March 2005 - Edition No. 27
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Graphic: Shown is the present church building built in 1905 with an image of the original church superimposed over it along with founder, Rev. Sievers.

St. Paul Lutheran Church (1848)

The pioneers that settled on the old Indian trail running along the west side of the Saginaw river between Bay City and Saginaw might be a little dismayed that this beaten path is now a major highway running through the middle of their property. On the east side of West Side Saginaw Road is the church building and north of it is the church's cemetery. Across the highway is the school and administration building. All within a walking distance to the busy I-75 intersection.

When they arrived in 1847 settling along the old trail was the sensible thing to do. It was the only land route through the wilderness connecting the villages of Lower Saginaw and Saginaw on the west side of the river. The only other cleared passage way the Saginaw river.

Rev. Ferdinand Sievers, a young and newly ordained minister, was given the responsibility of leading a group of German immigrants and their families to create a new settlement in Michigan. Rev. Sievers proved to be the right person and in the years that followed, he continued his mission helping other religious immigrant groups in establishing their own church.

Members of this church community were largely responsible for the creation of Frankenlust township of Bay County. Primarily a agricultural community, most of the farmers took the shorter trip to Bay City to sell their produce. Many of their ethnic kin lived in the village of Salzburg. So, it was practical and desirable matter to detach themselves from Koschville township of Saginaw County.

  • Heritage/Groups/Religion/ {St. Paul Lutheran Church}

    Each month we choose a website from our White Pages and Yellow Pages directories to draw attention to sources of local and region information available online. If you have a website and it doesn't appear in our directories, let us know and we'll add it.

    {From the White Pages}:

    Region VII Area on Aging [Visit Website]

    Located at 1615 South Euclid Avenue, is the headquarters of the Region VII Area on Aging headquarters serving the counties of Bay, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Huron, Isabella, Midland, Saginaw, Sanilac and Tuscola. The mission of the agency is, "To advocate, plan, develop, and support a comperhensive system of quality care and services designed to achieve the optimum level of health, well being, and independence of people as they age."

    The agency administers a wide variety of programs consistent with their mission. Some of the programs are county specific and this information is available on their website.

    {From the Yellow Pages}

    Tri City Furniture {Visit Website]

    Located at 135 W. Midland Road, Auburn - Tri City Furniture will be 48 years old this year which says a lot about the quality of the product lines they sell and their personable approach that keeps customers returning to their store whenever they have a need to up date their home furnishings.

    Featured on their website are the lines of furniture they carry and useful information on how to maintain and care for your furniture.


    Index to News, Articles and Editorials:
    Mar. 1 - Bay-Journal introductory comments.
    Mar. 1 - Article: "You Can Be Fired For What You Do At Home!"
    Mar. 1 - States Says "Halt-em" to Texas Hold-em and Gambling.
    Mar. 1 - New Gallary Opens in Midland History Center.
    Mar. 1 - Lebanese Protesters Succeed in Removing Syrian Influence.
    Mar. 1 - Article: "A Plea To Be Free", by Hans Lindor.
    Mar. 2 - James Reid To Preserve Another Shearer Building.
    Mar. 2 - Frankenlust Contaminated Spoilage Dump Meeting.
    Mar. 2 - Free Credit Report Now Available in Michigan.
    Mar. 2 - Michigan's January Employment Figures Released.
    Mar. 3 - Downtown Event Turns Merchants Into Educators.
    Mar. 3 - Changes Coming For Saginaw's Castle Museum.
    Mar. 4 - Visionary Max Fisher (1908-2005) of Detroit Dies.
    Mar. 5 - Al Singer of Alan Shoes Stores Dies At Age 76.
    Mar. 6 - Log-cabin's Future At M-13 Park In Doubt.
    Mar. 8 - March is Women's History Month in Michigan.
    Mar. 8 - Cycle for Low Lake Levels May Be Ending.
    Mar. 9 - State Sends Tax Bill to Over 500 Smokers.
    Mar. 10 - Are Cell Phones Repeating Tobacco History?
    Mar. 11 - Relief Expected In Gas Heating Costs.
    Mar. 11 - U.S. House Passes $284 Billion Highway Bill.
    Mar. 11 - Defense Budget to Serve Up $12.2 Billion In Pork.
    Mar. 12 - Website Growing In Popularity.
    Mar. 14 - Local Roads To Benefit From Pending $248 Billion Bill.
    Mar. 16 - OPEC To Up Daily Oil Production By 500K Barrels.
    Mar. 16 - Midland Archetectural Firm Offers Low Cost Jail Solution.
    Mar. 17 - Article: "Only Memories Left of 1891 Visitation School Building."
    Mar. 18 - 1882 Base Ball Returns to Bay City.
    Mar. 21 - Hardy Crowd Weathers Cold To See Irish Parade
    Mar. 22 - State Website Provides Tax Filing Help.
    Mar. 23 - A Beautiful View... Of Life. Bay City Michigan.
    Mar. 24 - Peg Rowley Honored For Community Contributions.
    Mar. 26 - Young Girls Helping To Save Old Courthouse In Omer.
    Mar. 28 - Historic Masonic Building Saved by Bay Arts Council.
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    Bay City Times
    Bay-Journal Headline News
    Michigan News (
    MichigansThumb (Huron Co.)
    Midland Daily News
    My Bay City (Local articles)
    National Journal (National politics)
    Pioneer Times (Tuscola Co.)
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    BJ Article

