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Dec. 1 - Christmas Remembered (Update)

We added special Christmas section up. It'll be a permanent part of the Bay-Journal website and we'll add to it as we find something new or interesting. Currently there are about a half-dozen pages that include some useful information about Christmas and others that are just fun to enjoy looking at. We'd like to ad some local touches about Christmas in Bay County or surrounding areas. Christmas is a good time to "share", so if you have something in this regard that might fit our need -- we'd like to hear from you.
Holidays/Christmas Remembered


We've started a new forum message board with a new host that we believe is much better than the one we were using. But, we won't know until we hear from you whether or not it'll be more user friendly. So, help us by giving it try. Post a message letting us know what you think?
  • Information / Community / Forum Board

    Dec. 14 - Nate and Mary Ida Doan Santa House.

    Lights decorate the entrance of Santa's house.

    If you haven't been there, I highly recommend doing so. I stopped there in search of some local pictures depicting Christmas, and I'll tell you -- this retiree quickly returned to his childhood feelings at first sight of all the Christmas displays inside. Needless to say, I used up all of my available storage space on my digital camera while I was there. I've took some choice images and created a new webpage for them in the Christmas section.

    If you want the same experience that I had, you'll have to visit Santa House in person. It's a trip well worth taking... but hurry, Christmas is not far away.

  • Holidays / Christmas Remembered.

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    Nov. 3 - News Channels.
    We've updated ourselves with some technology that has been around for a while. It's streaming RSS Channels, a technology that allows individuals to stream news onto their computer's desktop and websites to stream them into HTML pages. Its a technology that many websites now use to easily bring their viewers a variety of information that is automatically updated. For individuals willing to download one of the "free" RSS reader programs, it means they can now get information delivered on subjects of their chosing right to their computer without have visit a website or search it out on the internet. If you are a news-a-holic, then you will like this technology as it will keep up updated with news in real-time while your on your doing something else.

  • View article on RSS Feeds ["RSS For Non-Technie Librarians"].
  • View new RSS feeds added to Bay-Journal {INFORMATION/News Headlines].

    Nov. 4 - Bay City Parks Pictorial (Update).
    We've added the following parks to this pictorial: Carroll, Hewitt, Birney and Wenonah.

  • Pictorial Library / {Bay City Parks}

    Nov. 4 - Biography: B.F. Partridge (Update).
    The biography of this pioneer has updated to include additional information regarding his time of service during the Civil War. Please help us if you are aware of his genealogy or any other material that will give a more complete history of him and his life.

  • Heritage / People / {Benjamin Partridge}

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    Oct. 1 - River of Time 2003 Video.
    We spent some time at the River of Time event this past weekend enjoying the activies and taking pictures which we've put into a video. It was a chilly and cloudy day which didn't destract the actors or the visitors. However, the overcast weather did affect the quality of the photos.

  • Pictorial Library / {River of Time} (select "Videos")

    Oct. 2 - 1872 Bay City Panoramic (Update).
    Thanks to some vigorous research done by Alan Flood who donated this historical panaromic, some of the buildings have been identified. We've created a directory page to provide for a more informed viewing. A number of the early churches have been identified as well as a many of the major business blocks along Center Avenue. If you are a history buff and can add know the identity of any of the buildings, please share it with us and we'll add it to this special photo series.

  • Pictorial Library / {1872 Bay City Panoramic}

    Oct. 3 - State Capitals Crossword Puzzle.
    A new addition to the "Family Center" is our crossword puzzle on state capitals bring our total offering to ten at this time. We have an open invitation to all viewers to submit their challenging questions and answers for creating new crossword puzzles. Add yours today!
    Information / Family Center / {Crosswords/State Capitals}

    Oct. 6 - Celebrity News Articles.
    Now you can read about your favorite personalities with our daily syndicated articles from TVNow.com and it is up dated daily.

  • Information / Family Center / {Celebrity News}

    Oct. 6 - Family Entertainment Room.
    More fun in the Family Center! We've rearranged our learning games and added a new syndicated board with some top knotch games. You'll find them all in our new Family Entertainment Room.

  • Information / Family Center / Family Entertainment Room

    Oct. 12 - Bay City Parks Pictorial.

    Euclid Linear Park

    We spent the better part of a day taking pictures of some of the many parks in Bay City. It really opened our eyes to how many nice neighborhood parks there are in this city and the many improvements that have been going in recent history. The new Infinity skate board facilities in Defoe Park is something to see and watch the kids as they wizz up and down all of the steep contours. The Nate Doan Park must be one of the best kept secrets, but not to all the neighborhood kids enjoying its open spaces. The new Euclid Linear Park was an amazing experience to behold, once inside the natural area it is hard to believe it's city property. Bigelow Park on the Middle Grounds is another special place and gets plenty of visitors as a part of the Riverwalk Trail. And, Roosevelt Park in the southend hasn't look better. We can hardly wait for another nice day to visit the other parks on our list.
  • Pictorial Libary / Bay City Parks

    Oct. 14 - Humor Hall.

    Visit Humor Hall.

