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- Featured History Subject -

Midland Street Business District.

The beginnings of Midland Street were laid out when New York lumber barons Henry W. Sage and John McGraw partnered to build a new sawmill in Michigan which was to be the largest in the world. Sage did much of the leg work in locating the ideal spot for the new mill. He chose the Saginaw Bay area and a wilderness spot along the Saginaw River which provided for a deep water port to ship lumber to eastern states.

The property that Sage desired was on the west bank of the river opposite the village of Bay City, which was owned by Elizabeth Fitzhugh Birney, the widow of the well known abolitionist, James G. Birney. It took nearly two years of bargaining before an agreement was reached in 1864, and work began on the new mill which was located just south of the present Midland Street.

Midland Street at the time was nothing more than a horse back trail heading towards Williams Township and the community of Midland. That trail soon became a main road due to the mill which included company housing and a store for its workers. The company town grew rapidly and it wasn't long before other merchants were locating businesses along the trail that became Midland Street in the village of Wenona.

Midland Street was ideally located between the villages of Banks and Salzburg and many customers from these areas frequented the businesses on Midland Street. The Midland Street business district officially became the center commerce on the west side when the three villages merged in 1877 to create West Bay City to rival with Bay City for growth. The two later merged in 1905 to compete with the city of Saginaw.

A walk through the Midland Street business district with an open eye to the details of the historical architecture of its buildings and a little understanding of the early history of this area is about as one can get to a trip back in time. With a little imagination you may be able to replace the paved streets and autobiles in your mind's eye with dirt roads, horse drawn carriages as you walk along on the planks of the wood board walks.

Hopefully the following history pages on Bay-Journal will help you in that direction and will make your next visit to Midland Street a unque experience:

Heritage Library/

  • Buildings/ {History of Buildings in Midland Street Business District}
  • Buildings/ {Mohr Block - Midland & Henry streets}
  • Directories/ {1866-67 Lumber Mills by Location.}
  • Directories/ {Street Names Database]
  • Directories/ {1874 Village of Wenona Directory}
  • People & Businesses/ {Henry W. Sage and the Sage-McGraw Sawmill}
  • Writings/ {1887: Bay City Years Ago. (Includes description of West Side wilderness.)}
  • - Bay-Journal Commentary -BJ Comments by Marvin Kusmierz, Editor

    Feb. 2006
    Visits: 37,201
    YTD 2006
    Visits: 83,583
    Pages: 21
    Since Apr. 2002
    Visits: 679,219
    Views: 1,053,227
    Pages: 1,048

    TThe big topic last month was the Torino 2006 Olympics and Bay City's Alex “Izzy” Izykowski who earned a bronze medal as a speed skater on the 5000 meter relay team. We couldn't be prouder of his effort and of the many who donated money that allowed his family to be there to see and support Izzy.

    As an observer of the Olympics on television I found the coverage this time around to be quite difficult to keep up with. MSNBC spread the broadcasting of the events on several different channels at different times. I finally settled on the Canadian channel as the most reliable source to see many of the events, although most were focused on the teams dressed in red and white outfits.

    Izzy's success brought back memories of the 1964 Olympics and Terry McDermott of Essexville who competed at the Olympics held in Innsbrook. Amazingly, Terry was the only member of the U.S. Team to win a gold medal that year! He beat Russia's Evgeni Girshin who was expected to win the the 500 meter speed skating event. The U.S. Team total medal count for that Olympics amounted to only six -- three bronze, two silver and Terry's gold. Terry had finished seventh in the event four years earlier, and four years later he grabbed a silver.

    Much has improved for youngsters in our area in recent times. The Bay County skating rink is a tremendous asset and hopefully it will be put to good use by another local hoping to become Olympian. And there is the Infinity Skate Park facilities where future free style snow boarders can hone their skills during the summer as they wait for the cold weather to return. Maybe someday, that big mound on the Middle Grounds can be turned into a practice skiing hill and nearby we can put up two heritage signs in honor Izzy and Terry that might inspired the next Olympian from our area?

