs to be dealt with is jobs to retain the youth of our community. That may require a more metropolitan approach to turn around, such as an economic alliance of the counties in this area. Their combined assets are required to compete successfully in a global economy. A new business and jobs is good for each of the counties no matter which county it is located in. Travelining upto a a half an hour to go the work isn't an issue for most people. The old thinking about political territory has to change if we are we are to move forward in the 21st century and re-establish our success of the past as a vibrant community that catches the attention of outside investors.

    ^ Dec. 21 - Portsmouth Township Board Welcomes Wal-Mart.

    PORTSMOUTH TWSP.: After months of debating a new township board voted unanimously on Monday to zone 31 acres of farming land along M15 for commercial development. Although not official, Wal-Mart is believed to be interested in locating a superstore there.

    Residents opposing the zoning change have argued that the proposed Wal-Mart store would negatively affect existing small merchants and residents living in that area. Many have organized into a group called, ďFriends of Portsmouth,Ē and are weighting their options to continue their effort. Possible considerations include petitioning to have the decision put to a vote of township residents or seeking a court injunction.

    Large anchor stores typically have an economic impact where ever they locate on small merchants and residents. If Wal-Mart does build a new store in Portsmouth, it a statement that this location will grow into a significant shopping area. It will affect merchants already located there and it will bring new merchants to the area. Large merchants like Wal-Mart won't spend millions of dollars without extensive marketing that supports its success is highly probable. But, the impact extends well beyond Portsmouth. It will affect all east side merchants and residents.

    The new Meijer Thrifty Acres store on Youngs Ditch and Pine Roads has been highly successful not because of support from residents in Portsmouth. Its success comes from being the only large full serve store on the east side of the river. It draws upon shoppers from the communities of Hampton township, Essexville and Bay City more so than Portsmouth township. If Wal-Marts opens the proposed superstore, it will to compete with the Meijer's store for the business of east side residents. Together, they represent a greater threat to merchants on Center road and downtown Bay City than to the few stores located near M15 and Cass avenue which may actually benefit from increased traffic.

    However, mathematically, something has to give. The population will only support a fixed amount of businesses. The population of the east side, indeed, all of Bay County, has been stagnant for decades. The success of the east side Meijer and Wal-Mart stores will have an impact on existing merchants unless our population truly increases. Otherwise, shopping districts will only shift around geographically leaving vacant buildings and parking lots behind. No issue is more vital to residents and merchants than true growth that comes from manufacturing jobs. Jobs that make a product are what determines the wealth of a community, and this is where community leaders need to constantly focus their efforts. Unless we are successful in creating more manufacturing jobs, the service jobs they support can not survive either. Failure to in this regard will lead to higher taxes, reduced services, and ultimately, will force residents to move elsewhere to another community where they can enjoy a better life.


    ^ Dec. 22 - Sanford Youngster Has Christmas Spirit.

    SANFORD: Dawn Woods, a thirteen year old from Sanford in Midland County, is giving the toys she won in a contest sponsored by the Midland Daily News to a shelterhouse. It certainly is in keeping with the spirit of Christmas. But, giving isn't an exceptional practice for Dawn. According to those who know, it's very common of her to think of others ahead of herself. Thank you Dawn for being a good example of what caring is all about.

    New Library Construction - Center Ave.

    New Interior of McDonalds Restaurant
    Center & Pine Rds.

    ^ Dec. 22 - Evidence of New Construction Projects In Community.

    BAY COUNTY: This has been a good year for new construction projects, and we captured some these with our camera the past few weeks. They include the Sage Library that recently opened after a major renovation, the Boathouse Condominium which is now being worked on, a new Tim Hortons that will open this month in Essexville, and the new Central Library building that is taking shape on Center avenue. But, there are other construction projects that are impressive and speak well for progress being made in our community.

    Construction of the roadway along Broadway Avenue is now complete and promises to add vitality to that neighborhood business district. Bay City has begun the clean up of the Up Town At River's Edge property and the landscape along Saginaw Street is being transformed for what promises to be a new exciting area of downtown Bay City. Another construction project in Essexville that will be opening in the near future is a new store and service station on the north west corner of Center and Pine roads. Kitty corner from them, McDonalds has just completed a total remodeling of the inside of its building and is open for business again, and several new merchants north of them on Pine Road have cropped up to take advantage of the increased traffic heading to the new Meijer Thrifty Acres store on Pine and Youngs Ditch roads. And, downtown Bay City is blooming with several new merchant businesses. And, of course, the Double Tree Riverside Hotel opened this year and is off to a good start.

    About the only gloomy business asset that has yet to come alive is the property of the former Herford and Hops restaurant. Hopefully, an investor will soon have the micro-brewery producing a fine ale for the thirty citizens of this area. It would be nice to see a horse team delighting riders and viewers as it trotted along the streets again.

    Maybe next year will be its time, along with many other exciting things taking place in our community.