    A major goal of Bay-Journal is to be the "portal of choice" for our viewers. The Information Center section of Bay-Journal was designed with this in mind. It's where we house a large variety of resources on various contemporary activities and subjects. Theres the weather, news, sports, internet links, genealogy resources, Maps Library, Tourist Center and the Family Center. The later three have their own sub-section with related web pages.

    Our latest offering is the "Humor Hall" which has just been added to Family Center. It contains a number of internet feeds from websites featuring cartoons. We spent a lot of time finding them and checking the quality of their offerings. We avoided sites that we were able to determine include material unacceptable for family viewings. We hope we were successful in our choices, but if not, we will remove whatever that are not. There are many good amatuer cartoonist online and we've added links to few of them.

  • Click on the "Visit Humor Hall" image to view our new page and have a laff or two.

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    Sep. 1 - Bangor Township 1926 Plat Map.
    This is an excellent history map showing Bangor Township properties and their owners in 1916. We've added a names database that makes it easy to find a specific name and we've added a new grid reference to help locate these properties. We've also include reference to some of the other features on the map such as the Old Kawkawlin Stone road and the Indian Town Drain.

  • Maps Library / {Bangor Township 1916 Plat Map}

    Sep. 1 - Union Block Fire of 1890.
    The Union Block of Bay City was located on Water street at the foot of Center. Today, a portion of the Wenonah occupies that property. Contributor Alan Flood came up with an 1890 Tribune article about a fire that did extensive damage to the building and the businesses that operated in this building.

  • Heritage / Writings / {Union Block 1890 Fire}

    Sep. 3 - 1892 Book Index to Saginaw & Bay Counties.
    We've added a book index to "Portrait & Biographical Record of Saginaw & Bay Counties, MI" published in 1892 by Chicago Biographical Publishing Co. The index was contributed by Carolyn Gornowicz in hopes it might help some others. Book indexes are useful references when researching history or family genealogy. Reviewing book indexes online before heading for the library will save you time and make the job of finding what you are looking for easier.

  • Heritage / Places / {1892 Book Index}

    Sep. 3 - Davidson Ships Built Database.
    We recently added the history of the Davidson Shipbuilding Co. of West Bay City and now we've added a database on the vessels they built. The database was contributed by Per Bro, previously he contributed the database for Defoe Ship Building Co.

  • Databases / {Davidson Shipbuilding - Vessels Built}

    Sep. 4 - Death of William Skelton.
    We've added an 1883 article from the Bay City Tribune on the death of William Skelton of Williams Township. William settled there in 1850 when it was still a wilderness and took up farming.

  • Heritage / Writings / {William Skelton}

    Sep. 5 - Get Your Daily Horoscope!
    We all enjoy checking in with the stars every now and then to see what they have in store for us. We found this "content provided" and we like what we saw, so we've added the "Daily Horoscope" page to the Family Center. I had a great one today!

  • Information / Family Center / {Daily Horoscope}

    Sep. 8 - Tourist Center (Update)
    We've revamped the the Tourist Center page. A database table has been added to location tourist attractions and we've added many new one to the list. The overall look of the page has been changed reducing the overall size of the page.

  • Information / {Tourist Center}

    1890 - Elm Lawn Cemetery

    Sep. 9 - Desecrating Cemeteries! Why?
    A recent visit to Elm Lawn cemetery in Bay City was the motivation for this article written by myself, Marvin Kusmierz. I was there because I was in search of some information to complete a couple of biographical sketches that I was working on. The night before the cemetery was vandalized and a considerable amount of damage was done to grave sites. While I was there I had the opportunity to speak with a couple of the employees of the cemetery, both expressed their common concern about what had happened and a sense of hopelessness to do anything about stopping or at least minimizing such senseless acts in the future. It is a problem that has endured for many generations and gave me cause to ponder "why?"

  • Articles / {Desecrating Cemeteries! Why?}

    Sep. 12 - 1935 Earth Quake Shocks Bay Cityans!
    The scientist back in 1935 said it wasn't possible, but it happened, scaring many Bay Cityans who felt the effects of two tremors that ran accross 17 states from Montana to the eastern coast.

  • Heritage / Writings / {1935 Earth Quake}

    Sep. 14 - Diary of 1882.

    In 1883, the Bay City Tribune, prepared a review of the news for 1882. It is interesting to observe what made the news in those days when lumbering, and horse and buggies dominated the scene.

  • Heritage / Writings / Diary of 1882

    Sep. 16 - Immanuel Lutheran Church History.
    Helped by Rev. Sievers of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Frankenlust Township, a small group of German Lutheran immigrates were finally able to organize their own church in 1861. Having only modest financial means, they used funds advanced by Rev. Sievers to purchase a house on the northeast corner of Madison and Sixth in Bay City. This serve as their church for the many years until there wasn't sufficient property to expand it further. (History materials contributed by Gladys and Clarence Stroemer.)

  • Heritage / Religion / Immanuel Lutheran Church

    Sep. 17 - WWI Alien Registration Card.
    When WWI broke out, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation severly restricting the rights of Germans who were not naturalized citizens. We have an an example of the card all were required to carry with them during the war years.