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    St. Mary of the Assumption Parish
    607 E. S. Union - Bay city [Visit Website]

    St. Mary of the Assumption Parish was established in 1873, and has the distinction of being the first Catholic Church on the west side of the river in the Bay City Community. Their website provides plenty of detail regarding the churches activities, including Mass Times, a Church Bullentin and Calendar of Events. A nice feature of the website is the church's photo Scrapbook of past events.

    Visit Yellow Pages!
    Quality Transparent Bag
    110 McGraw - Bay City [Visit Website]

    Quality Transparent Bag has come along ways since it was foundeded by the late Leonard Kessler in 1955, and operated out of a small room connected off Water and Third streets next to St. Lawrents Candy store. From a single style plastic bags cut and sealed to different lengths to modern equipment that produces about any style and type of bag required for packaging of food and other commodities. Today the company remains a family owned business operating out of a large facitilies at the southend of Harrison Street.

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  • Thinking Out Loud!
    Featured Articles:
    March 7, 2006 (History)
    Missing 1863-64 Bay City Newspaper Now Available At Library.
    - by Marvin Kusmierz
    February 1, 2006 (History)
    Relics of Shipbuilding in Bay City.
    - Marvin Kusmierz
    January 28, 2006 (Opinion)
    Schools: Good Time To Modernize.
    - by Marvin Kusmierz

    ^ Mar. 30 - M-13 Streetscape Project Begins Monday In Pinconning.

    PINCONNING: The Michigan Department of Transportion will begin work Monday on improving the portion of M-13 that runs trough downtown Pinconning. The $450,000 investment will add decorative lighting, benches, landscaping, and new sidewalks that'll be tinted and stamped. The project should be completed by mid-June.

  • Full story: [Mar. 30: Michigan Newswire -]

    ^ Mar. 30 - Lumbering Museum With Over 1,200 Artifacts For Sale.

    SAGINAW: Around 1960, Michael F. Slasinski turned his interest in local history into a hobby and began collecting artifacts that eventually developed into a museum on lumbering in the Saginaw Valley at his Thomas Township home. Now at a turning point in his life, Salanski has decided to sell his prized Great Lakes Logging & Indian Culture Museum at a bargain price to keep it in this area.

  • Full story: [Mar. 30: Dean Bohn - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Mar. 30 - Nearly 25% Of Michigan Homes Tested Have High Radon Level.

    MICHIGAN: During January's Radon Action, citizens across the state of Michigan voluntarily had their home tested for radon, a radioactive gas that is colorless, odorless and can be a health hazzard. Radon is naturally occuring seeping from the ground and is not normally dangerous unless it accumulates in dwellings increasing its concentration level.

  • Full story: [Mar. 30 - The Huron Daily Tribune]
  • Reference: [Radon, DEQ -] [Radon -]

    ^ Mar. 29 - Saginaw To Let Voters Decide On Tax Increase To Fight Crime.

    SAGINAW: On a vote of 14 to 1 the Saginaw County Commission approved putting a 10 year 1.6 mill property tax on the August 2006 ballot. If passed by voters 67 police officer and 3 assistant prosecuters would be added to help reign in criminal activities.

  • Full story: [Mar. 29: Barrie Barber - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Mar. 27 - Education Revolution A Key To Michigan's Economic Success.

    LANSING: That's the message delivered by Governor Grandholm at the 11th Annual Governor's Education Summit held in Lansing. Items mentioned in her speech included a state mandated higher corriculum standard for high school graduates, funding before and after school tutoring for middle-grade students, and an increase in the number of small high schools.

  • Full story: [Mar. 27: Michigan Newswire -]

    ^ Mar. 26 - Saginaw County Has Two State Basketball Championship Teams.

    SAGINAW: Congratulations to the Buena Vista and Arthur Hill high school basketball teams, each brought home a championship title from State torunaments held at Michigan State Unversity's Breslin Center in East Lansing.

  • Full story: [Mar. 26: Paul Neumeyer - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Mar. 23 - Civil War Group Invites Public On Tour To Lincoln's Hometown.