    Please note: Featured News & Commentary is an editorial service for our viewers that is primarily focused on local subjects appearing in various public news sources. Refer to "Online Local News Sources list above for in depth news coverage.

    ^ Introduction - Bay-Journal Commentary.

    February went by fast, but that’s to be expected from a month with only 28 days. However, it still seemed like it was only a week ago that I completed the change over from January.

    For Michiganders, March has to be the month of hope. Once it arrives we can look forward to Spring knowing it will be here soon, and the long cold Winter days are nearing an end. We can tough it out from this point on. We know that Mother Nature often takes a parting blow during March with some of its heaviest snow falls, but it normally gives way quickly to the warmth of the sun which stays around longer each day.

    In spite of the short month, we were able to add nine new pages to the website. Perhaps the most outstanding is the Pictorial featuring the tool chest owned by James Shearer. The large chest contains carpentry tools typical of the 18th Century, a time when shaping wood was truly an art in the hands of craftsmen. This is the same Shearer that designed the Shearer Brothers block still standing on the north west corner of Center Avenue and Adams Street.

  • Pictorials/Misc./ {James Shearer's Tool chest}

    The most notable event in February for us was acquiring a full year of the Bay City Press and Times newspaper for 1863-64 which we have begun transcribing to local news related to the Civil War. Plans are underway with the Bay County Library System to have the paper micro-filmed so that it is available to researchers and the public at large. The paper was among the possessions of the late Harry Pierson of Bay City, who was himself a newspaper man working for the Detroit Free Press as a Regional Agent to this area. Exactly how he came into possession of the only archive copy of the 1863-64 Press and Times is unknown. After his death, the paper was passed on to his youngest son, Rick Pierson. Rick and his wife, Linda, were care takers of this piece of local history for 40 years before turning it over to Bay-Journal this February. The paper will join the other precious artifacts of this community after it has been micro-filmed.

  • Heritage/Groups/Military/Civil War/ {Press & Times News 1863-64}

    ^ Mar. 1 - You Can Be Fired For What You Do At Home!

    ARTICLE: Employees that thought their private lives where protected from intrusion by their employer are finding out otherwise in Michigan, and nineteen other states where companies can legally implement policies for workers that go beyond the work place or job performance.

  • Full article: {You Can Be Fired For What You Do At Home!} -

    ^ Mar. 1 - States Says "Halt-em" to Texas Hold-em and Gambling.

    LANSING: In Michigan you can watch, but not legally play the popular Texas Hold-em Poker or any other gambling game unless you are licensed to do so. Although seldom enforced, the gambling among friends in homes is also illegal. Poker, and specifically, Texas Hold-em Poker has gained public popularity from the many televisions shows that are now featuring gambling.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 1 - New Gallary Opens in Midland History Center.

    MIDLAND: This past Sunday, the Midland County Historical Society opened their new Midland County History Gallary located in the Herbert D. Doan Midland County History Center. The 4500 square-foot facilities is an impressive addition that will allow expansion of exhibits displays historical artifacts which totals over 15,000 items. The new gallary was designed to allow exhibits to be changed on a requent basis. The opening of the new gallar culminates a decade of planning, funding, and thousands of hours from volunteers dedicated to preserving and presenting the county's history.

