September 2005 - Issue No. 33
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Graphic: Images from 2004 River of Time festival.

River of Time Living History Encampment.
September 24 & 25, 2005
Veterans Memorial Park, Bay City, MI.

The annual River of Time event presented by the Bay County Historical Society, takes place this month. This will be the 15th year for the event which began in 1990. This event is free thanks to sponsors and individual donations. Your help is needed to help keep it free for all to enjoy.

The River of Time takes place at the spacious and beautiful Veterans Memorial Park along the west bank of the Saginaw River. Time period re-enactors from far away places migrate to the park each year to transform it into a village setting. They pitch tents and create open fire pits in preparation for a thoroughly enjoyable experience for them and their visitors.

One of the first things most visitors notice upon arriving at the park is the aroma of burning wood in the air, and the sounds bustling sounds of the village. The clanging hammer of the blacksmith, the popping sound of soldiers muskets and the music of stringed instruments.

The village is an enjoyable atmosphere filled with activity by the villagers busy getting chores done and cooking meals over the open fire pits. However, they are never to busy to stop and answer question of visitors. You'll find trappers proudly displaying the furs and hides that'll be used to make belts, pouches, hats and garments. Then there's the blacksmith heating hot iron to be pounded into a useful shapes like horseshoes, nails and other tools. When you hear the loud thunder of a canon, it the soldiers about to engage in a battle over territorial rights.

Trombley House.

Meyers Log Cabin.

Davidson Launching Slip.
Wedding Ceremony!
Susan Hagopian and Merritt Anderson
will be married in a ceremony
to be held at the British camp on
Saturday, September 24th, at 4:30 p.m.
Officiating the ceremony will be Rev. Ken Hoard. The couple will be dressed in traditional costumes made by the groom's mother, Wilma Anderson.

Among the park's sights you'll see are the Trombley House and Meyers Log Cabin, which sit on a ridge above the village overlooking the Saginaw River. The Trombley House, which dates back to about 1938-39, was the first framed structure built in Bay City.

The ground on which the Veterans Memorial Park exists has an interesting history associated with the lumber era.

The worlds largest sawmill, owned by Henry W. Sage and John McGraw, went up in 1865 at the north end of the park just south of Midland Street. At that time the area was still a wilderness, most settlers lived on the east side of the river. The Sage and McGraw mill had its own company town, with a store and homesteads it sold to its workers. It wasnít long thereafter, that it became the village of Wenonah with its merchant district on Midland Street being the first on the west side of the river.

James Davidson had a shipyard just south of the Sage and McGraw mill. The Davidson Shipbuilding Company made some of the largest wood schooners at of that time. One of the yard's slip was incorporated into the park, and near it on the riverís edge, are skeletons remains of some of the vessels built at the shipyard. Others shipbuilders such as Frank Wheeler and Harry Defoe had shipyards north of the park at different time periods.

Local breweries were common long ago, and Bay City has more than its fair share of them to meet the demands of lumberjacks and mill workers after a hard days work. Phoenix brewery, one of the city's oldest, had its beer factory only a short distance south of the Trombley House. One of its old buildings is still standing.

There are many other historical features that town guests may enjoy while attending the River of Time event. At the south end of the park, a turn west on Midland Street takes you through the historical business district of West Bay City which merged with Bay City in 1905. Across the river on Water Street is Michiganís largest antique shopping district. On the corner of Third Street is the century old St. Laurent Candy Store. If you like old mansions, youíll have to take a drive down Center Avenue which is lined with large majestic homes built by the early business barons of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

If you haven't been to the River of Time event, your missing out on something very unique and special that draws peoples from all around Michigan. You can count on a great experience that includes excellent accommodations, fine restaurants, and many heritage shopping districts.

  • Pictorial Library / River of Time. -
  • River of Time information. [Bay County Historical Society Museum]
  • Accommodations & more. [Bay Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.]

    Each month we choose a website from our White Pages and Yellow Pages directories to draw attention to sources of local and regional information available online. If you have a website and it doesn't appear in our directories, let us know and we'll add it.

    {From the White Pages}:

    Bay County Historical Society. [Visit Website]
    321 Washington Avenue - Bay City

    The Bay County Historical Society began preserving local history back in 1919. Their predecessor, was the Pioneer Society of Bay County. The society is keeper the keeper of local historical artifacts, books, newpapers and other documents. They also maintain the museum where many of these items are display for the public to view. The museum just recently completed a new history display that rivals much larger cities in its presentation, and is setting side time to see.

