February 2006, Issue No. 38 -- Published by Bay-Journal.com
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- Featured History Subject -

1886 Perspective on Shipbuilding At Bay City.

This month we take a look at the history of shipbuilding in Bay City from the perspective of an 1886 newspaper article. Along with this we've written a brief article on Bay City's major shipbuilders and provided a number of resources related to this subject.

Our source is the Detroit Tribune newspaper published on June 7, 1886. In that edition they had an article entitled, “Ship-building at Bay City. The Men Who Have Followed It and the Vessels Put Afloat.”

In 1886, Bay City's east and west sides were two separate cities and both were about equal in size. The lumbering was in its peak years fueling the growth of new businesses. The river was the center of industrial commerce with both shorelines filled with sawmills and an a sundry of wood manufacturing businesses. River traffic was heavy and constant making it a dangerous for vessels to navigate. Railroads were king of the road in those days and all of the major businesses had tracks leading into the location for materials and goods in and out of their plants.

The Davidson and Wheeler yards were only about decade old at this time, but had established themselves as major shipbuilders on the Great Lakes. The Davidson yard was located just east of the Bay County Community Center in Veterans Memorial Park, and Wheeler's yard was just north of Midland Street. Davidson established his yard in 1873 while Wheeler's began in 1877.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1886: Ship-building At Bay City.}
  • Feature Articles / {Relics of Shipbuilding in Bay City.}
    Featured history references:
  • Heritage/Businesses/ {Davidson Shipbuilding Company.}
  • Heritage/Businesses/ {Defoe Shipbuilding Company.}
  • Pictorial Libarary/ {Marine Images & History Notes.}
  • Resources related to this subject:
  • [Saginaw River Marine Historical Society.]
  • [Bay County Historical Society Museum.]
  • [Saginiaw River Rear Range Lighthouse.]
  • - Bay-Journal Commentary -BJ Comments by Marvin Kusmierz, Editor

    Jan. 2006
    Visits: 46,382
    Pages: 7
    YTD 2006
    Visits: 46,382
    Pages: 7
    Since Apr. 2002
    Visits: 642,232
    Views: 1,000,810
    Pages: 1,034

    January was a mild month with the temperature above freezing most days. That'll give some relief to the next heating bill which I'm sure is good news for most in Michigan regardless of whatever source of fuel they are using.

    There was a lot of big news stories locally. Some good, but mostly bad. The good news for Midland is they'll have a minor league baseball team, but that is bad news for Bay City who was trying to land one of their own for several years. The good economic news is the Dow Chemical Company continues to expand in the Tri-Counties, but the bad news is that GMC plants in Bay City and Saginaw cut back their work force and more cuts will be coming.

    January was a good month for Bay-Journal with over 46,000 visits to the website. Perhaps the most exciting news is a special project involving a full year of editions of the Bay City Press and Times newspaper for the Civil War period of 1863-64. These papers were donated to Bay-Journal early last year for use on the website. The donator and I thought they were copies, but it turned out that they were originals that had never been micro-filmed because they were considered lost forever.

    They have since been micro-filmed with the help of the Bay County Library System and are now available to the public for the first time. The exciting part is that these papers have been digitized into pdf files on a CD for viewing with the Adobe Acrobat Reader on personal computers. As far as I can determine this has never been done before locally on such large documents and opens the door to another means for perserving such documents.

    The next step is to create an index system that'll make it easier for viewers interested in reading or researching 250 files containing thousands of articles. This will take a few months to complete. In the meantime, I've posted the pdf files for the January 2, 1864 edition of the paper which can be viewed in the Civil War section of Bay-Journal.

  • Heritage/Groups/Military/Civil War/ {Civil War News, 1863-64}
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    Valley Center Technology Park
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    The Valley Center Technology Park has been a successful enterprise of the Monitor Township Downtwo Development Authority to encourage business growth. If you are not familiar with the industrial park, you'll find information on their website describing the park's location, layout and businesses that are located there. Its location near major air and ground transportation assets in the heart of the Tri-Counties makes it ideal spot for many businesses.

