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Dec.28 - Monthly Heritage Graphics Pictorial (new)
We've created a new pictorial using the graphics created each month to feature a specific history from the Heritage Library. Each includes a link to the magazine issue in which they appeared and a link to the history page of the subject.

  • Pictorials/ {Monthly Heritage Graphics}

    Dec. 20 - Color Drop Ball Game (new)
    A simple but addictive strategy game for all ages.

  • Information/Family Center/Entertainment/ {Color Drop Ball}

    Dec. 16 - Pictorials (update)
    We've changed the "viewer" used for slideshows, all are now formatted using the the "jsviewer" which provides a full screen of each photo. Each will include an introduction page that provides some background on the subject of the pictorial. The "jsviewer" includes many enhancement features which the viewer can control for their personal viewing preference. Just click "HELP" on the dropdown menu to see these features.

  • Pictorials / Pictorials Library

    Dec. 4 - Checkers Game (new)
    The old fashion game of checkers played against your computer. Who's smarter, you or the computer? Give it a try.

  • Information/Family/Entertainment/ {Checkers}

    Dec. 3 - Pictorial: Fire Departments (update)
    New photos added. Our thanks Gary Gasta of the Bay City Fire Department for donating these.

  • Pictorials/ {Fire Departments}

    Dec. 1 - Christmas Remembered (update)
    We've added a bunch of new holiday graphics and a couple of new pages. We've also did a little tinkering with the colors and layout for a fresh new look. Hope you enjoy.

  • {Christmas Remembered}

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    Nov. 18 - Capt. Armstrong's Troubles at Fifth Ave. City Dock
    Contributed by Alan Flood. -
    A series of short articles that appeared in the Bay City Daily Tribune newspaper during 1899, regarding disagreements with other parties in the use of the city's dock which led to legal action.

  • Heritage/Writings/Places/ {Fifth Ave. City Dock}

    Nov. 16 - History of Bay County's Organization by Gen. B.F. Partridge (1876)
    The forefathers of Bay County's organization had a fight on their hands to become a separate governoring unit. The counties of Saginaw and Midland did their best to keep it from happening. However, the leaders from Lower Saginaw (now Bay City) were persistent, they wanted independence from the county of Saginaw which they believed negatively affected their progress. Saginaw wasn't about to create a competitor to its north without a fight. They had no trouble in getting Midland county to align with them in regards. Midland had much to loose in the way of property proposed to create the new county. This history was capture in a document prepared by Gen. B.F. Partridge for an 1876 meeting held in Bay City of the Pioneer Society.

  • Heritage/Writings/Miscellaneous/ {History of Bay County's Organization} - by Gen. B.F. Partridge

    Nov 13 - Kidz Only! "Fish Tank" (new)

    We've added a second "pin-up board" to the "Fun Room" in the Kidz Only section. This one is a "fish tank" with plenty of fish for kids to have fun creating their own arrangement. If you haven't been into the Kidz Only! rooms, have a look! There are four rooms: History Room, Learning Room, Fun Room, Show & Tell Room. Each has a variety of activities to help kids learn while having fun.

  • Features/Family Center/Kidz Only!/ {Fun Room}. Kidz Only! three other rooms

    Nov. 11 - Pictorial: Heritage Libraries
    We gathered images of libraries and these are now presented in their own pictorial. Include are recent pictures of the renovated Sage Library.

  • Pictorials/Buildings & Structures/ {Heritage Libraries}

    Nov. 10 - Martime Biographies from History of the Great Lakes by J.B. Mansfield (1899)

  • {Carroll, James A.} (Captain)
  • {Cocklin, William} (Engineer)
  • {Crosthwaite, William} (Shipbuilder)
  • {Cullen, William F.} (Engineer)

    Nov. 10 - Civil War Diary of Mary (Craft) Hemminger (update)
    We've added new entries from this unique diary which now spans from Jan to the end of May. Mary was living in the village of Banks in Bangor township. Banks is now a part of Bay City's west side.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1863 Civil War Diary of Mary (Craft) Hemminger}.

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    Oct 21 - Maritime Biographies from History of the Greak Lakes.
    Biographies by J.B. Mansfield, published in 1899. Contributed by "LinksToThePast.com"

  • {Stone, Marshall} - Captain.
  • {Styninger, John A.} - Marine engineer.
  • Wheeler, Frank W.} - Shipbuilder.
  • {Wilcox, Antem J.} - Marine engineer.
  • {Wilson, George B.} - Marine engineer.

    Oct. 19 - Bay-Journal News Searcher
    New to this page! You'll find it in the News & Commentary section above. The "news searcher" will find all current news items related to the "county" you chose from the selection list. Give it a try!

    Oct. 19 - Fire Department Pictorial
    Some new firehouse photos have been added to this pictorial and it has been updated to a different viewer.

  • Pictorials/ {Fire Departments}

    Oct 4 - Maritime Biographies from History of the Greak Lakes.
    Biographies by J.B. Mansfield, published in 1899. Contributed by "LinksToThePast.com"

  • {Speir, James} - Marine engineer.
  • {Ward, Anthony} - Marine engineer.
  • {Wellman, James B.} - Marine engineer.