    {From the Yellow Pages}

    Gougeon Brothers, Inc. {Visit Website]
    100 Patterson Avenue - Bay City

    Gougeon Brothers, Inc. has an interesting history. It was started by brothers, Meade and Jan who had an interest in making iceboats, and before before they were the largest iceboat manufacturer in the country. They eventually built standard boats as well. But, what turned the company in another direction was the use of epoxy resins in their building methods. Today, epoxy is their main business.


    Index to News, Articles and Editorials:
    Sep. 1 - Bay-Journal introductory comments.
    Sep. 1 - Agreement Reached With Saginaw Company On Waste Violations.
    Sep. 1 - Katrina's Devastation Affecting Everyone In Country.
    Sep. 2 - Mid-Michigan Residents & Businesses Rally To Help Katrina's Victims.
    Sep. 4 - Bay County Road Commission Business Travel Seems High.
    Sep. 4 - Kerkau Latest Addition to Monitor's Industrial Park.
    Sep. 6 - Bills Pending For Safety of Michigan Senior Citizens.
    Sep. 6 - Livonia Man Safe After Rough Night On Saginaw Bay.
    Sep. 6 - Troopers Hit Trail To Round Up Cattle In Auburn.
    Sep. 7 - Amonnia Leak At Old Middle Grounds Dump A Surprise.
    Sep. 7 - State Files Legal Charges Against Gas Station.
    Sep. 7 - Could Zilwaukee Dredge Site Become A Future Katrina?
    Sep. 9 - Bay City's Public Housing Available For Katrina Victims.
    Sep. 9 - MI Land Consolidation Strategy Review Includes Arenac Co.
    Sep. 11 - Editorial Smacks Bay Co. Road Commission For Travel Expenses.
    Sep. 12 - Writers At The Bay City Times Have Interesting Weblogs.
    Sep. 13 - Estate Of Prominent Family In Bay City History To Be Auctioned!
    Sep. 13 - New Steakhouse Coming To Midland Street Business District.
    Sep. 13 - Uptown At River's Edge Designated Blighted Area.
    Sep. 13 - Story Update! Saginaw Circuit Court To Hear Arguments On Dioxins Suit.
    Sep. 14 - Major Cuts In Auto Industry Threat To Michigan Economy.
    Sept 14 - State Jobless Down In August, Lowest Since April 2004.
    Sep. 15 - Frankenlust Township Files Suit To Stop Dredge Waste Site.
    Sep. 16 - Historic State Theatre Opens To Rave Reviews.
    Sep. 16 - Thumb Students Helping Students Devastated by Katrina.
    Sep. 17 - Story Update! "Bay Area On The Go" Welcomes Gov. Granholm On Tuesday.
    Sep. 19 - Tips On Using Herbs For A More Enjoyable Meal.
    Sep. 20 - Renovation Of Pere Marquette R.R. Depot Has Begun.
    Sep. 21 - MI Senate Passes Bill To Start Schools After Labor Day.
    Sep. 25 - Lad And Lassy Take Vows At River Of Time Colonial Wedding.
    Sep. 27 - Architect For New World Trade Center Will Speak In Midland.
    Sep. 28 - Grants Pave Way For Improvements At James Clements Airport.
    Sep. 28 - Vintage Auto Company Coming To Downtown Bay City.
    Online Local/National News Sources:
    Bay City Times
    Bay-Journal Headline News
    Michigan News (
    MichigansThumb (Huron Co.)
    Midland Daily News
    My Bay City (Local articles)
    Pioneer Times (Tuscola Co.)
    Saginaw News
    Bay County Courts Calendar (2005):
    Sep. Oct Nov.
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    Please note: The featured news is an editorial service for our viewers. Its primarily focus is on local stories appearing in various public news sources. The headline and brief description for each story is prepared by the editor of Bay-Journal. Refer to the "Online Local/National News Sources" listing for additional news coverage.

    ^ Introduction - Bay-Journal Commentary by Marvin Kusmierz, Editor.

    September is my favorite month! I love the warm days with that come with a cool breeze, and nights without need of air condition to get to sleep. Itís also my birthday month, another big plus except for the additional year of wear and tear that's been added to my aging body.