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    The Bay City Motor Company
    Water & Second Streets, Bay City [Visit Website]

    The Bay City Motor Company located in the north end of downtown Bay City has just recently opened and is sure to be a hit with automobile enthusiasts for the rare vintage automobiles found in their showroom. If you enjoy automobiles that are stylish, classy and unique, The Bay City Motor Company is a must stop for you. Check out their website where you'll get a climpse of some of their current inventory of vehicles.

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    Featured Articles:
    February 1, 2006 (History)
    Relics of Shipbuilding in Bay City.
    - Marvin Kusmierz
    January 28, 2006 (Opinion)
    Schools: Good Time To Modernize.
    - by Marvin Kusmierz
    December 4, 2005 (Opinion)
    You Can Have Your Holiday, I'll Keep My Christmas!
    - by Marvin Kusmierz

    ^ Feb. 26 - New Automotive Labor Education Program To Focus On Saginaw Valley.

    BAY CITY: Counties in the Saginaw Valley stand to benefit from a new program according to a presentation given by Kim Hill of the Center for Automotive Research at the recent Bay Future economic event. The Automotive Labor Education program will bring factual awareness of the automobile industry and speak to the steps that can be taken to improve the success of this area in retention of automotive jobs and means for seeking out new automotive jobs. A study associated with the new program points out that Michigan has some clear competitive advantages over sourthern states that it can use to stop the erosion of its automotive industry.

  • Full story: [Feb. 26: Dave Rogers - MyBayCity.com]

    ^ Feb. 25 - Bay City' Izykowski Helps USA Short Track Team Win Olympic Medal.

    TORINO, ITALY: With only one day to go in the Torino 2006 Olympics the USA 5000 meter short track team may have delivered this country's last medal at the Torino 2006 Olympics. They won the bronze in the exciting 5000 meter short track race among five teams of four skaters each from the countries of Canada, Italy, S. Korea, China and USA.

    The USA team of Apolo Anton Ohno (Seattle, WA), Alex “Izzy” Izykowski (Bay City, MI), J. P. Kepka (St. Louis, MO) and Rusty Smith (Long Beach, CA) got off to a good start taking and holding the early lead with the defending Olympic champion Canadian team close behind in the 29 lap race. The hectic scene looked like a bee hive as the skaters from each team circled inside the track readying themselves to take their position next in the race. Surprisingly the competing athletes avoided any major accident that many predicted as 25 skaters jostled for position.

    The USA team lost the lead during an exchange midway in the race which opened up the opportunity for the Canadian and S. Korea teams to spurt ahead of them leaving the USA behind who held off the Italian team for a third place place finished and the bronze medal.

    Local favorite, Alex Izykowski, now joins Essexville native Richard "Terry" McDermott as Olympic medal winners in speed skating from Bay County. Terry earned the USA's only gold medal in 1964, and in 1968 he took the silver in the 500 meters event. Both have earned their place in Olympic history, and just as importantly, in the sports history of Bay County and Michigan.

  • Full story: [Feb. 26: Jeff Miller - The Bay City Times]
  • Related story: [Feb. 26: John Niyo - The Detroit News]
  • Related story: [5000 Meter Race Results - Yahoo! Olympics]
    Article Updates. Story Update: Izzy Thoughts! [Feb. 27: Mike Spencer - The Bay City Times]
  • Related story: Future local Olympians? [Feb. 26: Fred Kelly - Midland Daily News]
  • Reference: [Sports Bio. on Terry McDermott - Bay-Journal.com]

    ^ Feb. 23 - MDOT Will Spend $144 Million On Bay Region Projects This Year.

    LANSING: The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has approved $144 million for transporation projects for the counties of Arenac, Bay, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Genesee, Isabella, Lapeer, Midland, Saginaw, Sanilac and Tuscola. (See full story for details on projects.)

  • Full story: [Feb. 23: Michigan Newswire - Michigan.gov]

    ^ Feb. 22 - EPA Declares Local Dioxin Plan "Severely Inadequate!"

    MIDLAND: The work plan proposed by The Dow Chemical Company for studying dixon levels that has resulted from contamination of the Tittabawassee River have been deemed unacceptable by the Environmental Protection Agency because it is too sparse to produce technically supportable information about the nature and extent of contamination. Also, the proposed timeline for completing testing is too long.

