May 2005 - Edition No. 29
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Central High School Class of 1948

We decided to feature the Centralia of 1948, many of this class are still living. Maybe your parents or grandparents are from this class. If so, let them know they can view their old friends' class book online, of which there are 137 pages.

People that went to Central in the 1960s will recognized many of the teachers that appear in the 1948 Centralia.

Central is the oldest school building in Bay City. The school opened in 1921 as one of the largest and most modern high schools. It was so well built that it still meets the needs of high school students very well.

The history of Central is actually an extension of Eastern high school that it replaced. When Central opened, Eastern was converted into a junior high school. The high school students of 1921 paraded from the old Eastern high school located at Madison avenue north of the Columbus intersection to the new high school building. While the school building was ready for classes, a residential home still sat on the front grounds of the school which was moved later.

Eastern high school opened in 1882 with students being transferred from Farragut school which was built in 1868 to handle high school students. Therefore, the continuance of history associated with Central high school dates back to over 135 years ago.

Both Eastern and the original Farragut high school have been demolished. Today, the YMCA is located on the former Eastern school property. The old Farragut high school building was torn and a new elementary school replaced it in 1939. This school building is still standing but is not being used for educational purposes.

  • Centralia, Class of 1948
  • 1940 article on history of Central high school.

    Each month we choose a website from our White Pages and Yellow Pages directories to draw attention to sources of local and region information available online. If you have a website and it doesn't appear in our directories, let us know and we'll add it.

    {From the White Pages}:

    Central High School [Visit Website]

    What do wolves have in common with purple and gold? If you know the answer, you most likely know about Central High School which is also our featured history subject this month.

    The school's website is full of information as you might expect. Besides the stand items you'll find sections for Students Handbook, School History, 21st Century, Parents Email and Booster Club.

    {From the Yellow Pages}

    Bay Eye Care Optical Center {Visit Website]

    Their modern facilities is located at 116 N. Tuscola Road, they also have an office in West Branch. The website provides information about their services, office hours, personnel and include photos for reference.


    Index to News, Articles and Editorials:
    May 1 - Bay-Journal introductory comments.
    May 1 - May 21 Thru 27 Is Celebrate Michigan Week!
    May 1 - F. W. Hollister Hired To Lead Bay Future, Inc.
    May 2 - High Gas Prices Expected to Help Local Festivals.
    May 3 - Prospective Buyers for Former Hereford & Hops Assets.
    May 4 - We Want Wal-Mart Ballet Passed In Portsmouth.
    May 4 - Gov. Granholm Reveals $2 Billion Jobs For Michigan Plan.
    May 6 - Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic Seeks Financing.
    May 6 - Midland Teenager Has Attractive Solution To Drainage Problems.
    May 7 - Cruises To Charity Island And Dinner Begin In June.
    May 8 - It's Mothers We Honor Today!
    May 10 - State Park Beach To Double In Size.
    May 12 - New "VanBuren Dinner Theatre" Opens May 20.
    May 13 - Dedication of New Rexer-Jablonski Park is Sunday.
    May 13 - Shaheens To Be Honored For Preserving Temple Theatre.
    May 15 - Midland Police Officers Honor Those Who Died.
    May 16 - Major Changes To Wenonah Park Aren't Necessary!
    May 18 - Restoration Of Pere Marquette Depot May Start This Year.
    May 19 - USA Students Mark Sewers For Environmental Awareness.
    May 19 - Lone Tree Council Eyes Courts On Dredging Dump Site.
    May 20 - State Historic Preservation Awards Presented Yesterday.
    May 21 - Bay City Moving Ahead With $30 Million Water Project.
    May 22 - Annie M. Evans Will Be Missed By The Many She Touched.
    May 23 - Midland Charitable Foundations Help Other Communities.
    May 26 - Bay City Sewer Rates Expected To Increase 23.9%!
    May 27 - Bay County Library Board Renames Central Library.
    May 28 - Road Work In Bay, Midland & Saginaw Counties.
    May 28 - Alaska Remembers WWII Vet From Albee Township.
    Online Local/National News Sources:
    Bay City Times
    Bay-Journal Headline News
    Google News
    Michigan News (
    MichigansThumb (Huron Co.)
    Midland Daily News
    My Bay City (Local articles)
    Pioneer Times (Tuscola Co.)
    Saginaw News
    Bay County Courts Calendar (2005):
    May. Jun. Jul.
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    BJ Article


    Please note: Featured News & Commentary is an editorial service for our viewers that is primarily focused on local subjects appearing in various public news sources. Refer to "Online Local News Sources list above for in depth news coverage.