    Being retired, its easy to develop the carefree mentality of a preschooler. I no longer have to get up each morning to rudeness of a clock or go through the regimented ritual that prepares me for a full day of activities. Instead, I go to bed and get up whenever I feel like. I seldom know what day it is on the calendar or even, the which day of the week it is. That can get scary at times when there is something that I should be on time for, like visiting the doctor or catching a grandchildís special event. I must admit that I have missed a few of these scheduled activities simply because I was too busy doing the things I do to keep busy.

    Once you have the freedom that comes with retirement, itís hard to conform to rituals. My eating habits may be contributing to the deterioration of this old body. Breakfast, lunch and dinner have no special meaning anymore. I eat when Iím hungry now, not when its time. I do the same when it comes to shaving, gosh itís great to look in a mirror and see my wrinkles hidden by long whiskers. You might be thinking that Iíve gotten pretty lazy, but thatís not true. Iím busier now than I have ever been, I'm just enjoying it more than I ever have before. Thatís what a life without of a clock and calendar does, it frees you of the burdens necessary to retire carefree.

    One ritual I havenít been able to beat is mother-nature's calling, which is now! Gotta go now, or else Iíll regret being late.

    ^ Sep. 1 - Agreement Reached With Saginaw Company On Waste Violations.

    LANSING: The state of Michigan entered judgment today with Dixie Cut Stone and Marble, Inc., and Dixie Cut Stone Realty, to resolve violations pertaining to waste management which occurred from 1994 to 2002.
    --- Full story:

  • [Aug.31: Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Sep. 1 - Katrina's Devastation Affecting Everyone In Country.

    (NOAA Photo, 08-30-2005 S. Plaquemines Parish, LA.)
    Freighter pushed ashore by Katrina's power.

    The devastation left behind by hurricane Katrina is being felt across the country and it may take years to resolve. Massive looting and other criminal activities are rampant in New Orleans. Some disturbing reports are coming in about criminal elements targeting the rescuers as they attempt to remove thousands of stranded survivors. The number of dead remains a secondary concern with the highest priority being applied to saving those living still in danger. Gasoline prices jumped to over $3.00 per gallon across the nation, and some are predicting $4.00 may be reached soon. Like most major tragedies, Katrina is bringing out the best and the worse of humanity.
    --- Full story:

  • #1: [Sep. 1: President Outlines Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts.] -
  • #2: [Sep. 1: Hurricane Katrina Recovery (Help Info.)] -
  • #3: [Sep. 1: Evacuation Halted Amid Fires, Gunshots.] - Adam Nossiter, AP Writer
  • #4: [Katrina Sparks Jump in Retail Gas Prices.] - James MacPherson, AP Writer
  • #5: [Sep. 1: Dow To Give $3 Million to Katrina Disaster Relief.] - Kathie Marchlewski, Midland Daily News

    ^ Sep. 2 - Mid-Michigan Residents & Businesses Rally To Help Katrina's Victims.

    SAGINAW: Many area residents and businesses have joined together in a common cause to do whatever they can to help victims suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina's distruction. Children, parents, schools, businesses, churches and other organizations are finding a positive way to give hope to those suffering through hopeless conditions along the Gulf of Mexico. -- Help you can! "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do." -- Helen Keller
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 2: Barrie Barber] - The Saginaw News

    ^ Sep. 4 - Bay County Road Commission Business Travel Seems High.

    BAY COUNTY: Reporter, Steve Neavling of the The Bay City Times, has shed some light for the public on what appears to be rather high travel and unusual travel expenses for the Bay County Road Commission. The question seems to be whether business expenses paid for by taxpayer's should be better controlled than those spent by private businesses. There appears to be little control or standards set to assure personal business related expenses are appropriate. Also, who is determining the need and what benefit is being derived? Management of these expenses is certainly something the public should be able to expect and demand. I tend to believe that any public job requires a high level of exposure and accountability for individual expenses and performance.
    --- Full story:

  • #1: [Sep. 4: On The Road Again, by Steve Neavling] - The Bay City Times
  • #2: {Sep. 4: Chasing your losses, by Steve Neavling] - The Bay City Times.

    ^ Sep. 4 - Kerkau Latest Addition to Monitor's Industrial Park.

    MONITOR: The Valley Center Technology Park in Monitor Township continues to be a bright spot in an other wise slow economy in Bay County. In recent months, several businesses have been added to the park. Kerkau Manufacturing is expanding and is constructing a new building for warehouse, shipping and sales operations. Amteck Gears, Inc. has started ring gear manufacturing in a former empty building. Charter Communications has expanded filling up another empty building. The park's centeral location in the Tri-Cities and excellent access to major highways has been the keys to its success. The park is nearly full and is working on acquiring 200 acres to continue its growth.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 4: Rob Clark] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Sep. 6 - Bills Pending For Safety of Michigan Senior Citizens.