  • Full story: [Feb. 22: Kathie Marchlewski - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Feb. 22 - Bay County Board Resolution To Rein In Attorney's Fees.

    BAY CITY: Commissioners passed a resolution at their Tuesday meeting that that requires the county's staff attorney to handle all civil legal work with only a few exceptions. The resolution is in response to several articles by The Bay City Times showing the county's cost for attorneys was substantially higher than other counties in Michigan of similar size.

  • Full story: [Feb. 22: Ryan Stanton - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Feb. 21 - Proposed Natural Gas Rate Increase Could Cost $132.4 Million.

    LANSING: The Michigan Public Service Commission is considering a rate increase request from Consumers Engergy that would allow the company to earn a 12% profit. However, experts from the Attorney General's office are recommending the profit level should not exceed 9.62%.

  • Full story: [Feb. 21: Michigan Newswire - Michigan.gov]

    ^ Feb. 21 - Tonight Show Host Apologizes To Saginaw Fan For Mistaken Identity.

    SAGINAW: Early history on the assassination of President Lincoln's tainted the Mudd family name because an ancestor, Dr. Samuel Mudd, that set the broken leg of John Wilkes Booth after he shot Lincoln and fled the scene. It took his grandson, the late Dr. Richard D. Mudd, of Saginaw, nearly a life-time of work to clear the family name, and his son, Thomas, wasn't about to let an erroneous remark made during a January airing of the Tonight go unchallenged. He contacted the show to let them know it wasn't newsman Roger Mudd as stated by host Leno that cleared Mudd's name, but his grandfather, Dr. Richard Mudd. Thomas was surprised when he received a call from Jay Leno personally apologizing for the mistaken identity remark.

  • Full story: [Feb. 21: Sue White - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Feb. 18 - Thompson And Roth of Bay City Gold Medal Winners.

    BAY CITY: On February 2-3 a group of special athletes participated at Traverse City in the Michigan Special Olympics 2006 Winter Games, where outstanding performances by Jeff Thompson and Joshua Roth earned them several medals. Joshua won three gold medals while Jeff won one gold and a bronze. -- Congratulations to Jeff and Joshua, and to all who participated in making this a special Olympic event.

  • Full story: [Feb. 18: Jerry Nunn - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Feb. 18 - Winter Thunder And Lightning Storm Cystallizes Everything.

    MICHIGAN: A rare winter thunder and lightning storm dropped freezing rain glazing everything it touched with ice, including snow covering the ground, trees, streets, houses, automobiles, and the service lines for electricity and cable TV, many of which were put out of service due to the weight of the ice taking them down. Ten of thousands of homes in the Saginaw Valley area were without electricity and cable service.

    Bay-Journal was without its cable internet service and wasn't able to make updates to the website for until the next day.

    Photo: Snow covered tree and bush glazed with ice in Essexville, MI.

  • Full story: Midland [Feb. 17: Josh Grosteffon & Chery Wade - Midland Daily News]
  • Full story: Huron Co. [Feb. 17: Megan Frounfelter & Matt Treadwell - Huron Daily Tribune]
  • Full story: Michigan [Feb. 18: Associated Press - The Detroit News]

    ^ Feb. 16 - Shanty Days Underway! Includes New Human Bowling Event.

    CASEVILLE: Shanty Days are underway with the traditional ice fishing contests and lots of outdoor fun. Something new this year is a novel twist on bowling using a human to substitute for the bowling ball!

  • Full story: Human Bowling - [Feb. 15: Tracey Weisenbach - The Huron Daily Tribune]
  • Full story: Ice Fishing - [Feb. 15: Tracey Weisenbach - The Huron Daily Tribune]

    ^ Feb. 15 - Herbert H. Dow's Historic Headquarters To Be Demolished.