    BAY CITY: Members of the 7th Michigan Cavalry Civil War Round Table group based in Bay City are looking forward to their trip to Springfield, Illinois, the hometown of President Lincoln where he is buried and where his life has been enshrined. The good news is that the public is invited to join them for the tour which is planned for April 28-30. It's a great opportunity to visit a historical place along with some fellow tourists who are history buffs.

    Anyone interested can contact Dee Dee Wacksman at 892-1136. Reservations should be made at the earliest possible date as there is limited seating. The last date to make reservations is April 22. The cost for the bus trip is $95.00 per person. Lodging is expected to cost around $50 per person.

  • Full story: [Mar. 23: Tim Younkman - The Bay City Times]
  • Reference: [Lincoln Home National Park Service]
  • Reference: [Sprinfield Convention & Visitors Bureau]

    ^ Mar. 22 - State Jobless Rate For February Up 0.4% From January.

    LANSING: Michigan's unemployment rate in February was 6.6%, a slight increase over January, which reflects the recent loss of more jobs in the auto manufacturing sector. On the national level, the jobless rate increased by 0.1%, and stood at 4.8% in February.

  • Full story: [Mar. 22: Michigan Newswire -]
  • Reference: National data. [Mar. 10: February 2006 Employment - US Dept. of Labor]

    ^ Mar. 21 - Saginaw Gets Grant For Developing New Circle Of Culture.

    SAGINAW: The Saginaw Community Foundation will provide $275,000 in grants to 17 non-profit agencies with the hopes that it will seed the beginnings of an organized cultural circle of the arts that'll develope from existing agencies which are clustered in area on both sides of the Saginaw River.

  • Full story: [Mar. 21: Janet I. Martineau - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Mar. 21 - McLaren Health Group Expanding Reach To Mt. Clemens.

    FLINT: The McLaren Health Care Corporation which acquired the Bay Medical Hospital in 2001, is now stretching its reach south towards Detroit. They have struck a deal that'll make Mount Clemens General Hospital a part of their hospital group. McLaren is a $2.4 billion company and employs 12,000.

  • Full story: [Mar. 21: Shantell M. Kirkendoll - The Flint Journal]
  • Reference: [McLaren Regional Medical Center]

    ^ Mar. 20 - Linwood Recyling Plant Destroyed By Devastating Fire.

    LINWOOD: Fire lit the sky in the Linwood area Sunday night as the the American Recyling Center Inc. went up in flames. Fire fighters from outside areas responded to the call, but were not able save the rubber recyling plant which was one of Linwood's largest facilities.

  • Full story: [Mar. 20: Scott E. Pacheo - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Mar. 20 - State Mascot Roaming Thumb Area Gets National Attention.

    HURON COUNTY: A rare sighting of a wolverine was made in the Thumb area two years ago by Jeff Ford, a teacher at Deckerville High School. Since then Jeff and his friends, Steve Noble and Jason Rosser have been tracking the whereabouts of the wolverine and using automated photography to catch him on film. The Discovery Channel became aware of the story and will broadcast it on their "Animal Planet Report" TV show that will be aired on March 29, at 8 and 11 p.m. time slots.

    The wolverine has been extinct from Michigan's environs a long time ago. It remains a mystery as to how the state's mascot appeared and began roaming the Thumb area. Speculation is that the wolverine migrated from Canada across a frozen Lake Huron. The wolverine has been tracked from Huron to Tuscola counties. Could there be more than one?

  • Full story: [Tracil Weisenbach - The Huron Daily News]

    ^ Mar. 19 - Classic Cars On Display And For Sale In Downtown Bay City.

    BAY CITY: A new product, a new show and a new company by the name of Bay City Motor Company are now available in downtown Bay City. This isn't your standard automobile dealership. In this car company's showroom you'll find rare vintage automobiles that go up in value rather than down the day after you take ownership.