    ^ Introduction - Bay-Journal Commentary.

    April got off to a great start weather-wise with local temperatures soaring in the 60s and 70s. Plants began budding, lawns turning green and birds filling the leafless trees. Then came the threat of a winter storm last weekend scaring the heck out of most ever one imagining they were going to be shoveling snow again! The cold front moved through dropping temperatures 30 degrees, but the heavy snow fall forecasted didnít materialize. Whew!

    On the personal side, the day before yesterday I caught my first severe cold in almost two years. It was so bad I wasnít sure if I was going to be able get the change over done on time for May. There was no way I was going to drool all over my keyboard feeling that miserable. Some relief came this morning, and I began scurrying on the doing the work for the change over. Writing this section is the last thing to do.

    The bound copies of the 1863-64 Bay City Press and Times newspapers that came into my possession in March turned out not to be copies at all, but originals, which have been missing for many years. The papers were donated for use on Bay-Journal by Rick and Linda Pierson. Neither they nor I had any idea the papers were originals. But, it wasnít long before someone suggested they might be, and sure enough they are. The missing papers have never been micro-filmed. They are now at Central Michigan University to have this done through the help of the staff at the Bay City Central Library.

    Rick and Linda certainly have the gratitude of many in this community for holding onto these historical treasures providing a full year of news during the Civil War period. While they didnít know the significance of what they had in their possession, they somehow knew it was unique and worth saving over many years. The papers could easily have been dumped to gain storage space something else.

    The papers will ultimately fall into the possession of the public along with other important relics of our communityís history. Until then, I plan on enjoying my time with them reading the news of a 132 years ago. If I can use the power of persuasion as the present holder of these papers, I would like to see the papers stored in a display case in a public area where others will be able to see them first-hand.

    ^ May 1 - May 21 Thru 27 Is Celebrate Michigan Week!

    LANSING: Governor Granholm has proclaimed May 21-27, 2005 as Michigan Week, a time to celebrate what makes living in Michigan so great. Events and activies are planned, and local communities are encourage to participate with their own celebrations.

  • Full story: [Michigan Newswire] -
  • Reference: [Ideas & Tool Kit for Local Communities] -

    ^ May. 1 - F. W. Hollister Hired To Lead Bay Future, Inc.

    BAY CITY: We'd like to welcome Frederick W. Hollister to our community, who has accepted the position of president and chief executive officer of Bay Futures, Inc., an organization of government and private entities formed to promote econcomic development of Bay County. We sincerely wish Mr. Hollister the greatest success, for his success will have direct benefit to our future. Mr. Hollister is presently the director of enconomic development of Piqua, Ohio.

  • Full story: {Apr. 30: Josh Grosteffon} - The Bay City Times
  • Reference: [City of Pigua, Ohio}

    May 2 - High Gas Prices Expected to Help Local Festivals.

    SAGINAW: A little over thirty years ago gas prices about twenty cents a gallon and not an issue to the vast majority of drivers. Natural gas was so cheap that wood burning furnaces all but disappeared as a choice for heat homes and businesses. For most of the past 30 years the prices of refined gas and natural gas have been rising, and in the past two years have sky rocketed so much that their costs is affecting everything and everyone. But, not all is bad! Local festivals and businesses stand to benefit as more people stay home rather than traveling to distant vacation points.

  • Full story: [May 1: Barrie Barber] - The Saginaw News

    ^ May 3 - Prospective Buyers for Former Hereford & Hops Assets.

    BAY CITY: Whoever ends up owning the former Hereford & Hops building that cost $12 million to get up and going, will get a substantial bargain. It will be sold for much less according to an article in today's edition of The Bay City Times, written by Kristina Riggle. The real estate agent handling sale of the property, Frank R. Janca III, says there are local investors interested in purchasing the it and the only item holding up a purchase agreement is the final

    This is great news for Bay City, and in particular, the west side business district where the property is located. Mr. Janca believes the building will continue as an upscale nightclub restaurant. Also, good news to the ears of the tavern and merchant owner of that area. Many of of their businesses benefitted from the increased traffic the Hereford & Hops brought to that area.

    A major feature of the building is its micro-brewery which put Bay City back on the map of having its own beer manufacturer, thereby bring alive a bit of the city's early history associated with home-made brew. The brewery vats which are located along the street wall with large windows made them visible to anyone walking in that area, and of more value than any sign that could be devised to promote their product.

    We certainly hope the recent news will see this fine facility that has been idle since March, 2004, come back in play soon. Once the warehouse of Kirchman Brothers, the building has seen a total renovation and is "ready to go," as are customers anxious to return to this spot to enjoy a local brew.

