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- Featured History Subject -

The Trombley House (1837 - Present)
Veterans Memorial Park, Bay City

The Trombley House is 168 years old, and that in itself is remarkable. What is also remarkable about Bay City’s oldest building is that was able to survived over 140 years of private ownership until the Bay County Historical Society was able to take control of its future in 1981.

It’s hard to believe the Trombley House ever looked better than its does today. The society has done much to make the old homestead what it use to be when it was known as the Centre House. Their hard work certainly shines out, especially when you compare the looks and features of the house today versus the condition that it was in when they moved it across the river by barge from its original location between Lafayette and 24th street to Veterans Memorial Park, where it could be preserved and become accessible to the public.



I’m sure Joseph and Mader Trombley, the brothers who built this frame house, never thought it would be around this long. They certainly didn’t have that longevity in mind when they made making plans in their log-cabin to build a larger building that would accommodate their growing trade with the Indians and new boarding room business. Being the only operation of its kind north of the Saginaw settlement certainly provided the incentive needed to go through all the trouble that building a frame house in a wilderness entailed. They had to have most of their building materials shipped in from Detroit by boat.

The good news is that they did, and the city’s first frame house survived the service it provide for its different owners, and that it now is now available for the public to enjoy. There is no better time to see the Trombley House than during the Christmas Season while it is decor glistens with traditional decorations.

The links below will take you subjects related to Trombley House, including an article on the history of the house and an events calendar where you can check for the Christmas Season activities at the house.

Articles/ {The Remarkable Trombley House}
Calendar / {Community Events}
Maps Library / {Tromble Plat Maps}
Heritage Library /
{Trombley House, Pioneer Christmas}
{Mader Trombley Recalls 60 Years Ago.}
{Trombley House, 100th Anniversary}
{Trombley House, Owner History}
{Tromble Genealogy}
{Residents of Bay County in 1847}
{Joseph Trombley}
{Sarah (Chapoton) Tromble} (Wife of Joseph Trombley)

- Bay-Journal Commentary -BJ Comments by Marvin Kusmierz, Editor

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The Christmas Holiday Season is now underway and in keeping with our long tradition established three years ago, we’re carrying the message of goodwill during the month of December.

Our featured history subject is the Trombley House which has seen Christmas’ come and go for 168 years, and is the scene of some special activities for adults and youngsters during the holiday season. In addition, this history will point you to an article written in 1981 by Eurdine Ringwelski that tells what a Pioneer Christmas was like at the Trombley House when it was owned by the McCormick family. Our Christmas them is also carried in the website being featured this: Nate and Mary Ida Doan Santa House, and Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth.

I’m sure you’ll also enjoy browsing the pages of our Christmas Remember section where you’ll find some history, music, stories, recipes and lots of images.

May you and you love ones have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, that is filled with joy.

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    Nate and Mary Ida Doan Santa House
    Veterans Memorial Park, Bay City / [Visit Website]

    How many cities can you think of that have a Santa Claus House?

    If you're having trouble thinking of one outside of Bay City, that's because there's not many that do! Sure you can see Santa's helpers most everywhere you go, but your missing out if you having been to his work shop in Bay City. .

    Santa’s special volunteers there have done a marvelous job in helping Santa to get the house ready for this season. Did you know that Santa has about one-third of the displays changed every year? That's so he can make room for some of his new creations. ations.

    Whatever your age, whether or not you been there before, you won’t want to miss out on seeing Santa's amazing displays at the Santa House in Bay City.

    Visit the Santa House website, then take a peak at the Santa House slide show in the Christmas Remembered section of Bay-Journal for a preview of some of the things you see.

  • {Christmas Remembered}

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    Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.
    25 Christmas Lane, Frankenmuth / [Visit Website]

    Almost everyday is Christmas in Frankenmuth thanks to the Wally Bronner, who founded this family owned business in 1945.

    The store is open 361 days a year, and it is so huge that it’s impossible to see everything on display in only one day. But, don’t take my word for it. On their website click the “About” link then look at the “store directory” and see their “slideshow” and decide for yourself.

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    Thinking Out Loud!

    December 4, 2005
    You Can Have Your Holiday, I'll Keep My Christmas!
    - by Marvin Kusmierz
    November 1, 2005
    Bankruptcy Signals the Need for Change.
    - by Michelle Krueger

    Please note: The featured news is an editorial service for our viewers. Its primarily focus is on local stories appearing in various public news sources. The headline and brief description for each story is prepared by the editor of Bay-Journal. Refer to the "Online Local/National News Sources" listing for additional news coverage.

    ^ Dec. 31 - Midland-Gladwin Youth Put TWIST Into Red Cross.

    MIDLAND: Teens Working Interactively Showing Teamwork (TWIST) are ready to provide a helping hand to the local Red Cross whenever there is a need for volunteers. The TWIST group is made up of students from grades 6 - 12. Each grade has its own board and meets monthly.

    Full story: [Dec. 31: Tony Lascari] - Midland Daily News

    ^ Dec. 28 - End Near For First Library Building On Bay City's East Side.

    BAY CITY: The historic Central Library will come to an January, and a new chapter if the library's life will begin with the opening of the Alice and Jack Wirt Public Library, which is a block north of the old building on Center Avenue. When the building that housed the Central Library opened in 1922 it was the first one erected on the east side of the river for a library, ending a period of over 50 years during which the library operated out of temporary quarters that included the sheriff's office, city hall and several commercial buildings. The old building has been purchased by the Thumb National Bank and Trust for opening a new banking office.

    Full story: [Dec. 28: Karly Satkowiak] - The Bay City Times
    History reference: Heritage/Groups/ [Bay County Library System]

    ^ Dec. 27 - Good Planning Keeps Standish Schools In Good Shape.

    STANDISH: School systems struggling with financial problems may want to look at the Standish-Sterling Community School system for an example of how to manage a sound educational system. For decades the system has been tightly managed setting aside money for future needs without effecting the quality of education for its students. The success of this approach is based on maintaining constant control over budgets, continuous reevaluation of future needs, and avoiding expenditures that may be desirable but offer little direct value to the education of students.

    Full story: [Dec. 27: Helen Lounsbury] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Dec. 23 - Funding On Completed Historical Projects Comes Up Short.

    BAY CITY: The Bay County Historical Society is in need of some quick cash to help me its debt obligations as donations supporting two major projects have been less than expected. A costly new roof on the historic Trombley house was essential to preserved the old pioneer homestead that is over 160 years old, and a new Bay County history and educational display was opened in April. Donations are being sought help pay off the loan that was required to compensate contractors.

    Full story: [Dec. 23: Scott E. Pacheco] - The Bay City Times

    ^ Dec. 23 - Chippewa Indian Tribe Files Suit Against Michigan For Land.

    DETROIT: The Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe wants the land they were promised over two hundred years ago by two 1800s treaties. The land today is comprised of six townships in Isabella County.

    Full story: [Dec. 23: David Shepardson] - The Detroit News

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