    Oct 3 - Maritime Biographies from History of the Greak Lakes.
    Biographies by J.B. Mansfield, published in 1899. Contributed by "LinksToThePast.com"

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Smith, P.C.} - Captain

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    Sep. 26 - Gen. MacArthur Speeches.
    We've added some memorable speeches of General Douglas MacArthur to the Selective U.S. History section, his brief speeches given at surrender ceremony of Japan, his address to Congress and his farewell address to cadets at the West Point military academy.

  • History/U.S. Selective/ Gen. MacArthur Speeches

    Sep. 26 - Pictorial: River of Time 2004.
    Photos taken this date of the final day of the River of Time event.

  • Pictorials/ River of Time 2004

    Sep. 18 - Maritime Biographies and History. - Courtesty of Links to the Past.
    The waterways of the Saginaw Bay area from the days of the earliest white settles been a location of maritime activities, from schooners to lake carriers hauling goods in and out of the Saginaw River. At one time, hundreds of tugs and barges help the large vessels navigation in and out the ports of Bay City and Saginaw. Thanks to permission from the "Links to the Past" website, we are able to share these histories here with you. Heritage/Writings/People/

  • {Leonard Sleno} - Bangor twsp. resident, marine engineer employed by Capt. Boutell.
  • {Frank A. Smith} - Marine engineer, graduate of Bay City high school.
  • {Captain Harry L. Shaw} - Saginaw resident, helped build Belinda, Twenty-third, Court and Mackinaw local bridges.

    Sep. 17 - Bay City South End Fire of 1892. - Contributed by Carolyn McGrath.

    Jul. 28, 1892: View south from Fremont avenue of destruction on Water street.
    Bay City's most disasterous fire happened on July 25, 1892, it started at the Miller & Turner mill at the foot of 31st street and spread to a forty block area, causing 1800 people to go homeless. This historical story begins with a personal letter written by Lilitia Dickie to her brother that evening about the fire and loosing her home. It is accompanied by seven articles that appeared in the Bay City Tribune newspaper on the 26th and 27th.

  • Heritage/Writings/Fire/ {1892 South End Fire.}

    Sep. 15 - Captain Benjamin Boutell (1844-??) - Courtesy of Links to the Past.

    Capt. Boutell was ran the largest fleet of tugs during the peak of the lumbering era. He built his wealth by expanding into several businesses which included the Marine Iron Works and the Excelsior Found Company which supplied castings to the Wheeter Shipyard. The Captain who was borned in Deerfield township (Livingston County) was married to Amelia C. Dudtlenger of Arenac.
  • Heritage/Writings/People/ {Capt. Benjamin Boutell}

    Sep. 13 - Salvage of Propeller Globe (1867) - Contributed by Dave Swayze.
    1867 Detroit Free Press article describing the salvage of the sunken vessel Globe off Charity Island in 1864. It was raised by Capt. Spaulding who hauled it to Bay City.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Salvage of Propeller Globe}

    Sep. 8 - Ship-building at Bay City (1886) - Contributed by Dave Swayze.
    1886 Detroit Tribune newspaper article reviewing shipbuilding at Bay City. Information includes listings of vessels built and commentary about early builders.

  • Hertiage/Writings/ {Ship-building at Bay City}

    Sep. 5 - Time Clock.

    We've added another untility to the Family Center that accurately provides the correct time and current time of places around the world.
  • Information/Family Center/{Time Clock}

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    Aug. 27 - River Navigation.
    Excerpt from the book, "Bay County -- Past and Present", written by George E. Butterfield, describing the early history of navigation on the Saginaw river and bay.

  • Heritage/Writings/Transportation: {River Navigation}

    Aug. 27 - History of Saginaw Valley Indians.
    Article that appeared in the Bay City Journal in 1865 written by a pioneer recalling a story told to him by an Indian regarding the history of tribes in the Saginaw Valley. Includes referenced to Indian burial grounds along the Saginaw river and its tributaries.

  • Heritage/Writings/People: {History of Saginaw Valley Indians}

    Aug. 23 - 1874 Village of Wenona Directory
    Lists street names, schools, churches and members of Mason lodge.

  • Heritage/Places/{Wenona Directory 1874}

    Aug. 23 - 1874 Village of Banks Directory
    Lists village officers, school staff, street names and Methodist Episcopal church.

  • Heritage/Places/{Banks Directory 1874}

    Aug. 21 - Abandoned St. Joseph cemetery.
    An article on the abandoned St. Joseph cemetery that appeared in the July 29, 1951 edition of the Bay City Times decribes the conditions of this burial grounds off State street between Elm and Smith. It includes images taken at that time showing grave markers for the Trombley family and Guindon sisters.

  • Heritage/Writings/{St. Joseph cemetery}

    Aug 16 - Ross & Wentworth Lumber Mill Closing.