    It will have a new name as Hereford & Hops restaurants are still operating in other localities. Whatever the new name is it would be a good idea to include "Brewery" in its name. The word has a magical quality that even draws non-drinkers to its destination to see beer being made. It would also be a nice if the new owners added to this attraction by including an inside viewing area for tourists, a number of which are bound to stay for a cold one and sandwich. Each of the vats could named after one of the city's old breweries such the the Kolb, Phoenix, etc., and each could include a picture and brief history.

    It would also be nice if the horse and buggy ride were to return, it certainly was popular with the customers of Hereford & Hops. If the new owners have no interested in this, maybe they'll at least see if a local horse owner would like to lease the stable for that purpose. Hmmm... I wonder how much a horse and buggy would cost?

    ^May 4 - We Want Wal-Mart Ballet Passed In Portsmouth.

    PORTSMOUTH TWSP.: The final vote tally was 884 to 621, clearing the way for a new Wal-Mart store along M-15 in Portsmouth township. Some grumbling from the opponents of the new Wal-Mart are no saying they may bring a law suit against the township, claiming officials ignored the store's potential impact on the environment and local businesses. If so, 884 of their fellow citizens did as well. This type of hard nosed talk and resistence to change is self-serving, and needs to end if we are to turn around the economy in this area.

  • Full story: [May 4: Steve Neavling] - The Bay City Times

    ^May 4 - Gov. Granholm Reveals $2 Billion Jobs For Michigan Plan.

    LANSING: Details of a $2 billion program that is expected to create new jobs and by making Michigan more competitive was released today.

  • Full story: [Michigan Newswire] -

    ^May 6 - Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic Seeks Financing.

    BAY CITY: What began with a group of civic minded medical professionals giving of themselves to help those in need of their services, has been so successful that they want to make it permanent. For the past two years a group of volunteers have operated a free medical clinic to those who are without financial means to have health insurance. Each of those two years they ran community campaigns to keep it going, now they want to raise several millions and use the interest to provide long-term financial support of their free services. The clinic has recently been named after Helen M. Nickless whose family donated $500,000 to keep the clinic going.

  • Full story: [May 6: Scott E. Pacheco] - The Bay City Times.

    ^May 6 - Midland Teenager Has Attractive Solution To Drainage Problems.

    MIDLAND: Seventeen year old Kacy Hermans is making rain gardens and she wants to help others in doing the same. Rain gardens are more than just beautiful wild flowers and plants, they can help filter water the runs off manmade objects, roads, homes, etc., and reduce the pressure on drainage systems.

  • Full story: [May 6: Kelly Jerome] - Midland Daily News

    ^May 7 - Cruises To Charity Island And Dinner Begin In June.

    AUGRES: Non-boaters can enjoy the natural beauty of Charity Island that has only been available to the boating community, however, they can do it in style with a fine dinner served on the island. Beginning in June you can hop aboard the Northport ferry at Augres heading for the Charity Island haven.

  • Full story: [Apr. 28: Dave Rogers] -

    ^May 8 - It's Mothers We Honor Today!

    There is no more important title or position of influence than that of "Mother." The person that gave you life, nourished your body and groomed your mind. Mom was there doing it all and her only training was what she learned as a child from her mother. It is only fitting that we give of ourselves on this day for the lady that gave so much of her life to us.

  • Reference: [Happy Mother's Day] - History, poems, quotes, etc.
  • A "Polka Medley" in memory of mom: Helen (Len) Kusmierz.

    ^May 10 - State Park Beach To Double In Size.

    BANGOR TWSP.: The state Department of Environmental Quality has given clearance to more double the size of the beach at the Bay City State Recreation Area (DEQ). The present 625 feet will be added to the present 575 feet of beach front. In addition, 3,500 feet of the southeast shoreline will be chemcially treated to remove non-native phragmites allowing this area to return to its nature wetland condition.

  • Full story: [May 10: Jeff Kart] - The Bay City Times

    ^May 12 - New "Van Buren Dinner Theatre" Opens May 20.

    BAY CITY: Area citizens that hurry and make reservations today will be in for an entertain treat on May 20th. On that date the new Van Buren Dinner Theatre will be open, and customers will be able to enjoy a fine dinner, taken in Neil Simon's comedy, "Sunshine Boys," and see the remodel former church building of the First Church of Chirst Scientist.

  • Full story: [May 12: Pati Lalonde] - The Bay City Times

    ^May 13 - Dedication of New Rexer-Jablonski Park is Sunday.

    BAY CITY: A 2:00 P.M. dedication ceremony will official in honor this new park in the memory of police officers, Raymond Rexer and Terry Jablonski, who were killed in the line of duty on April 26, 1991.