    Herbert H. Dow

    Born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, his family moved to Derby, CT when 6 years old. At age 12, his family moved to Cleveland, OH where Herbert was educated as chemist. He moved to Midland, MI in 1890 and co-founded the Midland Chemical Company which he left and returned to Ohio where he started the Dow Process Company in 1896. A year later, he moved family and business to Midland and changed the company name to Dow Chemical. [Biography]

    MIDLAND: The old headquarters of the Dow Chemical Company will soon be demolished to make way for a new baseball stadium for Midland's new baseball team. The 47 building is the historic headquarters of Henry H. Dow who had the building erected in 1916 to handle the company's growth. It was long ago replaced by a larger more modern headquarters building, and it has since lingered on the property as a symbolic tribute to its founder. The time has come for the old building to give us its space in the name of progress. I'm sure Henry Dow would agree. Maybe a historical marker can be placed on the property as a reminder of this significant piece of real estate.

  • Full story: [Feb. 15: Josh Grosteffon & Chery Wade - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Feb. 15 - Essexville Schools Adopting More Efficient & Effective Tiering System.

    ESSEXVILLE: Face with the demand to cut $1.8 million next year's school budget, Essexville's Board of Education announced it will goto a tiering system that not only cuts but can be more efficient and effective in educating elementary students. The tiering system allow schools to maximize use of existing facilities and teaching staff by merging same grade levels within one building. Class sizes are optimized make for more efficient use of the teaching staff. Students can benefit from a curriculum that offers a better learning opportunity and an environment composed primarily of their piers.

  • Full story: [Feb 15: Patti Brandt - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Feb. 14 - Prescription Drug Pricing Guide Available On Michigan.gov.

    LANSING: One way everyone can help to combat the high costs of drugs whether you have insurance or not is to make sure you they are not costing you more than they should. You can do this by checking a pricing drug guide for Michigan residents.

  • Full story: [Feb. 14: Michigan Newswire - Michigan.gov]
  • Reference: [Common Retail Drug Pricing in Michigan - Michigan.gov]

    ^ Feb. 14 - Michigan's Local Government Records Are in Danger!

    LANSING: The above headline is the name of a report recently issued by the Department of History, Arts and Libraries (HAL) by a task force that assessed current local government management practices in Michigan. The complete report is available in pdf format at the link provided below.

  • Full story: [Feb. 14: Michigan Newswire - Michigan.gov]
  • Reference: [Report: Michigan's Local Government Records Are in Danger! (pdf)]

    ^ Feb. 14 - Bay City Commissioners Evaluate Value of Power Fund.

    BAY CITY: The city's Power Fund created by previous surpluses from the city owned electric power plant and used for economic development was on the agenda Monday night for discussion by commissioners. The subject has come to the forefront because of compliants commissioners are getting from consituents who are complaining about recent electical rate increases on top of other increases in the city's services in recent years. The issue boils down to whether or not city electrical users should be picking up the bill for commercial investments or should the surpluses be used to reduce their rates?

  • Full story: [Feb. 14: Scott E. Pacheco - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Feb. 14 - Bay City School District Has Found $7.4 Million In Savings.

    BAY CITY: Facing a budget deficit for the 2006-7 school year of 7.5 million, the school district has found areas where it can cut $7.5 million, over half of that figure comes from saving $4 million in health care expenses by switching to another carrier according Douglas Newcomb finance director of the district who said there are several health plans that would offer employees the same coverage at a substantial savings. $1 million was saved during the last budget cuts when seven of the districts eight unions agreed to switch to the less costly health plan. The balance of the $7.4 million in savings would come from closing two school buildings and restructuring the school busing policy.

  • Full story: [Feb 14: Patti Brandt - The Bay City Times]
  • Reference: {Schools: Good Time To Modernize. - Bay-Journal.com}

    ^ Feb. 13 - Midland Had Great 2005! Expecting Same For 2006.

    MIDLAND: The city had an impressive $90 million in new investments and increase of 130 jobs during 2005 was the good news from Mayor Bruce Johnson during his State of the City address to the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce. The "good news" is that 2006 should be equally good.

  • Full story: [Feb 13. Cathy Heng - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Feb. 13 - Izy's First Olympic Experience Was Outstanding Effort.

    TORUN, ITALY: Alex "Izy" Izykowski gave an outstanding performance in his first taste of the Olympics. In the 1500 meter semifinals he held the lead through most of the race was just edged during the race to the finish line. Izy could have another chance at a medal as a member of the men's relay team which hasn't been determined yet. The men's 5000 meter semifinals will be this Wednesday.