    LANSING: A new package of bills aimed at improving safety in long-term care facilities for senior citizens will be introduced this week in the Michigan House of Representatives. The bills, which has bi-partisan support, will greatly expand the background checks on individuals working in these facilities.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 6: Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Sep. 6 - Livonia Man Safe After Rough Night On Saginaw Bay.

    SAGINAW BAY: Rick Teodori, a 34 year old man from Livonia, was rescued at about 7:20 a.m. Monday from his partially submerged boat, after spending a rough night on the Saginaw Bay. He was reported missing to the U.S. Coast Guard around 9:00 p.m. Sunday, which launched a successful search and rescue operation. Mr. Teodori was taken to the Huron Medical Center in Bad Axe where he was threated for hypothermia.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 6: Stacy Langley] - Huron Daily Tribune

    ^ Sep. 6 - Troopers Hit Trail To Round Up Cattle In Auburn.

    AUBURN: In the wee hours of this morning, troopers from the Bay City State Police post hit the trail for Auburn to help round up some rogue cattle running loose near fast food restaurants on Garfield Road. The cattle had wandered away from their designated location and the owner was in need of additional cowboys to help bring them under control.

    What caused the cattle to wander off their designated location is unknown. They may have headed to Garfield Road following the aroma of food from the restaurants, or one of them may have decided to adventure towards the bright lights, and the rest having a herd mentallity just followed along.

    Amazingly, the round up was accomplished without the customary use of quarter horses and rope. Instead, the owner and troopers employed flashlights, which must have looked like a scene out of Star Wars. The cattle stunned by rays of flashing light responded favorably and soon were under control heading back to the friendly confines from which they came.

    The story is likely to become legendary, which locals will embellish upon for many years to come -- recalling the day of the great flashlight round up in 2005, when the citizens of Auburn were rescued from rogue cattle running loose in their neighborhoods. of Auburn in 2005.

    ^ Sep. 7 - Amonnia Leak At Old Middle Grounds Dump A Surprise.

    BAY CITY: A routine test of Bay City's old dump on the Middle Grounds found amonnia was leaking into the west end channel of the Saginaw River. The surprise discovery will delay completion of the joint project by the city, General Motors and Honeywell, which has been ongoing for over 25 years.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 7 - Jeff Kart] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Sep. 7 - State Files Legal Charges Against Gas Station.

    LANSING: An investigation carried out by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and the Clinton Township Police Department has led to multiple felony and misdemeanor charges being filed against operators of the Fast Track gas station in Macomb County. The investigation, which was inititated by consumer complaints, found illegal modifications of the unleaded pump causing customers to pay for more gas than they actually got.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 7: Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Sep. 7 - Could Zilwaukee Dredge Site Become A Future Katrina?

    SAGINAW: Opponents of the proposed dredge site on farmland that stretches across the borders of Bay and Saginaw counties, have raised concerns that it could become our Katrina, resulting in contamination due to flooding. They point to 1986 when the 281 acres of farmland served as a critical flood plain for water that over flowed the banks of the Saginaw River. The next flood after the dredge site is completed carrys the risk of spreading toxic contaminates from the dredge site to other areas in Bay and Saginaw counties.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 7: Justin Engel] - The Saginaw News

    ^ Sep. 9 - Bay City's Public Housing Available For Katrina Victims

    BAY CITY: The Bay City Housing Commission has 38 public dwellings that are vacant and available to provide homes for displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina -- pending approval from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which funds the city's subsidized housing program.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 9: Pattie Brandt] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Sep. 9 - MI Land Consolidation Strategy Review Includes Arenac Co.

    LANSING: In Arenac County, the DNR will retain ownership of 22 parcels totaling 108.64 acres. No parcels were recommended for an ACO, and 15 parcels totaling 360.69 acres were recommended for disposal. Most of the parcels recommended for retention were selected based on water and boating access. The parcels recommended for disposal were chosen because of lack of public access or because they were isolated subdivision lots. The DNR also proposed a minor boundary change in state forestland in the Gladwin Forest Management Unit in Arenac County
    --- Full story:

  • [Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Sep. 11 - Editorial Smacks Bay Co. Road Commission For Travel Expenses.