  • Source: (Midland Daily News)

    ^ Mar. 1 - Lebanese Protesters Succeed in Removing Syrian Influence.

    LEBANON: Lebanese citizens took to the streets this past Monday in a massive protest against Syria's influence in their government and country. The shocking peaceful display of unity forced the resignation of Prime Minister Omar Karami and his cabinet. Protesters vow to continue their efforts until Syria removes its 15,000 troops out of Lebanon.

  • Full story: [Middle East - AP] - Yahoo! News

    ^ Mar. 1 - A Plea To Be Free, by Hans Lindor.

    ARTICLE: Hans Lindor, author of the book, "It's a Shame to be a Negro," penned a short article about his thoughts and strong feelings of what it means to be free in the facing prejudices from within and outside of the race he was born into.

  • Full article: {Plea To Be Free.} -

  • ^ Mar. 2 - James Reid To Preserve Another Shearer Building.

    BAY CITY: The 65 year old Mill End store will be closing its doors later this year. Owner Robert Folkert will the be selling the building and property to local builder James Reid who wants to create a new condomimium complex adding to his already impressive and similar holding in the downtown area.

    Shearer Block early 1900s.
    View north on Water Street from Center Avenue of Shearer block (right).
    The building was erected in 1866 by James Shearer.

    Builder James Reid will now own two of three business blocks built by Shearer. The other one is located on n.w. corner of Center and Adams. The third Shearer building was torn down for the Kresge building on the n.e. corner of Washington and Center.

    Buildings on the left were torn down to make way for the present Wenonah Park.

    The Mill End store was started by Glenn C. Folkert, father of Robert Folkert. Prior to this The building (see picture) was a business block which had store fronts on the street level and office space on the upper levels. The building was erected in 1866 by James Shearer, and Reid plans to restore the exterior to its historical look which he is doing with the other Shearer block that he owns on Center and Adams.

    I hate to see the Mill End store because there is no other store like it that I am aware of. As a kid I often went there with my mother. She headed for the clothing department and I headed for the basement where I could go exploring. They had everything. If you needed a cowboy hat, boots, camping gear, linen, hardware supplies -- the Mill End had it.

    Bay City is fortunate to have a number of local builders like Reid, Rowley, Gregory and others that are creating a downtown residential community in a unique way at some financial risk to themselves. It's less costly and easier to demolish and old building than to resurrect it to its former glory. Its probably more profitable to create apartments than condos, and invest in the suburbs than in the downtown area. Instead, they are creating a new residential community downtown and preserving some of important buildings in this city's history.

    When their present work is finished it will be the catalyst for further development downtown. New merchants will locate downtown to serve these residents. In reality, the downtown is returning to what it was in the beginning, a bustling center of residential and commercial harmony.

  • Full story: [Mar 1: The Bay City Times] -
  • Full story: [Mar 2: The Bay City Times] -
  • Reference: Heritage/People/ {James Shearer}

    ^ Mar. 2 - Frankenlust Contaminated Spoilage Dump Meeting.

    FRANKENLUST TWP.: Concerned residents, environmentalists and government officials met at Saginaw Valley State University on Tuesday regarding the $4.5 million Saginaw River dredging project that will create a contaminated dump sight on the border between Bay and Saginaw counties, most of which is located in Frankenlust township. Environmentalist and residents are concerned that the plan for project doesn't provide suffient safety to protect human and animal life living in areas near the dump.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 2 - Free Credit Report Now Available in Michigan.

    LANSING: Effective March 1, 2005, Michigan residents can obtain free credit reports. Attorney General Mike Cox who made the announcement advised, "I encourage every Michigan consumer to take advantage of this free, quick and easy opportunity."

  • Full story: [Michigan Newswire] -
  • Request Credit Report online: [Annual Credit Report] -

    ^ Mar. 2 - Michigan's January Employment Figures Released.

    LANSING: The unemployment rate in January was 7.1%, a decline of four tenths of a percent point from December ending the string of six consecutive months where the jobless rate has increased. In comparison, the national unemployment rate for January was 5.2%.

  • Full story: [Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Mar. 3 - Downtown Event Turns Merchants Into Educators.