  • Full story #1: [Feb. 13: Mike Spencer - The Bay City Times]
  • Full story #2: [Feb. 13 - Jo-Ann Barnas - Detroit Free Press]
  • Reference: [Izy's Olympic Page - sports.Yahoo!]

    ^ Feb. 13 - Michigan's Connection to 2006 Winter Olympics at Torino, Italy.

    TORUN, ITALY: The 2006 Winter Olympics at Torino, Italy has begun and there are a number of participants from Michigan to root for. We heard much about our local favorite, Alex Isykowski, who'll be pushing for a medal in speed skating, but we haven't heard much about the other Michiganders that were able to make it into the olympics. Here are the eight athletes from our state along with a link to further information:

    1. Alex Izykowski,
      of Bay City, will compete in short-track speedskating. This is Alex's first trip to the Olympics. He was a member of the U.S. relay team at the 2005 World Championships which won a bronze medal. [Olympic Bio.]
    2. Tanith Belbin,
      of Bloomfield Hills, will compete in ice dancing with partner Ben Agosto. The two earned a silver medal at the 2005 World Championships, the highest for any U.S. ice dancing team in 30 years for this event. Tanith will not only have Michiganders rooting for her, but the country of Canada where she was born. [Olympic Bio.]
    3. Kimberly Derrick,
      of Caledonia, will compete in short-track speedskating. Kimberly is attending Northern Michigan University at Marquette with plans on becoming an elementary teacher. Her highest performance in major competition was first place overall at the 2004-2005 ADT American Cups competition. [Olympic Bio.]
    4. Chris Chelios,
      of Detroit, will compete in ice hockey. Chelios is well known by Red Wings in Michigan and Black Hawk in Chicago. A native of Chicago, the ageless defense man for the Red Wings is a favorite among his piers and the fans of Michigan who adopted him. [Olympic Bio.]
    5. Mathieu Schneider,
      of Detroit, will compete in ice hockey. Mathieu joins Chelios from the Red Wings giving the U.S. Ice Hockey team two defense who have plenty of experience working together. [Olympic Bio.]
    6. Angela Ruggiero,
      of Harper Woods, will compete in ice hockey. Angela is making her third trip to the Olympics having helped the U.S. Womens Hockey Team win a silver medal in 2002, and a gold in 1998 when she was the youngest member of the team. Angela is a native of Connecticut. [Olympic Bio.]
    7. Mark Grimmette,
      of Muskegon, will compete in the luge. Mark has competed in three Olympics earing a silver medal in 2002 and a bronze in 1998. He has been the U.S. National champion five times. Mark is the oldest member of the luge team that affectionately call him “Papa Mark.” Mark's partner in the two-man luge event is Brian Martin. [Olympic Bio.]
    8. Jean Prahm,
      of Waterford, will compete in the bobsled. Jean is making her second trip to the Olympics. In 2002 she finished in fifth place only a few seconds off winning a medal. Jeans hopes to turn her other major talent of signing into a career. [Olympic Bio.]

    ^ "My Bay City" Article Upbeat on Bay County Economy For 2006.

    BAY CITY: Dave Rogers, the lead reporter at MyBayCity.com paints a bright picture for Bay County's economy during 2006. His article provides a litany of new economic develops that will either begin or come to fruition.

  • Full story: [Feb. 12: Dave Rogers - MyBayCity.com]

    ^ Feb. 12 - Group Pushing Free Wireless Internet For Genesee County.

    GENESEE CO.: If an initiative called "Wireless Genesee" is successful, people in Genesee County from Clio to Fenton will have free wireless "basic" internet service and it could be done without using tax dollars.

  • Full story: [Feb. 12: Ron Ronger - The Flint Journal]
  • Related story: Midland Schools Going Fiber Optic. [Feb. 12: Angela E. Lackey - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Feb. 10 - Is Governor's Budget Proposal Bold, Election Posturing or Both?

    LANSING: Governor Granholm has revealed her proposed budget for the 2007 fiscal year and true to her State of the State message, she had included some bold new expense items such as; "affordable healthcare" for more than a half-million Michigan citizens and more money for "job training." Also, schools will get some relief with an increase of $200 per student. She'll help pay for the $43 billion budget proposal by closing tax loopholes and raising liquor license fees.