    BAY CITY: An editorial in The Bay City Times newspaper didn't hold back in making it clear that $75,000 in travel expenses spent by Bay County Road Commissioners since 2000 was wasteful and wrong. The editorial is in follow up to a story written by Time's reporter Steve Neavling (See Sep. 4 above.), in which he revealed the details about these travel expenses.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 11: Editorial] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Sep. 12 - Writers At The Bay City Times Have Interesting Weblogs.

    BAY CITY: Weblogs are the craze for individuals that desire an internet presence and a way of sharing their own thoughts on various subjects. They've become so popular that many newspapers and television personalities now have their own weblog. Such is the case with Tony Dearing and Wendy Holmes of The Bay City Times.

    I stumbled upon Mr. Dearing's weblog as I was looking through news stories on The Bay City Times web pages on, and I read his most recent entries, which I found to be enjoyable and thoroughly interesting. It's apparent that he has the gift of being able to express himself with the written word, and his Weblog reflects that talent. A nice feature of weblogs is the content are the personal thoughts of the writer as opposed to the facts about a story. In other words, the reader can relate to the writer as much as the content.

    In Mr. Dearing's most current entry, he shares with viewers how the series of Harry Potter books has turned his son into becoming an avid reader. In a previous entry, he recounts the story done by Patty LaLande, also a Times' writer, on the subject of maggots being successfully used in a medical treatment. That story found its way into the national news media and was carried in some very prominent newspapers.

    In Mr. Dearing's writing about the maggot story, he relates to his own experience when as a young reporter for the Battle Creek Enquirer, he did a story on "Walking Willy," a desolate soul who died after being hit by a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver. The story caught the attention of well known radio commentator Paul Harvey, who called young Dearing to personally more about the story. They spoke for nearly an hour on the subject, and that day young Dearings story was broadcast across America on Mr. Harvey's radio show. It's a life experience that has left Mr. Dearing with a fond memory that he has treasured ever since. -- If you haven't followed or aren't familiar with Weblogs, Tony Dearing's Weblog is a good place to start.
    --- Full story:

  • [Weblog: Here At the Times by Tony Dearing] - The Bay City Times
  • [Weblog: Wendy's Wide World by Wendy Holmes] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Sep. 13 - Estate Of Prominent Family In Bay City History To Be Auctioned!

    BAY CITY: On October 1st, 11:00 a.m., at Center Ave. and Grant street, items from the estate of Pitts, Cranage and Tupper will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    Some of the auction items.

    The auction is being run by "The Finest" Auction Company of Bay City owned by Rick Schmidt, who states with with confidence, "This will be the best estate auction ever held in Bay City!" The estate has a large assortment of collector items from furniture and elegant glassware to precious dolls.

    The Pitts, Cranage and Tupper families held interests in andr owned businesses involved with lumber, salt, and banking. Pitts and Cranage had one of the largest yards on the Saginaw River which was located on the east side bend of the river just north of Woodside Avenue.

    Mr. Schmidt, also owns "The Finest Antique Store" on the corner of Third and Saginaw streets.

    Schmidt has been interested in history and artifacts for as long as he can remember. His ancestors were among the first group of Germans that immigrated here in 1848 and founded the Frankenlust settlement.
    --- For a listing of items and further information visit:

  • {The Finest Antinques & Auctions} - Bay-Journal Personals

    ^ Sep. 13 - New Steakhouse Coming To Midland Street Business District.

    FMS, Inc. - Properties on Midland St. (Photo: 2005)

    BAY CITY: FMS, Inc. , a partnership owned by Bruce Falcon, John McCallum and Jay Samborn, has purchased a historical business block (building) on Midland Street across next to their two existing businesses, the Westown entertainment tavern and Lucky's Pub. The building formerly housed the businesses of The Lumberjack, Yesterdays, and Little Bourbon Street.

    Plans are to convert the building into a new restaurant which will be called the Lumberjack steakhouse, which is intended to provide a family atmosphere with a historical touch based on the buildings history associated with lumbering in West Bay City during the latter 19th Century. In addition, a portion of the lower level of the building will become the Diamond Ballroom & Banquet Center, available for corporate parties or receptions. Longer term plans are to utilized the second level of the building, possibly for rental units or even a small hotel.

    The good news comes behind the sale of the former Hereford and Hops facilties to Art Dore, which is also expected to open in December. However, specific plans for it are unknown at this time.
    --- (Source: Article by Rob Clark - The Bay City Times)

    ^ Sep. 13 - Uptown At River's Edge Designated Blighted Area.