  • Heritage / Writings / Alien Registration Card, WWI

    Sep. 20 - Lumbering Crossword Puzzle.
    For those who enjoy doing crossword puzzles, we've added a new on Lumbering to the Family Center. If you having been to the Family Center area of Bay-Journal, there ware a number of activities there that you may enjoy.

  • Information / Family Center /Crossword Puzzles

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    Aug. 1 - New Weather Service (Update).
    We've changed our weather service provider. Our weather page now provides current weather conditions, a five day forecast and weather conditions for major cities. Our weather page also features cartoons from Jawtoons.com to help lighten up your day and a rotating "opinion" poles on topical subjects.

  • Information / Special Features / Weather

    Aug. 3 - Pictorial Photos (Update).
    We've up dated some of the photos and added a few new ones to the Pictorials on "Veterans Memorial Park" and "People". We'll continue to do this as we are able to get more photos of the park. (Feel free to donate a favorite photo to these or any other pictorial.)

  • Pictorial Library / Veterans Memorial Park - People

    Aug. 4 - Map History.
    Maps are an interesting means to understanding the evolution of history, especially when they are displayed together so one can easily compared changes over time. We've done this with the new page created on Bay County's map history. It begins with a map from 1763 when our area was a part of a huge Indian Reserve controlled by the British. It goes on from there to show the Michigan Territory that comprised all of today's upper Mid-West region. And, concludes with a series of maps showing the formation of counties in the Saginaw Valley.

  • Maps Library / Maps History

    Aug. 5 - New Township Histories (Update)
    We've update some of the township pages that were without any history, they now do. We would like to improved on the presentation of materials for each over time. We hope some that live within these communities will be able to help us in this regard. The up dated pages are for the townships of: Bangor, Frankenlust, Fraser, Gibson, Merritt, Mount Forest, Monitor, Pinconning and Portsmouth.

  • Communities / Bay County Communities

    Aug. 14 - Bay County Civil War History.
    Article covering background on the Grand Old Army of the Republic, how lost veterans were found and some history on Pine Ridge cemetery where many are buried.

  • Heritage / Groups / Veterans Memorial

    Aug. 14 - Pictorial: Cemeteries (Update)
    Added photos and history. Shows the special veterans area and several of the monuments dating back to the early 1860s. James G. Birney established the cemetery which replaced "Potter's Field" located at Washington and 11th.

  • Pictorials Library / Pictorial: Cemeteries

    Aug. 15 - Land Patents.
    Open a new category in the Places Section of the Heritage Library covering old patents issues to early pioneers. Presently listing three land patents issued to James G. Birney. More to come!

  • Heritage / Places / Land Patents

    Aug. 16 - Rare Climpse Into History.
    You are in for a treat, especially if you are a history buff. Thanks to the generosity of Alan Flood, a gentleman who has been collecting local history for years, we have a rare panoramic view of Bay City from 1872. A series of eight photos were shot from the bell tower of the First Baptist Church that was once on Center and Madison avenues. The images are badly deteriorated, but there is more than enough visible to awe you on how much has changed from then to now. You must see the river front, what an amazing site -- it was the lumbering era and these pictures will show you what it was like back then.

  • Pictorials Library / Pictorial: 1872 Panoramic View

    Aug. 16 - County Buys a Bridge.
    This is a series of articles contributed by Alan Flood regarding the Third Street Bridge. In January 1883, the Bay City Tribune published several articles about of the meetings held by the Bay County Board of Supervisors at the time the county was in the process of purchasing the toll bridge with the intention of allowing free passage. The articles include names of many citizens of that era.

  • Heritage / Wrtings / County Buys A Bridge

    Aug. 17 - Davidson Shipbuilding Company.
    Another donation from Alan Flood, this time an article on James Davidson and his shipbuilding company which was located in West Bay City during the late 1870s. Today, the property is a part of Veterans Memorial Park in Bay City. One of the shipyard's slips still exists and is near the Bay County Community Center. This gives a great deal of background on James Davidson and his family, many of whom carried on in shipbuilding.

  • Heritage / Businesses / Davidson Shipbuilding Co.

    Aug. 19 - Oak Ridge Cemetery.
    We've added the Oak Ridge Cemtery on Henry street in Bay City to the Cemetaries Pictorial and a new map page of the cemetery. Oak Ridge dates back to about 1852 and actually got its start as a part of the Drake Mill property. The first burial there was one of the workers from the mill.

  • Pictorials / Pictorial Cemeteries, Oak Ridge Cemetary Map

    Aug. 23 - Pine Ridge Cemetery.
    Added cemetery map of the historic Pine Ridge cemetery on the s.e. corner of Columbus and Tuscola. Pine Ridge was founded by James Birney, the son of famed abolitionish James G. Birney. He is buried there with his wife Amanda, his grandson James G., a Civil War veteran and his brother George Birney.