  • Full story: [Feb. 10: The Saginaw News]

    ^ Feb. 10 - Major Cost Cutting Measures Being Considered By Bay City.

    BAY CITY: The financial prognosis isn't looking good for Bay City and city manager Robert V. Belleman isn't waiting until things get worse to treat the condition. Short of an unforeseen financial win fall the only cure is making some major cuts that will dramatically change the services the city provides. Items under consideration are a reduction in fire stations, charging for police accident reports, cutting city employee benefits, and more. The three mentioned items alone will have many of the city's citizens upset and could be a catalyst leading many uprooting themselves from the city and moving into the townships.

    An alternative solution that should be expedited for its cost reduction merits is metropolitanization of services common to the city and townships. See the map referenced in the article below on dioxin levels and look at how small the geographical area of Bay City is compared to Midland and Saginaw. Bay City is small geographically and this is why major growth has been outside of its borders. Yet, most of the county's assets are located in Bay City consuming property that would otherwise be yielding tax revenue to the city. The huge Veterans Memorial Park is one of these properties that was formerly provided revenue from commercial enterprises.

    In realty Bay City is the center of a dense populated metropolitan area. If its geographic area were equal to that of Midland all of the businesses along Euclid Avenue and Wilder Road would be on the city's tax roles. Had the city fathers expanded the city's borders early on, Essexville would have been a part of the city. They didn't, and the only solution now to our economic may be in cost savings derived from metropolitanization of common services..

    Do we need more than one water plant, public service department, fire department or police department to service the city of Bay City and Essexville, or the surrounding townships? It seems like a natural for Bay City and Essexville to seriously evaluate the merits of merging these costly services into one. If this is an economic solution, the next step would be to expand the same principle to bordering townships of Hampton, Portsmouth, Bangor and Monitor. Tax districts could be devised that shares revenue among the coalition that forms the metropolitan authority and the revenue could then be disbursed to member community according whatever formula is determined to be fair.

  • Fulls story: [Feb. 10: Patti Brandt - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Feb. 10 - Tittabawassee River Dioxins Still Migrating Into Saginaw River And Bay.

    (See Map Reference link for full report.)

    SAGINAW: A public meeting held by state and Dow Chemical Co. officials in Saginaw Township presented some disturbing news - dioxins in the Tittabawassee River created by an old manufacturing process at Dow Chemical's facilities in Midland are making their way through the Saginaw River out to the Saginaw Bay. Dioxin levels above 90 parts per trillion are considered high -- concentrations as high as 16,000 parts per trillion were found at the Sixth Street turning basin in downtown Saginaw!

    It's hard to believe the latest news is a something that has just been discovered. There needs to be a final solution that brings this issue to an end. Dredging of the river for navigational purposes seems to have relieved the Saginaw River of problem in the past. If so, then why not dredge the source of the problem, the Tittabawassee River, to keep these contaminants from spreading into the Saginaw River and out to the Saginaw Bay?

  • Full story: [Feb. 10: Jeff Kart - The Bay City Times]
  • Press Release: [Jan. 31: Citizens Request Federal Probe. - Michigan Environmental Council]
  • Map Reference: [June 2003 - Michigan DEQ Phase II Final Report Tittabawassee/Saginaw River (pdf)]
  • Reference: [Tittabawassee River Flood Plain Contamination - Michigan DEQ Informational Page]
  • Reference: State of Michigan's Environment 2005 - Third Biennial Report (pdf) ]

    ^ Feb. 9 - Industrial Zoning Request Pulled From Agenda In Monitor Township.

    MONITOR TWSP.: Members of the Monitor Township board were prepared to hear a request to rezone 64.7 acres for industrial use at the township's Valley Center Technology Park until they received a letter before their meeting on Tuesday from the Spicer Group saying the party they represent could not be there. Spicer Group out of Saginaw is representing Northern Michigan Land Investment which reportedly is interested in establishing a distribution center at the industrial park of US-10.

  • Full story: [Feb. 9: Scott Pacheo - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Feb. 9 - This Friday is "Shiver" Night in Downtown Midland.