  • Pictorials/ {Recent Area Views}

    West Side of Building.

    Beer Bottle Label.

    ^ Dec. 22 - Phoenix Brewery Building, A Sad Demise.

    BAY City: Without any pomp for fanfare, the historical Phoenix Brewery building fell to the blows of a demolition ball yesterday. The news reported on its demise in the Bay City Times was shocking as there had been no forewarning that its end was near. Surely if there had been, history buffs, beer drinkers and many others would have rallied to rescue it from oblivion.

    The brewery had its beginnings in 1865 when John Ross opened it at its present location. Later it became known as the West Bay City Brewery, and then, Phoenix Brewery. Also, in 1865, the village of Bay City officially incorporated as a city. At that time, much of the west side was still a wilderness and their were only two small settlements.. To the south of the brewery was the Salzburg settlement started by Daniel Fitzhugh. To the north, was the Bangor (Banks) started by Joseph Trombley. The Sage and McGraw Mill opened that year along the riverís edge at the what is now Midland Street. Shortly thereafter, the company town of Wenona was born. In 1877, these three settles (villages at that time) organized to form West Bay City. It was rivaled with Bay City on the east side for growth during the lumber boom era until in 1905, the two merged to form present Bay City.

    The historical importance of the brewery wasnít in the architecture of the building, it was in the history that transpired during its existence. The brewery preceded the formal development of the west side and, it didn't close operations until 1952. It remained like a monument to our past since then along the edge of Veterans Memorial Park near the heritage structures of the Trombley House and Meyerís Log-Cabin. It seemed to fit in so well in this setting. It should have been purchased long ago and preserved as a part of the parkís property. The small piece of property that it stood on had little to be used for another purpose, and it wouldnít have require a huge amount of money to make it safe. I'm confident given the opportunity, many would have gladly donated funds when they understood its history.

    It should have been rescued from its sad demise, but, its too late now, it's gone. Along with it went a monument that served as a reminder for us of the more than 139 years of our community's history that it represented.

    ^ Dec. 25 - Christmas Day Best Wishes.

    Merry Christmas! May the spirit of this special holiday touch you with the joy and hope found in the life teachings of Jesus Christ whose birth is celebrated this day by Christians around the world.

    ^ Dec. 28 - Ash Borer Threat Spreading.

    MICHIGAN: The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) announced on December 24, that seven new counties are being added to its Emerald Ash Borer quarantine list, the counties of Saginaw and Gratiot were among the new counties added along with two townships in Midland County. A map of the quartantined counties is available on the website.

  • [Article] - The Bay City Times
  • [Emerald Ash Borer] -
  • [Map of Quaratined Counties] -

    ^ Dec. 28 - New State Program to Protect Farmers Starts Jan. 1.

    MICHIGAN: A new voluntary program designed to help protect farmers from failure will begin January 1, 2005. Produce dealers will collect premiums on sales from farmers in the program that will go into a fund administer by the Michigan Farm Produce Insurance Authority.

  • [Article] -

    ^ Dec. 30 - Governors Wage Goodies on Outcome of Rose Bowl.

    LANSING: Governor Granholm of Michigan and Texas Governor Perry have entered into a friendly wager on the outcome of the Rose Bowl game that matches the University of Michigan against the University of Texas. The winner will donate their booty to a needy charity. Governor Granhold is wagering a series of Michigan kids books against Governor Perry's two boxes of Texas grown citrus fruit. GO BLUE!

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    Dec. 1 - Christmas Remembered (update)

    We've added a bunch of new holiday graphics and a couple of new pages. We've also did a little tinkering with the colors and layout for a fresh new look. Hope you enjoy.

  • {Christmas Remembered}

    Dec. 3 - Pictorial: Fire Departments (update)

    New photos added. Our thanks Gary Gasta of the Bay City Fire Department for donating these.

  • Pictorials/ {Fire Departments}

    Dec. 4 - Checkers Game (new)

    The old fashion game of checkers played against your computer. Who's smarter, you or the computer? Give it a try.

  • Information/Family/Entertainment/ {Checkers}

    Dec. 16 - Pictorials (update)

    We've changed the "viewer" used for slideshows, all are now formatted using the the "jsviewer" which provides a full screen of each photo. Each will include an introduction page that provides some background on the subject of the pictorial. The "jsviewer" includes many enhancement features which the viewer can control for their personal viewing preference. Just click "HELP" on the dropdown menu to see these features.

  • Pictorials / Pictorials Library

    Dec. 20 - Color Drop Ball Game (new)

    A simple but addictive strategy game for all ages.

  • Information/Family Center/Entertainment/ {Color Drop Ball}

    Dec.28 - Monthly Heritage Graphics Pictorial (new)

    We've created a new pictorial using the graphics created each month to feature a specific history from the Heritage Library. Each includes a link to the magazine issue in which they appeared and a link to the history page of the subject.

  • Pictorials/ {Monthly Heritage Graphics}
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