  • Maps Library / Pine Ridge Cemetery Map

    Aug. 29 - We Had A Talk With Bubbles
    On August 3rd, we acknowledged in our Commentary section that Bubbles, our official tour guide of the Kids section of Bay-Journal, had the unusal behavior of hiding being a sign with a big red "X" on it! As much as we tried to control this behavior which we attribute to his shyness, we couldn't do it. We threw away his sign, but each time we did, he came up with another one. So, we gave up!

    Effect today, bubbles no longer wanders around the page and the only signs he has are the ones we produced for him. Bubbles actually likes the new arrangement, in his words, "I felt kind of foolish swimming around the page like a gold fish. It was demeaning!" We apologized to Bubbles even though we didn't know this was a problem for him. We had no idea he was so shy. Or, is this his way of getting rid of the planes which he never liked either? .... hmmmm.

  • Information / Kids Section / Bubbles Kids Tour of Bay-Journal

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    Jul 2 - Sporting News
    A Sporting News page has been added to the Special Features section of the Information Center. Besides national sporting stories, links are available to local, regional and national sporting websites. We want to include websites of local sports teams and organizations. If you have one or know of one, let us know and it will be included.

  • Information / News / Sporting News

    Jul. 6 - Eateries Crossword Puzzle
    I was thinking about the old White's Drive-in Restaurant the other day. Many that grew up in the 50s and 60s will remember this hot spot for teenagers on Euclid. During the summer months the eating area was completely open with drive-up parking on both sides. Back then, there where many drive-ins along Euclid avenue including Richies and Holiday drive-ins near-by Whites. Even the first McDonalds restaurant on Euclid was kind of a drive-in as they had no seating area. About the only comparison to a drive-in experience today is the A&W Drive-in on Lafayette street. The A&W shuts down during the winter months while the others were open year round. Whites put up temporary walls during the cold weather period but most of us still ate in our parents cars with the engine running to keep warm. Back then gas was less than 25 cents a gallon and dad paid for it anyway.

    This fond memory led me to coming up with another crossword puzzle. Your challenge is to name the eateries that I've come up with around the Bay City area. To challenge your memory, I've mixed the present with the past so it's not too easy to solve. But, there are plenty of clues to help you and a couple I've already mentioned here.

  • Information / Family Center / Eateries Crossword Puzzle

    Jul. 8 - 1928 & 1948 Centralia
    Both of these Centralia have been available in the Pictorial Library and both have very large image files making it very slow for users on a dial up internet connection. Both are important and significant documents and to make sure everyone has the capability to view them, we created a section in the Heritage Library for each. Each image page of the Centralia now has its own web page so that other images do not hold up the loading of a single page. This should help considerable for dial up viewers. Both have an Page Index to help locate pages and subjects of interest. The 1948 Centralia includes a listing of businesses that supported its publishing. Both Centralia have added well over a hundred new pages. The new location can be seen at:

  • Heritage / Groups / Heritage/Groups/1928 Centralia or Heritage/Groups/1948 Centralia

    Jul. 12 - 1964 Gold Rush!
    The "Gold Rush" for this community began in 1940 when Richard Terrance McDermott was born. No one knew it back then, but in 1964, the community and the whole world were aware of Terry McDermott and his feat. In 40.1 seconds, he became the only "Gold Medal" winner for the U.S. team at the Olympics held at Innsbruck that year. Racing against all odds, he defeated the heavy favorite for the 500 meter race and two time Gold Medal winner, Evgeni Girshin of Russia. In doing so, he save the U.S. team from being the first to never have won a Gold Medal.

  • Heritage / People / McDermott, Terry

    Jul. 14 - Bay City's First Mayor
    In 1865, Lower Saginaw changed it's name to Bay City. Nathan B. Bradley, a local lumber mill owner, successfully ran for the office of mayor and established himself a unique position in Bay City's history. But, his contributions to go far beyond this. During his time here left his mark on many aspects of this community that affect the generations that came after him.

  • Heritage / People / Bradley, Nathan B.

    Jul. 16 - Railroad Memories from Early 1900s
    In Leslie Arndt's book, "The Bay County Story -- Footpaths to Freeways", he quotes Mrs. Harriet Campbell's recollection of what it was like riding passenger trains during the early 1900s. A time when rail service dominated land transportation connecting growing communities and creating new communities along the railway between them. Included on this page are some historical tid-bits about local rail history from this book.

  • Heritage / Writings / Railroad Memories

    Jul. 17 - Railroad Pictorial
    As our file library of photos grows, we've been reorganizing them by subjects. Depending on the subject, you many see duplicate photos from a general topic like Bay City photos appearing in a subject pictorial such as our new, Railroad Pictorial. This should eliminate several photos for example, of the Pere Marquette Depot appearing in the Bay City Pictorial as they will all be in the Railroad Pictorial. We are a little slim on the number of railroad photos, we'd appreciate any that you are able to share with us that will help viewers to visualize this industry that played such a vital role in our growth.

  • Pictorials / Pictorials/Railroads

    Jul. 19 - Bay County Library History
    We've added the detailed history on Bay County's public library system which had its rough beginnings in 1869. This historical document was prepared around 1948 and is quite detailed regarding the early progression of the public library which was then, the "Bay City Library Association". Our thanks to Tom Birch of the Central Library for transcribing it into digital format and sharing it with Bay-Journal so you could see it online.