    For the lucky few who are able to get one, it's an investment more secure than any stocks you can from a Wall Street broker. This is one class company to boot. One of the first things they are doing is a charity raffle of a 1973 Volkswagon Super Beetle that'll benefit Do-All.

    Stop by 1120 N. Water St. in Bay City to see some fine looking classic cars on display and for sale.
    -- Don't forget to get your $10.00 raffle ticket while you are there.

  • Full story: [Mar. 18: Dave Rogers -]
  • Reference: [Bay City Motor Company]

    ^ Mar. 19 - Study Raises Concerns About Spreading Of Deadly Staph Virus.

    SAGINAW: Medical officials have been concerned for a long-time that staph virus methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) would eventually spread among the public due the to over use of anti-biotics. The virus is often associated with hospitals mainly because the immune system of patients are lower due to health problems. The virus which is prevelant everywhere can normally be treated by the health immune system of individuals. However, use of anit-biotics can reduce the immune system making MRSA more of a threat to their health.

  • Reference: [Mar. 19: Scott Davis - The Saginaw News]
  • Reference: [Mar. 7: Layman's information about the virus. - Annals of Internal Medicine.]
  • Reference: [MRSA - Center for Disease Control and Prevention.]

    ^ Mar. 18 - Bay City Moving Ahead On Plans To Renovate Wenonah Park.

    BAY CITY: Some months ago the city and DDA announced that they wanted to renovate Wenonah Park so it would be more useful. On Monday city commissioners will be asked to approve a request from the DDA to apply for a $500,000 grants from Michigan's Department of Natural Resources for the project that is estimated to cost about $3 million.

    The Wenonah Park was born out the the plan for the former Wenonah Hotel built in 1905 on the property now occupied by the Delta College Planitarium. Of historical significance is the park's connection to Defoe Shipbuilding Company. A young Harry Defoe had his first boat works there and was forced to move it to another location. The original park had plenty of parking, a covered building with restrooms and was extensively landscaped with flowers, shrubs and trees. At that time cruise boats were popular and they harbored at the park.

  • Photo: View of Wenonah Park river frontage. (Click image to enlarge.)
  • Full story: [Mar. 18: Scott E. Pacheco - The Bay City Times]
    Historical Look. [Mar. 21: Scott E. Pacheco - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Mar. 16 - Times Newspaper Features Business & Industry In Bay County.

    BAY COUNTY: An earlier edition of The Bay City Times this month included a special section featuring businesses and industries in Bay County, which is now available on their website. It is worth reading for anyone to get more realistic and balanced understanding of some of the positive things that are happening in general with the local economy.

  • Featured stories: [Mar. 5: Special Feature - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Mar. 15 - Teachers Sacrifice Wage Increase To Help Balance Budget.

    ESSEXVILLE: The Essexville-Hampton School District like so many other school districts across Michigan has a budget problem, but what makes their situation unique is that teachers in the Essexville Hampton Education Association have agreed to pass up a 3% pay increase already under contract for 2007.

  • Full story: [Mar. 14: Jerry Nunn - The Bay City Times]

    ^ Mar. 15 - New State Highway Maps Available.

    2006 Highway Maps are now available from the Michigan Department of Transportation. The maps are free and can be ordered online. They are also available in pdf format.

  • Reference: [2006 Highway Maps - Michigan Dept. of Transportation]

    ^ Mar. 13 - Church And State Struggle Over Plan To Widen M84.

    FRANKENLUST TWSP. - The St. Paul Lutheran church community property is separated by M-84. Its church and cemetery being on one side and its school on the other. The pioneer church community has been at this location since 1848, when M-84 was simply a rugged Indian trail through the wilderness. That trail is now the main west side artery between Bay City and Saginaw. Plans are to widen the two lane highway to four lanes. Last year the four lane section was completed in the Saginaw County section. When money is available, the Bay County will be done. In the mean time an issue exists between the State and the St. Paul church community over fair compensation for the church's property which will require modifications to the school building for safety reasons.