    BAY CITY: On March 12 and 13 twenty seven merchants in downtown Bay City will become educators. The novel idea gives their customers a chance to take a class at their stores for free. The only cost to them is supplies if needed. The event is being sponsored by Bay City Downtown Management Board.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 3 - Changes Coming For Saginaw's Castle Museum.

    SAGINAW: A new director and location are ahead for castle Museum located at 500 Federal street. Director Patricia Gordon Michael has decided to leave so she can spend more time with her family, and the museum now owns the first-floor men's department in the former Jacobson's store directly across the street on South Jefferson in which they plan to expanded their dislay of historical artifacts.

  • Full story: [The Saginaw News] -

    ^ Mar. 4 - Visionary Max Fisher (1908-2005) of Detroit Dies.

    DETROIT: Detroit businessman and plilantropist Max Fisher died at his home in Farmington Hills at the age of 97. The son of Velvil Fisch and Malka Brody, Russian immigrants of little means, Max advanced to become one of Detroit's most successful businessmen and benefactors. Besides being a remarkable servant to the needs of Detroit, he was actively involved on the national scene enjoying influenial relations with President Nixon and President Ford.

  • Full story: [Detroit Free Press] -

    ^ Mar. 5 - Al Singer of Alan Shoes Stores Dies At Age 76.

    BAY CITY: Alan H. "Al" Singer passed away Thursday from complications with bone marrow disease while at his retirement home in Arizona. Mr. Singer owned Allan's Shoes in Bay City which was started by his father Harry Singer. Mr. Singer was a prominent businessman and active participant in the growth of this community for most of his adult life. His passion was jazz music which he formalized as a member of the Michigan Jazz Society, and board member of the Jazz in Arizona, Inc. and the Arizone Classic Jazz Society.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 6 - Log-cabin's Future At M-13 Park In Doubt.

    SAGINAW: The 70 year old log-cabin in Veterans Memorial Park along M-13 is destined to be demolished, but hope lingers on that somehow it will survive. The Saginaw County Parks and Recreation Commission voted last November to raze the old building rather than repair it. While no one really wants to see it destroyed, no one has come forward with a financial solution to save it. However, a new business to this area, VAV Venturi Corp., may be the one to do it if a lot of "ifs" are overcome.

  • Full story: The Saginaw News -

    ^ Mar. 8 - March is Womens History Month in Michigan.

    LANSING: Governor Granholm proclaimed March as Women's History Month. On March 11 the Michigan Women's Commission will host a Michigan Women's Summit 2005 to kick off a statewide public education program on the benefits of equal opportunity in Michigan. The even will be held simultaneously in East Lansing, Dearborn, Kalamazoo, and Sault Ste. Marie.

  • Full store: [Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Mar. 8 - Cycle for Low Lake Levels May Be Ending.

    MICHIGAN: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a reported showing that Lake Huron is up 10 inches from this time last year, but still 10 inches below its long-term average for this time period. However, the report may signal the near record low lake levels that has plagued the Great Lakes for the past decade is finally coming to an end.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -
  • Reference: [Great Lakes Water Levels] -

    ^ Mar. 9 - State Sends Tax Bill to Over 500 Smokers.

    LANSING: When Michigan took its cigaretter tax rate from $1.25 to $2.00 per pack, many smokers were sent scrambling to find ways to balance their personal budget without having to give up the addictive habit, and of course, that meant buying cigarettes from states where cigarette taxes are lower. The state is working hard to close that loop-hole and reclaim the millions of dollars that they have lost as a result. They are doing this by obtaining records from out of state sellers, tallying up the cigarette purchases of individuals from Michigan, then sending them the tax bill for what they would have paid to buy them in Michigan. The state is hoping catch thousands of additional smokers from Michigan that are desparately trying to find a way to exercise their free choice without paying excessive taxes.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 10 - Are Cell Phones Repeating Tobacco History?

    TECHNOLOGY: Cell phones have dynamically changed the communications industry. The popularity of mobile technology has spread like wild fire and will soon replace fixed phone lines as the dominate product for voice communication. However, the question about the safe use of this technology which emits low levels of radiation has yet to be answered. Research is being done, but like the bustling days of the big tobacco industry, few are willing to help expedite research that could kill this golden goose industry that had record worldwide shipments exceeding [664 million] mobile phones in 2004.