  • Full story: [May 13: Dominic Adams] - The Bay City Times

    ^May 13 - Shaheens To Be Honored For Preserving Temple Theatre.

    SAGINAW: Dr. Samuel H. Shaheen and his son, Peter Shaheen, will be recognized by the state for their contribution to preserving the historical Temple Theatre, 203 N. Washington, in Saginaw. They'll received the "Governor's Award for Historic Preservation," one of only six being issued this year. The Temple Theatre was built in 1927 by Elf Khurafeh Shrine, is a wonderful treasure of recalling the glorious days when majestic theaters were the center of entertainment. The Temple Theatre and the State Theatre in Bay City, are the only two remaining of the these fine buildings which populated most every business district. Each is well worth preserving and are highly recommended for a quality theater experience.

  • Full story: [May 13: Lania Coleman] - The Saginaw News
  • Reference: Heritage/Theatres/ {Theatre History & Nostalgia} -

    ^May 15 - Midland Police Officers Honor Those Who Died.

    MIDLAND: Police officers from Midland, Midland County sheriff deputies and the Saginaw Chippewa tribal police held a memorial service on Friday at the Midland Law Enforcement Center, as a part of a nation-wide tribute to those who died in the line of duty. It was announced that plans are underway for a permanent local memorial. May 15-21 is National Police Week.

  • Full story: [Midland Dailey News] -

    ^ May 16 - Major Changes To Wenonah Park Aren't Necessary!

    BAY CITY: Wenonah Park may get a face-lift under changing be considered by city planners to improve the parks everyday use. But, does the park really need a major change or just some tweaking?

  • Full article: [Wenonah Park]

    ^May 17 - Restoration Of Pere Marquette Depot May Start This Year.

    Photos - The 1910 photo on the left shows the original destails of the depot compared to its condition as of 2002. The depot built in 1904, replaced the first and smaller depot erected in 1875. (See {Railroad Pictorial} for image of that building.)

    BAY CITY: Full story: The former Pere Marquette railroad station, which is registered as a historical building by both the state and federal governments, and now own by on the building the Bay Area Community Foundation, may begin work to restore it to it's former beauty this year. Once completed, which could be a year after restoration starts, the building will house the Bay Area Community Foundation and the Bay Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, becoming the information center introducing Bay City to tourists and other visitors.

  • [May 17: Dominic Adams] - The Bay City Times

    ^May 19 - USA Students Mark Sewers For Environmental Awareness.

    SEBEWAING, HURON CO.: "Dump No Waste, Drains To River," is the message being painted on sewers in Sebewaing by students from USA school. The students are hoping the signs of awareness will encourage people to dispose of pollutants properly to avoid doing further damage to the eco system of the Sebewaign River.

  • Full story: [May 18: Stacy Langley] - Huron Daily Tribune

    ^May 19 - Lone Tree Council Eyes Courts On Dredging Dump Site.

    FRANKENLUST TWSP.: The state approved dredging project of the Saginaw River that will create a hazardous material dump site in Frankenlust township isn't a sure thing yet. The Lone Tree Council they will file a legal complaint that the plans of the dump site may not be sufficient to fully contain contaminants.

  • Full story: [May 18: Jeremiah Stettler] - The Bay City Times

    ^ May 20 - State Historic Preservation Awards Presented Yesterday.

    LANSING: Samuel and Perter Shaheen of Saginaw were among those who were honored with the 2005 Governor's Award for Historic Preservation by Governor Granholm. The Shaneens were recognized for their contributions leading to the improve of the Temple Theatre in Saginaw.

  • Full story: [Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ May 21 - Bay City Moving Ahead With $30 Million Water Project.

    BAY CITY: The city mission will move forward on a five year plan to update the city's water system. The first work will be done on the lagoon at a cost of $6.5 million. The lagoon holds residue removed from the Saginaw Bay water and is presently 95% full.

  • Full story: [May 20: Josh Grosteffon] The Bay City Times

    ^ May 22 - Annie M. Evans Will Be Missed By The Many She Touched.

    SAGINAW: Annie, 74 years old, owner of the Evans-Smith Funderal Home at 730 N. Jefferson, died Saturday. Her passing is a loss that goes well beyond her family and friends. Annie was a good samaritan who shared her life and blessings with family and friends, and with countless strangers who were less fortunate and needed a helping hand.

  • Fulls story: [May 22: Sue White] - The Saginaw News

    ^ May 23 - Midland Charitable Foundations Help Other Communities.