  • Photo: View of cemetery and church building along west side of M-84. The school building and grounds are on the east side of the highway.
  • Full story: [Mar. 13: Ryan J. Stanton - The Bay City Times]
  • Reference: [Map: St. Paul Lutheran Church -]
  • Reference: {History of St. Paul Lutheran Church -]

    ^ Mar. 12 - Bay County Board Tighten's Control On Attorney Fees.

    BAY CITY: Editorial by The Bay City Times commenting on the steps that the Bay County Board has taken to control the county's high cost of legal fees.

  • Full story: [Mar. 12: Editorial - The Bay City Times.]

    ^ Mar. 12 - Tittabawassee Within Inches of Flood Stage Being Watched Closely.

    MIDLAND: The Tittabawasse River crested at 23.9 feet yesterday in Midland, very close to its flood stage of 24 feet. The Chippewa Park, Trilogy Skatepark, and several lying areas are under water. The Tittabawasee should exceed its flood stage barring heaving rain as the smaller rivers that feed into it have begun to subside.

  • Full story: [Mar. 12: Cheryl Wade - Midland Daily News]
  • Reference: [Current MI Flood Warnings - NOAA Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac, MI]
    Flooding Increases Contamination Clean Up Work For Dow. [Mar. 15: Kathie Marchlewski - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Mar. 11 - Kansas Church Group Protests At Funeral Of Flushing Soldier.

    FLUSHING: God is punishing this nation for its stance on gay rights! That's was the message delivered today by protesters during the funeral of a Flushing soldier. A local group of several hundred people were there to oppose the presence of the protesters. Thirteen police officer from Flushing were on hand to keep the peace.

  • Photo: Sign from previous protest.
  • Full story: [Mar. 11: Michelle Leach - WEYI online]
  • Reference: [Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS -]
  • Reference: [Mar. 11: Article by Gina Davis -]
  • Reference: [Mar. 10: Antigay Church To Obey Laws -]
    Legislation Restricting Protests At Funerals On Fast Track. [Mar. 15: Marjory Raymer - The Flint Journal]

    ^ Mar. 09 - Truck Restrictions On Lower Peninsula State Highways Begin Monday.

    LANSING: Weight restrictions on oversize and overweight trucks will be in effect Monday, March 13th, for all State highways in Michigan's lower peninsula.

  • Full story: [Mar. 10: Michigan Newswire -]
  • Reference: [Detailed Area Highway Maps]

    ^ Mar. 09 - Items From Bay City's Old Library Are For Sale This Saturday.


    BAY CITY: Some might described the sale of used tables, cabinets, chairs and other furnishings as a rummage sale, but when they come from the former Central Library it's an auction. Lucky bidders have the opportunity to own a piece of Bay City's history. Some of the items being sold are truley antinques that date back to the late 1800s. The auction begins this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and is being done by the Finiest Auction Co. of Bay City.

  • Full story: [Mar. 9: Patti Lalonde - The Bay City Times]
    Article Updates. Auction Smashing Success.: [Mar. 12: Dave Rodgers -]

    ^ Mar. 09 - Microsoft Opening Up New Vistas For Windows And Internet.

    "Bringing clarity to your world."

    SPECIAL: If you haven’t heard about Microsoft’s new Windows software, it’s call “Vista”, and it will soon be taking over the spotlight from the popular Windows XP system. Windows Vista isn't the only major new offering from Microsoft. Windows Live, a new internet based series of products offers advances that are are sure to be highly welcomed by end users. These products include completely new versions of instant messenger and thier hotmail client for email. Joining these popular products will be a host of important new products such as "Windows One Care Live," that addresses security issues, and automatically updates and tunes up your computer systems.

    Both of these advanced systems have been in the beta phase for several months and are close to being released. If you would like to get a jump start in using these new products, they can be downloaded from their respective websites provided below. Windows Vista and Windows Live will set new standards of performance that'll relieve much of the burden for users in maintaining their computers and security worries associated with the internet. They'll be your computer's pit-stop where the crew at Microsoft does the tedious tasks for you making your time using the computer more enjoyable and productive.