    (Photo: Apr. 2005) View south west of Uptown At River's Edge project area.

    BAY CITY: The Bay City commission officially approved giving the UARE project the designations as a blighted area. No, the city hasn't given up on the project, nor is just now recognizing the condition of this area.

    The designation is necessary for the city to pursue grants from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. to continue phase 1 of the project, which calls for cleaning the area up and construction of primary roads in the development area, which is expected to cost over a million dollars.

    Phase one is necessary in order to provide a basic structure for development of the project by private investors. Eleventh street from Washington to Saginaw will be turned into a two-lane boulevard with parking on each side. The work will include new sidewalks and lighting, as well as new electrical service, sewers and water. The Eleventh Street Boulevard will lead to a circular drive west of Saginaw Street planned for phase two.

    Much work has been done in cleaning up the project area. Several of old buildings are now gone and the former stone piles stored near the water have disappeared. The basic plan is to create a new downtown district of residential and commercial buildings that becomes an extention of the present downtown area. Future plans include a new riverwalk running south from Wenona Park to provide public access and new road construction to provide a smooth flow of traffic between downtown and the development area.
    --- (Source: Article by Patti Brandt - The Bay City Times.)

    ^ Sep. 13 - Saginaw Circuit Court To Hear Arguments On Dioxins Suit.

    MIDLAND: Judge Leopold Borrello is expected to begin hearing arguments this Thursday on a potentional class action certification for a dioxin suit by property owners along the Tittabawassi River against the Dow Chemical Company. The complaint stems from dioxin contamination caused to the Tittabawassi River by the Dow Chemical Company which home owners claim has destroyed their property values.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 13: Kathie Marchlewski] - Midland Daily News
    Story Update! {Sep. 17: Kathie Marchlewski] - Midland Daily News

    ^ Sep. 14 - Major Cuts In Auto Industry Threat To Michigan Economy.

    BAY CITY: Over the next three years, Michigan stands to loose over 46,000 jobs, according to veteran auto researcher Sean McAlinden. That's a staggering figure considering the state has lost over 100,000 auto jobs since 2000. The loss of other jobs that depend on the auto industry will be as large or greater, which could devastate Michigan's already weak economy.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 14: Rick Haglund] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Sept 14 - State Jobless Down In August, Lowest Since April 2004.

    LANSING: Figures released by the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth for August show a seasonally adusted umemployment rate of 6.7 percent. The total number of employed increased by 18,000 while the number of unemployed dropped by 12,000.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 14: Michigan Newswire] -

    ^ Sep. 15 - Frankenlust Township Files Suit To Stop Dredge Waste Site.

    SAGINAW: Bay County's Frankenlust Township has filed a suit to against Saginaw County to prevent the creation of a dredge waste site, claiming current zoning does not allow it. The township says it had notify Saginaw County by letter a year ago regarding the zoning conflict, advising them they needed to file a request for its rezoning which never happened.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 15: Jeremiah Stettler] - The Saginaw News

    ^ Sep. 16 - Historic State Theatre Opens To Rave Reviews.

    Bijou Theatre 1908

    State Theatre - Today

    BAY CITY: She's a beauty! That's the consensus of those that attended the reopening of the State Theatre in downtown Bay City Thursday night. The theatre had been closed all summer long for renovations as a part of continuing project to that is restoring the historic theatre building to its original grand appearance. The renovation work done this summer provided dramactic visual evidence of progress. New seats were installed and the interior has been repainted to its original vivid colors clearly defining the many pieces of sculptured art that abound everywhere the eye can see. It's worth the price of admission just to take in its beauty.

    The building was originally designed for live theatre productons when it opened in 1908 as the Bijou Theatre. In 1922 it was renamed the Orpheum, then the Bay in 1922 before becoming the State Theatre in 1957.
    Full story:

  • [Sep. 16: Pati LaLonde] - The Bay City Times
  • Reference: [State Theatre Website]
  • Reference: {Local Theatre History} -

    ^ Sep. 16 - Thumb Students Helping Students Devastated by Katrina.

    UPPER THUMB: Students at schools throughout the Ubly, North Huron, Harbor Beach, and Unionville-Sebewaing Area school districts and the Huron Area Technic Center are rallying to help fellow students in Pascagola, Mississippi that were victimized by Hurricane Katrina.
    Full story:

  • [Sep. 16: Traci Anderson-Weisenbach] - The Huron Daily Tribune

    ^ Sep. 17- "Bay Area On The Go" Welcomes Gov. Granholm On Tuesday.