    For nearly five decades the library operated without a permanent home. They first began operations in space provided by the Sheriff's Office, and somehow, Sheriff Braddock found himself acting as its temporary librarian! Fortunately, that only lasted about a year before the library began several moves until in 1922, a new permanent building opened on the south west corner of Center avenue and Jackson streets. You can learn more about people like William Clements, Isabele Ballou and others, and the important role the Carnegie Foundation played in making it all happen.

    Along with these nine pages of library history is an article by the Bay City Tribune covering the opening of the new library building.

  • Heritage / Groups / Bay County Library System.

    Jul. 20 - Bay County Cemeteries
    We've added a directory for cemeteries in Bay County and include a bit of history that we learned about the earliest of them, like Potter's Field that was located not to far from the present City Hall building in Bay City. We can use your help to add to this list and any information that you may be aware of about specific cemeteries and their history.

  • Heritage / Places / Bay County Cemeteries

    Jul. 20 - Bay City Years Ago (1835-1858)
    On June 26, 1887, the Bay City Tribune published an article based on excerpts from a book published in 1858 by Dr. Plesner of Saginaw City, in which, history on Lower Saginaw (now Bay City) was included as it was then a part of Saginaw County as Bay County wasn't formed until 1857. Included in the article is an 1858 business directory containing names of the owners. The article describes some of the features of the landscape which one would not be able to recognized today as the meadows and trees have long disappeared and have been replaced by man made structures.

  • Heritage / Writings / Bay City Years Ago

    Jul. 20 - Mary Ann (Daglish) Miller
    Mary Ann was the spouse of Judge Albert Miller, both were among the founding pioneers of Lower Saginaw (Bay City) and members of the First Presbyterian Church here. Mary Ann died in 1904 and that year added in the "Michigan Pioneer Collection."

  • Heritage / People / Miller (Daglish), Mary Ann

    Jul. 23 - Bay County Service Memorial
    This page has been six months in the making, while it is not complete yet, there is enough information to share it online while further work is done.

    The focus is on identifying individuals that were either born in Bay County or lived here, and fell in harms way. Besides veterans of the arm forces, we've included "Civil Servants" from the police, fire, sheriff and state police departments.

    It's important that time does not fade their memories -- that distant generations may understand the importance of their deeds. It is not enough though to only remember past sacrifices -- individuals presently in service deserve our attention and appreciation for the risks they endure on our behalf. Help us if you can add to the list or share further information on an individual or the on the subject. - Heritage/Groups/Bay County Service Memorial

    Jul. 26 - Meet Bubbles!

    "Bubbles" is our new tour guide for the the Kids Section of Bay-Journal. We ran accross Bubbles (we gave him the name) at one of the JavaScript websites and new we had to have him even if thought we didn't know what we were going to do with our "Bubbles" at the time. Then the other day while looking for something else, I bumped into "Bubbles" again and it dawned on me that Bubbles would fit in well as our guide for the Kids Tour of Bay County History. The first time you run the new Kids Tour with Bubbles as your guide, you may experience slow loading or Bubbles may appear as that daunted red "X" graphic. But, once Bubbles is cached on your system, those problem should disappear, unless you have a very slow system or internet connection. If you continue to have problems with Bubbles, let us know and if enough do, we'll find another way to use Bubbles without taking a heavy load on your systems.
  • Information / Kids History / Tour the Kids Section with Bubbles

    Jul. 29 - WWII Memorial Dedication (1944)
    This article was published in 1944 by the Bay City Times on the dedication ceremony of a WWII Memorial to soldiers from Bay County that died. This memorial was later replaced with the granite memorial in memory of fallen Bay County soldiers of all wars. - WWII Memorial Dedication (1944)

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    Jun 25 - We Broke Up Our Home!
    After adding the new icons to the Home Page, I decided the page really needed some cleaning up. It got kind of crowded overtime as with new links to popolar pages. Kind of looked like a messy teenager's room! So, I created a new page to house these quick links which I'm called the Featured Subjects Menu page. This cleaned up the Home Page considerably which a more organized look. I've decide that monthly history graphic will now relate to the History Focus that appears in this monthly news letter and a link was added so viewer can easily jump over to the history. While the new pages worked fine on my computer, there is a bug in the data I up loaded that has baffled me for over a day. The new display graphic for some reason is not working! I'm hoping this annoyance will be resolved soon as the an error message inside the display window on a Home Page isn't a reassuring welcome to new visitors.

    Jun. 24 - Home Page Icons.
    June has been a slow month on the website with most people spending less time online to enjoy the warm weather. We took this opportunity to do a little tweaking of the looks on the Home page. The text links of the Quick Menu have been changed to icons which should make it a little easier to quickly what each is.

    Jun. 18 - Hollywood Postor Art.

    Postor art is an art form that most everyone enjoys viewing. They help to describe a story, in our case, a movie story of another day. In our gallary you'll find some pretty fantastic stories, such as, "Gone With The Wind", "My Fair Lady", "The Wizard of Oz" and more!