  • Reference: [Windows Vista] - [Windows Live]

    ^ Mar. 08 - Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on I-75 Near Flint.

    Reference only.

    FLINT: Around 4 p.m., drivers on I-75 near the E. Holly Road exit got quite a shock as a distressed Piper Cherokee airplane with two passengers in it made an emergency landing on the medium of the highway as cars whizzed by on each side. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The plane was heading for Oakland County Airport in Waterford Township, when its engine cut out and wouldn't restart, forcing the emergency landing.

  • Full story: [Mar. 8: Tiffany Woods & Kim Crawford - The Flint Journal]

    ^ Mar. 08 - Saginaw Bay Skycam May Soon Be Available on Internet.

    UNIONVILLE: A 100 foot tower with a skycam is expected to be installed at Thomas Marina by May 1, that will overlook the Saginaw Bay. The skycam will be available on the internet allowing boaters or anyone else to view what's happening in real-time out on the bay.

  • Full story: [Mar. 8: The Bay City Times]

    ^ Mar. 08 - Michigan Needs A Raise Group Wants $6.85 Per Hour.

    VASSAR: The minimum wage has been locked at $5.15 per hour since 1997. A citizen's group called "Michigan Needs a Raise" is pushing for a minimum wage of $6.85 in Michigan, a figure that is less than the $8.50 per hour minimum wage workers would be getting today if the $5.15 per hour had been indexed to inflation. It's estimated that there are 464,000 mimimum wage workers in Michigan who have been taking an annual paycut since 1997. Yet, some still argue against any increase to the minimum wage because it may negatively effect small businesses or drive up the cost of products. However, these individuals have no problem with an annual increase in their wages that at minimum keeps up with inflation.

    Let's end this debate once and for all. Set the minimum wage at the level it should be then tie it to the annual inflation index. This is the fair thing to do and won't destroy the economy. It would stablize the purchasing power of minimum wage workers which should help the sales of businesses. It's the right thing to do and it's good for businesses.

  • Full story: [Mar. 8: Shawn Jenkins - Vassar Pioneer Times]
  • Reference: [Michigan Needs A Rai$e]
    Minimum Wage Increase Passes Michigan House. [Mar. 15: Peter Luke (Lansing Bureau) - The Bay City Times]
    It's Official! [Mar. 28: Michigan Newswire -]

    ^ Mar. 07 - Missing 1863-64 Bay City Newspapers Now Available At Library.

    BAY CITY: For many generations no one has ever been able to read the local news stories published in the 1863-64 editions of the Bay City Press And Times newspaper until now. They were considered lost forever until January 2005 when they came into the possession of Bay-Journal. They have since been micro-filmed and are now available for public viewing at the Alice and Jack Wirth Public Library in Bay City.

  • Full story: {Mar. 7: Marvin Kusmierz -}
  • Reference: {Civil War News -}

    ^ Mar. 06 - Northwood Gets $2 Million Boost For New Automotive Facility.

    MIDLAND: Northwood University's Midland campus is $2 million closer to reaching its funding goal for a new 25,000 square-foot automotive aftermarket facility, thanks to General Parts, Inc. based in Raleigh, N.C. Once the new educational facilties is completed the university will offer associate and bachelor degrees in aftermarket management.

  • Full story: [Mar. 6: Local News - Midland Daily News]
  • Reference: [Northwood University]

    ^ Mar. 06 - Midland Daily News Marketing Director Reviews Oscar Fashions.

    MIDLAND: What does the position of Marketing Director at a local newspaper have to do with critiquing fashion at the Academy Awards? Nothing unless your Kevin Prior who worked in retail fashion prior to holding this position at the Midland Daily News. Along with Kevin’s take on the fashions seen at this year’s Oscars, you can view phtots of forty-four lovely ladies and the gowns they wore. -- Photo: Charlize Theron.

  • Full story: [Mar. 6: Special - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Mar. 06 - Michigan Seeking Public Input For Long Term Transportation Plan.

    LANSING: The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will be holding a series of throughout the state to get input for a new long-term state transportation plan. The first of these meetings will held in Bay City on March 28.