    BAY CITY: Bay City leaders are excited about this year's "Bay Area On The Go" event, which will take place at the Double Tree Hotel on Tuesday. The excitement centers around Gov. Granholm will be the key-note speaker for the event, which will draw media attention to the Bay City area. About 700 invitations have been sent to out of towners by community leaders, banks and local industries. The day long event includes a luncheon, and several special programs and activies.
    Full story:

  • [Sep. 17: Dave Rogers] -
    Story Update! [Sep. 21: Jeff Kart - The Bay City Times] - Gov. Granholm pitches economic plan at Tuesday's "Bay Area On The Go" conference, and announced she has recommended a $250,000 grant for the Uptown At River's Edge project.

    ^ Sep. 19 - Tips On Using Herbs For A More Enjoyable Meal.

    MIDLAND: There is something about cooking that grabs the attention of many of us. Our ears perk up in anticipation of learning something new we can employ that'll make our meals more enjoyable. Such is the case with an article in the Midland Daily News written by Donna Frawley, owner of Frawley's Fine Herbary, on the use of herbs to spice up foods for a more enjoyable meal.
    Full story:

  • [Sep. 19: Donna Frawley] - Midland Daily News

    ^ Sep. 20 - Renovation Of Pere Marquette R.R. Depot Has Begun.

    (Click to enlarge)
    1910 Photo. Pere Marquette R.R. Depot.

    BAY CITY: The Great Lakes Center Foundation began work last week on a new parking which marks the beginning of a $5.6 million restoration project for the old Pere Marquette Railroad Depot in downtown Bay City which has remained idle since 1969 when it was used as a bus depot. In 1982 the depot built in 1904, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. When completed, the depot will become home for the Bay Area Community Foundation and the Bay Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, and possibly, other non-profit groups.
    Full story:

  • [Sep. 20: Scott E. Pacheco] - The Bay City Times
  • Reference: {Pictorial: Railroads}

    ^ Sep. 21 - MI Senate Passes Bill To Start Schools After Labor Day.

    LANSING: State senators voted 21-17 in favor of a bill to move the start day of public schools to after Labor Day. Gov. Granholm is expected to sign the bill. General public opinion seems to be in favor of the bill while most educators raise concern about it.
    Full story:

  • [Sep. 21: Judy Putnam] - The Saginaw News Lansing Bureau

    ^ Sep. 25 - Lad And Lassy Take Vows At River Of Time Colonial Wedding.

    BAY CITY: Merritt Anderson and Susan Hagopian were married yesterday at the River of Time Living History Encampment in a setting replicating 18th Century Colonia America. The bride and groom dressed and were dressed in apparel as was Rev. Kenneth Hoard who conducted the wedding. Another special event was a vintage base ball game waged by the Bay City Independents and Rochester Grangers. (Note: New photos taken on Saturday have been added to the {River of Time} pictorial.)
    Full story:

  • [Sep. 25: Tim Younkman] - The Bay City Times
  • [Sep. 25: Josh Grosteffon] - Midland Daily News

    ^ Sep. 27 - Architect For New World Trade Center Will Speak In Midland.

    MIDLAND: Architect Daniel Lebeskind, who was born in Poland and lived in Detroit, will speak and show slides of his plans for the new World Trade Center complex, at the Central Midland School in Midland on October 5th at 7 p.m. His proposed design features angular buildings which will relect the light from the New York City skyline and a spire that will be 1,776 feet high. Mr. Lebeskind visit coinsides with the 2005 Associated Builders and Contractors Expo being held in Midland on the same date.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 27: Cheryl Wade] - Midland Daily News
  • [Daniel Lebeskind's website] - Images of World Trade Center design.
  • [Libeskind Event] - Midland Center for the Arts

    ^ Sep. 28 - Grants Pave Way For Improvements At James Clements Airport.

    (Click to enlarge.)

    BAY CITY: Federal and state grants will allow Bay City to move forward with updates to its historical airport that will include a new self-serve fuel center, paved aprons and filling in of a ditch along one of the runways. Total cost is expected to be $484,260.

    The airport hanger dates back to 1929 and is one of oldest in the country. Plans are to take steps to preserve the hanger which needs repairs to its structure and roof. Long-term plans may see the runways extended to allow for larger planes and small jets to use the facility.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 28: Patti Brandt] - The Bay City Times
  • {Local Aviation} - Pictorial,

    ^ Sep. 28 - Vintage Auto Company Coming To Downtown Bay City.