    MIDLAND: The city of Midland has been blessed with some well-funded foundations that to enhance that community, however, other communities are benefitting as well from funding provided by these foundations.

  • Full story: [May 23: William Shoemaker] - Midland Daily News

    ^ May 26 - Bay City Sewer Expected To Increase 23.9%!

    BAY CITY: The city has tentatively approved a 23.9% increase in sewer rates for the next physical year to pay for sewer line repairs. In addition rates are expected to increase 7.6% in 2006-07 and 6.4% in 2007-08. The total increase for these time periods will amount to an increase of 37.9%. Thereafter, sewer rate increases would be tied to the rate of inflation.

  • Full story: [May 25: Josh Grosteffon] - The Bay City Times

    ^ May 27 - Bay County Library Board Renames Central Library.

    BAY CITY: The Bay County Library Board has approved a new name for the Central Library being constructed on Center Avenue between Adams and Madison, it will be called "Alice and Jack Wirt Public Library," for a $750,000 they recently donated to the library. The Wirt family have a history of financially supporting many worthy causes in this community. The city's oldest library building, the Sage Library which opened in 1884, was named after Henry Sage who contributed the funds for its construction.

  • Full story: [May 26: Steve Neavling] - The Bay City Times
  • Reference: History of Sage Library -

    ^ May 28 - Road Work In Bay, Midland & Saginaw Counties.

    LANSING: The state of Michigan has announced several road projects that will affect traffic in the counties of Bay, Midland and Saginaw. See the articles listed below by roadway for details:

  • Full story: M-84 (Bay Road, bet. Pierce & Delta Rds.) [May 27: Michigan Newswire] -
  • Full story: M-13 (bet. Wilder & Fisher Rd.) [May 27: Michigan Newswire] -
  • Full story: M-30 (N. of US-10) [May 27: Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ May 28 - Alaska Remembers WWII Vet From Albee Township.

    SAGINAW: Fred E. Kelby was a little more than surprised when he received a letter from the governor of Alaska. The letter to Kelby, an 85 year old veteran of WWII, acknowledged his WWII contribution to the Aleutian (Alaska) Campaing for which the state of Alaska is deeply grateful.

    Let us all remember our veterans this Memorial Day with deep appreciation for their individual sacrifice.

  • Full story: [May 28: Dean Bohn] - The Saginaw News

    Help us if you can! -- Contribute content to Bay-Journal.

    May 1 - W. F. Benson, Oldest Fish Plant (1905)

    W. F. Benson began a fishing business in 1863 which is considered the first one on the Saginaw Bay, according to an article written in 1905.

  • Heritage/Writings/ Article, March 26, 1905

    May 1 - Colonial Hotel & Apartments To Open July 1, 1905.

    In 1905, C. D. Vail, owner of a huge home on Center ave. and Van Buren street built by W. D. Young, decides to convert his homestead into a modern hotel and apartment complex.

  • Heritage/Writings/ Article, April 2, 1905

    May 6 - 1902 Death of Mary L. (Cushway) Andre of Saginaw.

    Mrs. Andre was born in Bay City in 1838, and moved to Saginaw as a child. She was 17 years of age when she married Alexander Andre.

  • Hertiage/Writings/ 1902 Article by Bay City Tribune

    May 6 - Bay City Timber Used in Frame of Ironclad Monitor.
    Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx.

    Bay City pioneer Alonzo Chesbrough hauled a raft of lumber to New York city used by John Ericsson in building the frame of the Ironclad Monitor.

  • Heritage/Writings/ 1902 Article by Bay City Tribune.

    May 11 - Farragut School Alumni Personals Web Page and Message Board

    Alumni of the former Farragut grade school will gather in Bay City this coming September for a Farragut school reunion dinner prior to the Central High School reunion of the Class of 1960. Farragut alumni are sharing photos on their web page and exchanging memories on thier new forum board.

  • Personals/ {Farragut School Alumni}
  • Focus Forum/ {Farragut School Message Board}

    May 13 - Bay City School Early History (1937).

    A 1937 article in the Centennial Edition of The Bay City Times on early school histories.

  • Heritage/Writings/ Early History of Bay City Schools.

    May 19 - 1940 School History Articles.
    Contributed by the Stroemer family.

    The Bay City Time's articles on the history of Bay City schools written in 1940.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Eastern Junior High}
  • Heritage/Writings/ {Fremont & Whittier schools}

    May 19 - 1940 Article on Phoenix Brewing Co.
    Contributed by the Stroemer family.

    Includes an image of the brewery which was located on Arbor street in Bay City. Article includes some history preceding the brewery.

  • Heritage/Writings/ Phoenix Brewing Company
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