  • Full story: [Mar. 6: Michigan Newswire -]

    ^ Mar. 05 - Olympian Izykowski Shares Community's Pride With Thompson.

    BAY CITY: A large crowd of gathered in front of the new Alice and Jack Wirt Library yesterday to share their community pride with Alex "Izy" Izykowski who earned a bronze medal at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics as a member of the U.S. speed skating team in the 5000 meter relay race. Many state and local dignitaries were there to acknowledge the official significance of Izy's achievement. When it was Izy's turn to speak before his cheering fans, he showed the true spirit of character that makes him a winner by point out there was another local Olympian among the crowd who deserved recognition, Jeff Thompson, who was a medalist at the recent Michigan Special Olympics.

  • Full story: [Mar. 5: Amy Jo Johnson - The Bay City Times]
  • Reference: [Alex "Izy" Izykowski Fan Website]
  • Reference: [Isykowski Family Photos -]

    ^ Mar. 05 - Focus On Job Losses by TV Networks Hides Positive Growth Story.

    MIDLAND: Jobs are being lost across American at a rapid pace as American automobile manufacturers trim their costs to stay afloat! True, but that's not the whole story! The other side is that in spite of these highlight jobs losses there has been 29 straight months of positive job growth in the US. Read on and learn why TV news should not be your only source to understand stories that may have an impact on you.

  • Full story: [Mar. 5: Dan Gainor - Midland Daily News]

    ^ Mar. 03 - Saginaw County To Have Unique Roadway Interchange.

    BUENA VISTA TWSP.: Work will begin in April on a new interchange at M-81 (East Saginaw) and interstate 75 in Buena Vista Township. When it opens in November some drivers may find the it odd and even difficult the first time they use it. The new interchange will be a "roundabout" where traffic travels counter clock wise in a circle until turning right to get off. Roundabout are common in Europe and have been used primarily in eastern state in the U.S. -- (See the Kansas State Unversity links below for information.)

  • Full story: [Mar. 3: Dean Bohn - The Saginaw News]

    Center for Transportation Research - Kansas State Unversity:
  • Reference: [Photo of Roundabout at Okemos, MI]
  • Reference: [Roundabout Research]

    ^ Mar. 02 - Raymond F. Weiss, Long-time Frankenmuth Supporter Died.

    FRANKENMUTH: The community lost one of its best supporters and a long-time friend this past Monday with the passing of Raymond F. Weiss who was 84 years old. Weiss was a partner in the family owned Weiss Equipment business founded by his father. Furneral services will be tomorrow for Weiss, who served in WWII and afterwards, in many public positions during his life-time.

  • Full story: [Mar. 2: Dean Bohn - The Saginaw News]

    ^ Mar. 01 - Michigan Signs Landmark Legislation To Protect Great Lakes Basin.

    LANSING: Governor Granholm signed legislation yesterday that brings Michigan into compliance with its commitment to the Great Lakes Charter of 1985. Members of the Great Lakes Charter are comprised of the state bordering the Great Lakes and Canada. Until yesterday, Michigan was the only member that had not formalized legislation that provides for a comprehensive water management system.

  • Full story - Feb. 28: Michigan Newswire -]
  • Reference: Great Lakes Charter 1985 (pdf) ]
  • Reference: {Council of Great Lakes Governors]

    ^ Mar. 01 - Family of Captain Boutell Make Major Donation To Museum.

    BAY CITY: Captain Benjamin Boutell, a historical maritime businessman who own one of the largest tug fleets on the Great Lakes, will soon have a room of his own at the Bay County Historical Society Museum located on Washington Avenue in Bay City. The Boutell family has recently donated a series of rare paintings that will become part of a new Captain Benjamin Boutell Features Gallary room.

    Among the large collection of original paintings are the works of the well known maritime artist J. W. Hardcastle that were painted in the late 1800s. The new exhibit is expected to be ready for public showing later this year.

  • Reference: {Bio. Capt. Benjamin Boutell}

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