  • Full story: [The cell phone industry: Big Tobacco 2.0?] -

    ^Mar. 11 - Relief Expected In Gas Heating Costs.

    SAGINAW: Relief from The exceptionally high cost of natural gas used for heating homes and businesses over the past two to three years may be coming at last. Natural gas costs to energy suppliers fell for the first time in long time due to a surplus in gas.

  • Full story: [The Saginaw News] -

    ^ Mar. 11 - U.S. House Passes $284 Billion Highway Bill.

    WASHINGTON D.C.: A highway spending bill has cleared the House and is now on its way to the Senate for approval. If approved, it would provide the state of Michigan $185 million in new revenue for road work. The bill would increase Michigan's return on highway tax dollars sent to Washington from 90 cents to 92 cents on a dollar.

  • Full story: [Detroit Free Press] -

    ^ Mar. 11 - Defense Budget to Serve Up $12.2 Billion In Pork.

    WASHINGTON D.C.: Taxpayers for Common Sense, a watchdog group, says they have found $12.2 in pork expenditures contained in the $417.5 billion Defense Budget for 2005.

  • Full story: [Congress Daily] -

    ^ Mar. 12 - Website Growing In Popularity.

    LANSING: has grown statistically in the number of visitors to Michigan's government website as they continue to add features allow citizens to do business online. More citizens connected to the internet are finding it is much easier to do business with Michigan government using the time saving conveniences of renewing licenses or ordering forms online.

  • Full story: [Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Mar. 14 - Local Roads To Benefit From Pending $248 Billion Bill.

    SAGINAW BAY: Congress is expected to pass a $248 billion road work bill that includes improvements to Henry Street in Bay City and Maple Ridge Road in Arenac County.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 16 - OPEC To Up Daily Oil Production By 500K Barrels.

    ISFAHAN, Iran: OPEX ministers agreed to increase oil production by 500,000 barrels per day beginning April 1 in attempt to control the volatility of oil prices. They indicated a similar increase could come after the June meeting.

  • Full story: [Business - AP] -

    ^ Mar. 16 - Midland Archetectural Firm Offers Low Cost Jail Solution.

    MIDLAND: The Midland County commission has been seeking a solution to the overcrowded condition of county's jail by considering building a new jail in another location. However, a local architectural firm has come up with a plan to expanded the existing jail that would do the job and be less expensive, and they are offering their plan to the county for free.

  • Full story: [Midland Daily News] -

    ^ Mar. 17 - Only Memories Left of 1891 Visitation School Building.

    ARTICLE: When I read the March 15, 2005, edition of The Bay City Times newspaper and learned that my old school building was being torn down it, I couldn’t help but feel some sadness at its passing. My formal education began at the old Visitation school building. I knew the building was old, but how old or its history until this week after spending some time at the library.

  • Full article: {Personal Memories} - by Marvin Kusmierz.
  • News story: [Mar. 15: The Bay City Times] -
  • News story: [Mar. 16: The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 18 - 1882 Base Ball Returns to Bay City.

    Clarkson Ball Park
    Clarkson Ball Park {Click to enlarge}

    BAY CITY: A group of baseball enthusiasts has formed a vintage base ball team and will begin play this summer at Carroll Park. They’ll be garbed in 1882 jerseys, they’ll play by rules of that era providing spectators with a glimpsed into the history of base ball and the Bay City community.

  • Full story: []
  • Heritage/People/ {Biography John Clarkson}

  • ^ Mar. 21 - Hardy Crowd Weathers Cold To See Irish Parade

    BAY CITY: The cold weather was too much for my Polish blood to take, so I chose to stay in the warmth of my home rather than watch Sunday's Saint Patrick's Parade in Bay city. However, writer Steve Kent of, demonstrating far greater dedication than I, did venture out to report on the parade, and he even took a lot of pictures that can be seen at...

  • Full story: []

    ^ Mar. 22 - State Website Provides Tax Filing Help.

    LANSING: Michigan has a website where individuals can get information and help in filing their tax return. The dealine for filing your income tax statement is April 15th.

  • Website: [Individual Income Tax] -

    ^ Mar. 23 - A Beautiful View... Of Life. Bay City Michigan.