    MIDLAND: You've heard the expression, "get ready to rumble," well the folks in Midland have their own take on that phrase, it's "get ready to shiver!" This Friday evening the "Sizzlin Shiver" festival in downtown Midland begins. You won't find any fake wrestling taking place there unless it's among the crowd shopping for bargains. The charity event which runs through Saturday includes a dazzling "Fire and Ice" show which is itself worth being there. Some dueling will be going on among a number participates who will being swinging chains saw as they carve into blocks of ice creating sculptures. These events and more should provide you with a "shivering good time."

  • Full story: [Feb. 9: Cheryl Wade - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Feb. 8 - Work on Standish's Historic Depot Could Begin This Spring.

    STANDISH: Excitement couldn't be higher for planners in Standish who have been working for five years to find a mean to restore the city's oldest landmark which is their historic railroad depot -- they have received word a $756,000 grant is nearing approval which could allow for restoration work begin this spring.

    (Click image to enlarge.)
  • Full story: [Feb. 8: Helen Lounsbury - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Feb. 7 - Bay City's River's Edge Project To Have Another Study.

    BAY CITY: City commissioners voted unanimously last night to proceed with a study that may lead to a marina at the Uptown At River's Edge development property. The study costing the city $55,000 plus $25,000 grand from the state is intended to clear the way for a main feature of the project, the old Foundry Building of Industrial Brownshoist that is intended to be turned into a merchant's market place surrounded by a new marina.(See image of Sep. 2004 conceptual layout.)

    Some have questioned the need for another marina. While there are several marinas in the area there is no public marina on the east side of the downtown business district as is the case on the west side of the river. A new public marina on the east shore of the Saginaw River will also make for unique waterfront setting for the Foundry Market Place which could be the key element in attracting developers to participate in complete the project area. At minimum getting the road system, extended riverwalk, and the Foundry building cleaned up will open the area to public use.

    More details of the Uptown At River's Edge project are available on the city's website.

  • Full story: [Feb. 7: Patti Brandt - The Bay City Times]
  • Bay City's Website: [Uptown At River's Edge Project.]

    ^ Feb. 7 - Politics Inserted Into Oratories At Coretta King's Funeral.

    LITHONIA, GA: They all came, including the President of the United States, to honor Coretta Scott King. However, several speakers used the opportunity to direct their remarks at the differences they have with President Bush and the policies of his administration. On several of these occasions many from the audience rose to their feet in loud agreement. Regrettably, most television news programs this evening all focused on the politics that had early intruded on Mrs. King's farewell day. What an awful way to say a final good by to this courageous lady who dedicated much of her life to trying to make us whole as a nation.

  • Full story: [Feb. 7: Errin Haines (AP) - News.Yahoo.com]

    ^ Feb. 7 - River Victim Discovered In Bangor Township Is From Saginaw.

    SAGINAW: An autopsy has identified the body found on the banks of the Saginaw River in Bangor Township as that of David W. Van Sickle from Saginaw who has been missing since last October. The death was attributed to drowning and no evidence of criminal activity was found. Mr. Van Sickle was 48 years old and the father of two adult children.

  • Full story: [Feb. 7: LaNia Coleman - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Feb. 6 - $1 Million Being Distributed to 23 Michigan Works Agencies.

    LANSING: A $1 million dollar grant from the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) will be released to 23 Michigan Works! Agencies for job training activities. At the top of the distribution is Oakland County and Detroit which amounts to over 25% of funds being distributed. The total for the Saginaw, Bay and Midland area is $47,453 or about 5%. A full distribution list is included in the article.

  • Full story: [Feb. 6: Michigan Newswire - Michigan.gov]

    ^ Feb. 5 - Pittsburg Wins Super Bowl.

    SPECIAL: The Pittsburg Steelers claimed their fifth Super Bowl title in a 21-10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, while Detroit acknowledge for the job it did as host city. Detroit's hometown star player in the game, Jerome Bettis of the Steelers, announced his retirement after the win.