    BAY CITY: The Bay City Motor Co. which will offer for sale vintage, classic and muscle automobiles in downtown Bay City on Water street across from the Boathouse condominiums. Owner David Cotton and his wife, Ann Cotton (daughter of Wm. B. Mitchell, former owner of the Cadillac dealership in Bay City), have been vintage car enthusiasts for many years. Plans are to open for business in October while updates are being made to the building which are expected to be completed by May 2006.
    --- Full story:

  • [Sep. 28: Jerry Nunn] - The Bay City Times
  • [Bay City Motor Co. website]

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    Sep. 27 - Building of the Steamship Australasia at Davidson Shipyard.

    An August 28, 1884 article about the steamship Australasia nearing completion at Capt. James Davidson's yard. The article describes in detail the largest wooden ship built by Capt. Davidson at that time.

  • Heritage/Writings: {1884: Australasia Launching Soon.}

    Sep. 25 - New 2005 Photos Added to River of Time Pictorial

    Pictures taken taken at this year's River of Time Living History Encampment on Sep. 24.

  • Pictorials/ {Pictorial: River of Time}

    Sep. 24 - 1895 Article on Consolidation of Bush-Clift Insurance Agency.

    The article announces the merger of this insurance which has roots to John Drake who was one of the earlies agents providing insurance in Bay City.

  • Heritage/Writings/ [1895, Bush-Clift Ins. Merger}

    Sep. 23 - 1895 Base Ball Articles

    Four articles from the Bay City Tribune newspaper about the Bay City base ball club managed John Clarkson who also pitched for the team.

  • Writings / {1895 Base Ball Articles}

    Sep. 21 - Base Ball Briefs, October 11, 1885

    Bits of information on base ball news published in the Bay City Tribune, includes reference to John Clarkson, Hall of Fame pitcher who retired to Bay City after his career.

  • Writings / {1885 Base Ball Articles}

    Sep. 20 - Bay City Independents Base Ball Team

    New Personals page for Bay City's vintage base ball club. The team had 10 wins and 4 losses in their first year of play. Be sure to visit their website for information on the club and interesting local history related base ball.

  • Personals / {Bay City Independents Base Ball Team}

    Sep. 17 - Writings: Indian Burial Grounds on West Side.

    A short article that appeared in The Bay City Times in 1909 regarding the discovery of Indian relics on the west side of the Saginaw River during excavations.

  • Writings / {Indian Relics 1909}

    Sep. 16 - Writings: Newpaper articles on baseball players John and Arthur Clarkson.

    The Clarkson brothers played baseball during the 1880s & 90s, as did a younger brother, Walter. All lived in Bay City after thier playing days. John compile the most outstanding records during baseball career. His records have withstood the test of time and still rank him as one of the all time great pitchers. He was elected in the baseball Hall of Fame in 1963. There are two new articles about John's death in 1909 and one article in 1899 about Arthur written.

  • Writings / {John Clarkson} & {Arthur Clarkson}

    Sep. 12 - Personals: "The Finest" Antiques & Auctions Web Page.

    "The Finest" antiques and auctions, owned by Rick Schmidt, has added a Personals web page covering his specialty as a seller of antiques and auctioneer.

  • Personals / {The Finest Antiques & Auctions}

    Sep. 8 - Article: Lessons Learned During the Development of a B&B.

    Dan and Linda VanPelt, owners of the Angle's Lair Bed and Breakfast in Bay City, wrote an article about their experience in turning their spacious mansion into a bed and breakfast. Whether you have had thoughts about doing the same or have an old mansion you'd like to restore, you are bound to pick up a few tips from their article.

  • Articles / {Lessons Learned During the Development of a B&B.}

    Sep. 5 - 1890 Bay City River Front Panoramic Map.

    This Birdseye View map captures what the Bay City river front looked like in 1890. Also, many buildings are identified. At that time some of the street names were different than they are now, i.e., Columbus was simply Twelfth street, and Cass Avenue was known as South Center street. There are three swing-span bridges (Third st., Twenty-third st., S. Center st.) and one railroad bridge (M.C.R.R.) shown. Because of the large size of the original map, only the area along the river is provided in order to speed up loading time.

  • Maps Library / {1890 Bay City River Front Panoramic Map.}
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