  • Heritage / Theater / Hollywood Postor Art

    Jun. 12 - Township History Pages

    Up until now there were only township pages where we had history available for them. As of today there are pages for each township. We're hoping this will stimulate you into helping us fill them up with your townships history.

  • Communities / Community Histories

    Jun. 10 - It's Movie Time!

    We've added a new section to the Pictorials Library -- videos! Now you can enjoy looking at some vintage photos created with Windows Movie Maker 2. The only catch is you "must" use Windows Media Player 9 to view the file. Most of you will have it, if you don't we've include a link to Microsoft.com where it can be downloaded for "free". There is also a link to Windows Movie Maker 2 which is also free, but is limited to Windows XP systems.

    Our first production is called, "Bonds Today", name after the background tune we're using for the video. It's a jingle used during WWII to promote the sale of governement bonds as a way to support the war effort. The video is less than 5 minutes long, but the file size is 963 kbs and may be slow loading if you are using telephone modem connection. But, if you are patient -- we think you'll find the film enjoyable. At least we did!

  • Pictorials / Pictorials Library (bottom of page)

    Jun. 6 - Family Center addition

    A "Music and Sound Room" has been added where you can see and play the music and sounds used on Bay-Journal. We've included some nifty links to other music resources with a history slant that you may find interesting.

  • Information / Family Center / Music & Sounds Room

    Jun. 5 - Bay-Journal Monthly
    I've made a couple of changes to this page. I've change the Archives menu so you can now see highlights covered in previous editions and on the archives pages themselves, I've added forward/backward links so you can more easily browse through them. In the right hand column, I've added a Monthly Quiz to test your knowledge on local history. It includes a link to the page where you can find the answer.

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    Eastern High School Monthly 1896 (Contributed by Dan MacMeekin)
    This presentation contain 19 large image files of a student newsletter, called High School Monthly, published in 1896. It's a joy to read what they had to say. Included are several ad from businesses of that time period.

  • Heritage / Groups / Heritage/Groups/Eastern High School Monthly

    Bio. of James G. Eddy (Contributed by Charlotte Lamm)
    Born in Bay City during 1881, James married Mary Horton Cooley of Bay City. They eventually drawn to Seattle, WA where James could satisfy his lumbering interests. It was there that James pioneered forestry genetics and created the Institute of Forest Genetics.

  • Heritage / People / Heritage/People/Eddy, James G.

    Pictorial: Frankenmuth, MI. (Contributed by Cindy Hageneur)
    Our thanks to Cindy we have some nice vintage shots of Frankenmuth, our neighboring community and are now in a pictorial format. Frankenlust township was formed about the same time as Frankenmuth, by immigrants from Bavaria and they share some original heritage with each other.

  • Pictorials / Pictorial Library/Frankenmuth

    City Hall, 1894 News Article
    This article appeared two years before completion of the new city hall. The reporter describes some the details of the building becoming evident of the building at that time.

  • Heritage / Writings / Writings/City Hall 1894

    Forest City House (Hotel).
    January 1949 newspaper article on the closing of this Bay City hotel that was built around 1859 on the southwest corner of Washington and Sixth.

  • Heritage / Writings / Writings/Forest City Hotel

    UTILS Menu.
    Many of you may not be aware of the icons on the top of each page. One will stop background music and the other is our UTILS Menu which is a quick link screen to popular pages on Bay-Journal. We've added some more connections on it.

  • Information / Utilities / UTILS Menu

    Selective U.S. History.
    We've added two historical documents to the History section, the "Declaration of Independence" and "Lincoln's Gettysburg Address". Other histories include that of the Flag, Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance and a historical events timeline.

  • History / USA / History/United States

    New Learning Games
    We've added two old-time favorite games to the Family Center, Word Search and Memory. Both can be played by most any age group and each has several plays to keep you challenged.

  • Information / Family Center / Information/Family Center

    Biography of James Shearer
    James was born in Albany, New York in 1823. Forty-one years later, he moved to Bay City where which became his home for the balance of his life. An accomplished architect and builder, he helped build the Capital buildings of two states, Alabama's in Mongormery and Michigan's in Lansing. Bay City would become his final home where he continued to excell in business and civic leadership.

  • Heritage / People / Heritage/People/James Shearer

    Defoe Shipbuilding Database
    We've added a database of ships built by the Defoe Shipbulding Co. courtesy of the website, There Once Was An Industry, it lists ships built by the yard since 1912.

  • Heritage / Businesses / Heritage/Business/Defoe/Database of Vessels Built

    Pictorials (Update).
    We've been testing a new slide viewer for over a month, not hearing about or seeing any problems with it -- we have now up dated our pictorials. We continue to use the embedded pictorial which includes a text/photo presentation on one page. The new one will have an "Intro" on the subject as a lead in to the slide viewer itself. The advantage of this one are many, all pictures load in actual size which can be auto or manually rotated. It has a zoom in/out feature by left/right clicking on the photo, and you set your own back ground color, speed and more using the "Advance" feature. All pictorials include different background music that we hope adds to your viewing experience - if not, it can be easily shut off.