  • Complete wrap up of Super Bowl XL: [Feb 5: NFL SUPER BOWL - FoxSports.com]
  • Pre-game News: [Feb. 5: Stories from the Detroit News]
  • NFL: [Official Super Bowl Website]
  • The Teams: [Pittsburg Steelers] - [Seattle Seahawks]
  • The Field of Play: [Ford Field, Detroit, MI]

    ^ Feb 3 - Area Soldiers Expected To Be Deployed In Irag Early This Summer.

    MIDLAND: Twenty-seven from the Midland based 1460th National Guard Transportation Company has been put on notice that they will join a group being deployed to Irag in early June. Four soldiers from the Bay City based 1434th Water Purification Detachment Unit are a part of a group that includes the 1461st National Guard Transportation Company based in Jackson.

  • Full story: [Feb. 3: Angela E. Lackey - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Feb. 3 - Tobacco Money Key Element in Diversifying Michigan's Economy.

    LANSING: The first meeting of the Michigan Tobacco Settlement Finance Authority (MTSFA) established by Public Act 226 of 2005 was held yesterday. State Treasurer Jay B. Rising said, "The $400 million that will be made available to the 21st Century Jobs Fund is a key ingredient in our continuing effor to diversity Michigan's economy."

  • Full story: [Feb. 3: Michigan Newswire - Michgian.gov]

    ^ Feb. 2 - New Chairwoman Has Plan To Address Violence in Saginaw County.

    SAGINAW: Cherly M. Hadsall isn't wasting anytime as the new chairwoman of the County Baord of Commissioners to address the escalating violence in Saginaw. She wants to place a county wide law enforce tax of 1.6 mills on the ballot in August. Approval of the millage would generate about $7.5 million annually supporting substantial increases in police personnel and law enforce activities.

  • Full story: [Feb. 2: Barrie Barber - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Feb. 2 - SVSU To Coordinate New Program For Area Workers and Companies.

    MID-MICHIGAN: A $15 million grant from the U.S. Departement of Labor has been established for thirteen counties in Mid-Michigan with the goal of helping workers and companies in the depressed automotive industry to find solutions in alternative industries. A portion of the grant will be coordinated by Saginaw Valley State University for the counties of Midland, Bay, Saginaw, Tuscola, Huron and Sanilac.

  • Full story: [Feb. 2: Cheryl Wade - Hearst Michigan Newspapers.]
  • Reference: Michigan Awarded $30 Million In Grants.[Feb. 1: Granholm For Governor Website.]

    ^ Feb. 1 - President Bush Calls For Civility in State of Union Message.

    WASHINGTON, DC: President Bush began his fifth State of the Union message last night by calling for civility between the branches of government, "In a system of two parties, two chambers, and two elected branches, there will always be differences and debate. But even tough debates can be conducted in a civil tone, and our differences cannot be allowed to harden into anger. To confront the great issues before us, we must act in a spirit of goodwill and respect for one another -- and I will do my part. Tonight the state of our Union is strong -- and together we will make it stronger."

    The President's words ring true, but it will take a lot more than this to remove the bitter hatred that has infected politicians and has kept them from effectively dealing with the nations growing list of problems. Unlike citizens who are forced to deal with real life problems, most politicians today have only one priority, getting themselves and members of their elected so they control of power in government affairs. Its doubtful the present two-party system will ever change on its own. It will require voters to put a halt to it by voting the incumbent out of office so that a fresh individual uncontaminated by party poltics might feel compelled to get on with the nations work.

  • Full text: [Jan. 31: State of Union Message - Whitehouse.com]

    ^ Feb. 1 - Dow Chemical Company Reserves 100 Million For Donations.

    MIDLAND: Dow chemical Company, which had a very good year in 2005, is setting aside $100 million to be used towards donations to needy causes. However, this is not an unusual practice for the company even when business was that isn't good. The company typically donates $17 to $25 million to worthy causes each year. Adding $100 million is their way of assuring stability in this program of being a good corporate citizen.

  • Full story: [Feb. 1: Paul Wyche - The Saginaw News]

    ^ SPECIAL: Michigan, "State of the State" Message.

    On January 25, 2006, Governor Granholm delivered an upbeat and optimistic message to the citizens of Michigan. The following is the full text of her speech.

  • (pdf file): {State of State Message - Jan 25, 2006.}

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