    BAY CITY: Last night leaders within the community gathered together at the Lincoln Center to learn about about the city's new brand name and logo, "A beautiful view... of Life. Bay City Michigan. The brand name is considered an essential moniker around which organizations and the city can promote itself to the outside world. North Destination Strategies, a consultant firm, was hired to come up with the brand name based that best describes Bay City in a single phrase. The intent for the brand name is that it become the standard reference to reinforce a possitive image to those not familiar with the city, be they individuals, tourists or businesses.

  • Full story {The Bay City Times} -
  • Full story {}

    ^ Mar. 24 - Peg Rowley Honored For Community Contributions.

    BAY CITY: It's hard to think of a couple that has done more for this community than Peg and Paul Rowley. The two have spearheaded so many projects that have led to dynamical transformations around the community.

    Last night at the Double Tree Hotel, the spotlight went to Peg. The Bay Area Chamber of Commerce presented her with the Athena Award in recognition of her outstanding community leadership and contributions. The litany of community projects she led, participated in or made happen, are nothing short of amazing – Development of the river front, River Walk, Infinity Park, Wenona Park Friendship Shell, Jennison Nature Center and Tobico Marsh, Fourth of July Fireworks, Restoration of the Historical State Theatre and the Jennison Boathouse building that is now being transformed into condos.

    The chamber also recognized four other individuals and two businesses with special awards.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    ^ Mar. 26 - Young Girls Helping To Save Old Courthouse In Omer.

    ARENAC CO.: The Arenac County Historical Society has organized a citizens group to save the old Omer Courthouse built in 1890 by raising money to buy the building and restore it. Among those who are contributing to the cause are the Roehm sisters of Standish, Harley (age 10) and Cassandra (age 13) who are raising funds to help save the building so it will be a part of their future.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -
    ^ Mar. 28 - Historic Masonic Building Saved by Bay Arts Council.

    (Click to enlarge.)

    BAY CITY: In need of repairs and too large to maintain, the Masonic Center on Madison and Sixth streets was destined for demolish unless someone came forward to buy it! The Bay Arts Council decided they would do that, and have made a commitment to purchase the historic building dating back to 1892 will eventually become a center for arts in the Bay City area when funds become available for restoration of the building.

  • Full story: [The Bay City Times] -

    Help us if you can! -- Contribute content to Bay-Journal.

    Mar. 1 - Biography of John Clarkson (updated).

    Additional information has been add to the heritage page of this Hall of Fame pitcher who spent most of his adult years in Bay City. Also added is more information on his younger brother, Arthur, who had a cigar store in Bay City and was a pitcher in the major leagues.

  • Heritage/People/ {Biography John Clarkson}

    Mar. 5 - New Additions to the Personals Pages.

    New pages have been add for Hydorn Carpet Company of Essexville, the Captains Chair book written by Jay Brandow, and Friends of Pine Ridge Cemetery, a non-profit group organized to preserve this pioneer burial grounds.

  • Personals/ {Hydorn Carpet Company}
  • Personals/ {Captains Chair}
  • Personals/ {Friends of Pine Ridge Cemetery}

    Mar. 5 - 1911 Michigan Railway System Map.

    This map appeared in the 1911 Bay City directory to demonstrate the city's extensive rail and water way connections to other communities.

  • Maps Library/ {1911 MI Railway System}

    Mar. 5 - Kids History Tour of Bay County.

    At the request of "Bubbles," our kids tour guide, we've redone the look of the kids history pages. Bubbles now has the water background that he has always wanted along with a more prominent presence in the text area. However, we refused Bubbles' request to throw out the airplane used to advance from one page to the next.

  • Kids Only/ {Kids History Tour}

    Mar. 8 - Franklin B. Ward, Bay City Indusrialist Dies. (1946)

    Bay City Times article, February 7, 1946, on the death of Mr. Ward who was part owener in the Hanson-Ward Co., Radiomaster Co., and Bousfield Wooden-ware Co.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Franklin B. Ward Dies}

    Mar. 9 - Stark Family History

    Tim Stark has shares some of his family's history regarding Stark ancestors that were among the early pioneers of Bay County.

  • Heritage/People/ {Stark Family History}

    Mar. 20 - 1996 Michigan Map of Indian Tribe Locations

    Map shows location of federally recognized Indian tribes in Michigan.

  • Maps Library/ {1996 Michigan Indian Tribes]
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