    We've added two new theme pictorials, "Buildings" and "Businesses". Some of the images are from other theme presentations, but most are new or different.

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    Third Street Bridge, 1890 News Accounts
    We've established another major category, "Writings" in the Heritage section for capturing history as it was written then. We expect this section to contain a variety of sources such as newspaper accounts, old correspondence that describe that time period, siginificant documents and more.

    Our first entry was submitted by Alan Flood who has had a long time interest in local history and has put together many interesting collections of materials on various local subjects. One of these subjects is the Third Street Bridge which he shares in the "Writings" section are Bay City Daily Tribune newspaper articles written in 1890, at the time when its was being reconstructed as an iron bridge replacing the original wood structure.

  • Heritage / Writings / www.bay-journal.com/bay/1he/writings/third-st-bridge1890s-tribune.html

    Selective U.S. History.
    Many of you may not be aware that tucked into the bottom right column of the History main page is a section on U.S. History. There you'll find a timeline on U.S. historical events, the history of our flag and anthem, and a new page that has President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

  • History / USA / www.bay-journal.com/bay/1hi/

    Aerials of Bay City Area.
    Jerry Clayton, a friend of Bay-Journal who happens to be a talented photographer that loves to fly is sharing a series of aerials photos with us. He took the photos in the 1996-98 time period. Unfortunately, we had to sacrifice of Jerry's quality work to reduce file sizes and speed up their loading. None the less, they are excellent views of many sights around this area; Wenonah Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Central High School, Bay Medical, quite a few marinas, and much more. Enjoy!

  • Pictorials / www.bay-journal.com/1pi/aerials

    Defoe Boat and Motor Works. (Defoe Shippbuilding Co.)
    This was the original name of the Defoe Shipbuilding Company founded by Harry Defoe in 1905. Harry had a passion with boats as a child and he turned it into one of Bay City's major businesses. He died in 1957 at the age of 81 while he was in Washington DC working on another government contract for the company. The company hits its peak production period during WWII when it was called on to support the country's war effort. A yard crew of 4000 were turning out a ship per week. Besides warships, they built some of the finiest yachts include one owned by President John F. Kennedy. (This history page includes a pictorial.)

  • Heritage / Businesses / www.bay-journal.com/bay/1he/bus/defoeshipyard.html

    Public Log Book (Home Page) (NO LONGER ACTIVE)

    History of Bay City Players
    The origins of Michigan's oldest continuous theater group dates back to 1899 when the Bay City Art Club was formed as a study group and met for years in the homes of local residents. Their first performance was in 1917 and was entitled, "An Afternoon of Interpretation." In 1929, their name was changed to the "Bay City Theater Guild" and in 1931, they became the "Bay City Players". Along with their history are some vintage photos and a listing of performances from 1917 to 2001.

  • Heritage / Theatre / www.bay-journal.com/bay/1he/theater/bcplayers.html

    1922 Polk Directory - Bay City History & Stats.
    This is a retyping of pages 71 - 79 of the 1922 Polk directory. It provides a perspective of Bay City at during this time period, statistics related to population and public facilities, all supplied by the Bay City Board of Commerce. Several photos of building blocks are featured along with a number of factories that supported a population of 52,358 at that time.

  • Heritage / Places / www.bay-journal.com/bay/1he/dir/bcity-1922dir-history.html

    Web Yellow Pages.
    We're trying a new Yellow Page set up using a table technique that allows websites to be more easily located. The table features a filter system to find companies by Category, you can also Sort the data by clicking on a column's header or do a Search using keywords. The table requires viewers to have Java 1.1 or higher enable and browser needs to be 4.0 or higher. Let us know if you encounter any problems with this up date.

  • Information / Community / www.bay-journal.com/bay/1in/yp.html

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    Birney Family.
    The following new pages have been added:

    Family Center.
    We reorganized some of the Information pages into what is now the, "Family Center". The section includes: Food Recipes, Crossword Puzzles, Surf the Net for Kids, Virus Advisory, and, a new Featured Articles page.

  • Information / Special Features / http://bay-journal.com/sfp/fc.html

    Directories (Heritage/Places)
    We've added a directory of the "sawmills" on the Saginaw River as listed in the "1866-67 Indian and Pioneer Directory of the Saginaw Valley." The listing shows total feet sawed in 1865 by each sawmill at the following locations: Bay City & Portsmouth.; Wenona, Bangor and Kawkawlin.; Saginaw City.; East Saginaw, Florence and Carrollton.; Salina.
    - http://bay-journal.com/bay/1he/places.html

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    Saginaw River Maps.
    Series of 9 Saginaw river maps from 1918. The maps follow the river from its mouth at the Saginaw Bay to south of Bay City. They include names of businesses and other key landmarks of that period.

  • Maps Library / http://bay-journal.com/maps/1918-sag-river-maps.html

    Westover Block.
    The Westover Block opened in 1868 on the southwest corner of Washington and Center avenues in Bay City. It was built by William Westover who have come to Bay City only three years earlier. The Westover building included an opera house on the third level and a gallery on the fourth floor. It was destroyed by fire in 1886, two years later, the Phoenix building was erected on the same spot.

  • Heritage / Buildings / http://bay-journal.com/bay/1he/bldgs/westover-bldg.html

    Township Maps for Bangor and Hampton
    1916 plat maps for Bangor Township and Hampton Townships are now available in the Maps Library. These are large maps showing plats and their owners.

  • Maps Library / http://bay-journal.com/maps/maps.html

    A separate section has been created to handle history related to theater in Bay County. It includes a brief local history of theater, a brief history page on American Theater History with links to websites providing greater details, a page covering movie ads ran in Bay City in 1930 and a history page on the Woods Opera House which was the first building devoted to theater. -- We can use your help in growing this section to add more theater histories, it is a fun subject to research.

  • Heritage / Theatre / http://bay-journal.com/bay/1he/theater.html

    Trinity Episcopal Church of Bay City
    Trinity was organized in 1854 becoming the third church in Lower Saginaw (now, Bay City). The present church located on the northwest corner of Center and Grant was completed in 1887 and replace the first church on Washington. A brief history reveals its strong missionary role in Bay County's history.

  • Heritage / Religion / http://bay-journal.com/bay/1he/religion/trinity-episcopal-bc.html

    City Hall of Bay City.
    The City Hall is a registered National and State historical building. It was built at a time when there were high expectations the city to grow from 35,000 then to over 100,000 in the future. This future has not been realized yet and in fact, Bay City population has erode to about what it was over a hundred years ago. None the less, City Hall stands ready as a gem prepared for when that day does come. This pictorial gives some of the early history of this building and views of its exterior and ornate inside stairway.

  • Heritage / Buildings / http://bay-journal.com/bay/1he/bldgs/bc-hall.html

    Bay City 1893-94 Directory.
    Some of you may find this page helpful, it is an alphabetical listing of Buildings, Blocks, Halls, Parks, etc. from the directory reference above. Many of the building names like Shearer, Phoenix and others are familiar. However, may be new to you, at least they were to me. An example is the the G.A.R. Hall at 702-704 Washington avenue, the initials stand Grand Army of the Republic which was a Civil War group. You find the "old" City Hall listed on the east side of Saginaw street between Fifth and Center avenues. And, my Polish friends may know that was once located at 108 Washington! Or, others may remember that the Public Library building on the south west corner of Adams and Sixth. Six public parks are listed and only four of them are in existence today.

  • Heritage / Buildings / http://bay-journal.com/bay/1he/dir/bcity-bldgs-dir1893-94.html

    Moulthrop-Clift, Inc.
    In 1992, the Historical Society of Michigan honored them with a plaque as a Michigan Centennial Business. They are among a rare few local businesses still operating for more than 100 years. Read the history which begins 1867 with John Drake, a local insurance agent.

  • Heritage / Businesses / http://bay-journal.com/bay/1he/bus/moulthrop-clift.html

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    Heritage/People: Frederick Arnold - Bay City
    Article written by Jim Arnold about his Bavarian ancestor who immigrated to Bay City where Fred and his brother Gottfried started up Bay City's first bakery in 1856. Includes a quality photo taken about 1900 of bakery and a horse drawn wagon of a group promoting "Ma-Ma" bread.

    Heritage/Groups/Churchs: St. Anthony Church - Fisherville
    This church community was started by Polish immigrants at the beginning of the 20th Century out on farmland in Williams Township. Includes several nice photos of this early period.

    Information/Community: Crossword Puzzles
    Here's a new page where you can have some fun as you learn about history. We call it "Learning Fun" and presently have put a couple of crossword puzzles there related to Bay County. We'll have have some fun creating a variety of puzzles that we hope will be challenging and entertaining to do. Some of you will be glad to know that the puzzles do have a "cheat" key. I've had to use it myself and I created the puzzles!

    Information/Special Features: News, Weather & Financials
    We've broken down the old News-Weather page into "three new pages": News, Weather and Finance. In the process we changed some of the sources used for this information. We believe they are an improvement what we were using before. The financials page is completely new - featuring stock index charts, mortgage rates and a number of calculation tools, there even a standard math calculator. We've added a humor feed to each page that we hope will bring you a chuckle or two.

    Information Center.
    This section has been completely revamped to make it easier to locate the various special pages. We've set up three categories to help you find information specific pages related to Bay County, to Special Features or to Bay-Journal. Each category has its own menu side bar allowing you to move easily to another page.

    Pictorials: New Slide Show Viewer
    We're testing a new JavaScript viewer for the Pictorials Library. This viewer has a couple of features that our standard one does not. It shows the picture in its original size and it has an "auto display" feature which you can set the seconds/slide interval. We want to add features for a "Search" and "Selection Box". We need help from a volunteer that knows JavaScript language to accomplish this! Contact us if you can assist with this. If you would like to try out the Test Viewer, go to the PICTORIAL LIBRARY and select "Miscellaneous". Let us know if you have an opinion on what viewer you like best.

    Personals: Schaefer's Super Service, Inc.
    Full service gas sations and auto repair business located at 490 Tuscola - Bay City