    This 1935 Bay City Time's article covers the closing of the Ross and Wentworth mill that was located at Water and Twenty Seventh streets in Bay City. A sawmill operation at this location dates as far back as the 1850s when Benjamin Partridge erected the first one here. Later, Partridge was county "Sheriff" and in 1873 when Portsmouth township was organized, he was elected its "first supervisor." That year Bay City, annexed the "village of Portsmouth" expanding the city's geographical area south along the river. The old sawmill had a number of different owners over its life-time, and was the last of the "big mills" to go.
  • Heritage/Writings/{Closing of the Ross & Wentworth Lumber Mill.}

    Aug 15 - Opening of the Wenonah Hotel.

    (Contributed by Alan Flood)
    When the Wenonah Hotel opened in 1908 on the southeast corner of Center and Water, it was a grand affair for what was considered one of the finest hotel facilities of it's kind. Several articles in the Bay City Daily Tribune covered the event. You'll find link from this page to one of these articles that describes the elaborate features of the new hotel. Today, this spot is occupied by the Delta College planetarium.
  • Heritage/Writings/Places/Hotel Wenonah Will Open Today.


    At least it is for me! After three "long" months and over 700 web pages, the updates to the website are now completed. There may be a few stragglers to do and these will be done as they are identified. If you should come across a page that has a odd look from the normal page color scheme, please send us email with a link to that page. I hope you will like the new feature of adding a "People Referenced" and "Subjects Reference" field to the Heritage Pages. It will now be easier to quickly determine what's contained in the content of a page.

    Efforts will now return to add new content to the website. There is a backlog of pages to be completed and uploaded. Work will concentrate on finishing the 1940s School histories that was begun before the major updating to the website took place.

    Aug. 13 - Woods Opera House 1902 Fire.
    Article that appeared in the Bay City Tribune on August 29, 1902 pertaining to the fire that destroyed the Woods Opera House theater. The building was erected in 1886 on the southeast corner of Washington avenue and Sixth street. It was Bay City's first building designed specifically for theater use.

  • Heritage/Writings/Woods Opera House Fire - 1902

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    Jul 26 - James Clements Airport Map
    Basic overhead map of airport's layout. Includes brief notes on airport's history.

  • Map of James Clements Airport

    Jul 16 - Focus Forum: Want Ads Board
    We've opened up this a new board for sellers and buyers interested in promoting, selling or buying items, and best of all it's free! To maintain a limited control we have restricted this to "members only" which is also free. We do ask that you do not abuse by flooding the board with messages on the same topic. As a member you are able to manage your posting by modifying it or deleting it when out dated. We will periodically review the board and delete messages that we consider out dated or in appropriate.

  • Visit the new [ Focus Forum: Want Ads Board ]

    Jul 3 - Bay City Tribune 1909 Articles on Bay City Cardinals Baseball Team.
    The Bay City Cardinals were a minor league professional team and were the first to play ball at the new Clarkson park in 1909. These articles describe the team's activity as they prepare for league play.

  • { Bay City Cardinal Baseball Team }

    Jul 1 - Bay City Tribune 1909 Articles About John Clarkson.
    Both of these newspaper articles were written within days after John Clarkson died in 1909. One of the articles is a reprint of an article published by the Detroit Free Press. Both articles recall Clarkson's outstanding baseball career.

  • { Death of John Clarkson }

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    Jun 3 - History & Pictorial Sections Done! (update)
    The History and Pictorial sections have now been updated with the new look. Work will begin on the Heritage Library and this will be done over a longer period of time due to the large number of webpages involved. We will make no announcements regarding the new look until all pages have been completed.

    Jun 1 - New Look for Bay-Journal
    See "Introduction" in under the Highlight News & Articles for June 2004.

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    May 6 - Corbin and Dolsen Schools Added to 1940 Histories
    We're back at work trying to finish the 1940 Bay City school histories that we started a few weeks ago. Besides, Central High, Farragut, Lincoln and Woodside, we've just added Corbin and Dolsen schools. Schools to be done yet are listed on the main page for this series.

  • Heritage/Writings/1940 Bay City School Histories

    May 5 - Another Domain Name.
    We purchased another shorter domain name for Bay-Journal. Besides, "www.bay-journal.com" you can also reach us at "bjmi.us" -- just think, Bay-Journal Michigan.United States! Down the road we hope to do some other things with the shorter domain by creating what is called a "sub-domain." Using a sub-domain you just ad to the front end of the regular domain name to create a direct link to special sections of Bay-Journal. One idea might be baycity.bjmi.us or auburn.bjmi.us. The shorter name makes it easier to remember and type. We were forced to use a hyphen "-" between Bay and Journal when we got that domain name because another user already had "bayjournal.com." But, we like the bjmi.us even more because it short and to the point. Want to give it try? Just click on {bjmi.us} then check the address bar on your browser.

    May 3 - Obituary of Chesley Wheeler (new)
    Obituary from Bay City Tribune, published Monday, June 5, 1911 about Chesley Wheeler, founder of Wheeler shipyard in West Bay City.

  • Heritage/Writings/People {Obituary of Chesley Wheeler}

    May 2 - Bay County Post Ecards (new)
    We've added this new feature to the Tourist Center. There are 20 images of Bay County that you can select from to send an ecard. You can also customize your card by choosing its color, background, music or adding a special Java effect. This is a "free" service of Bravenet.com and as such, it includes their advertisements.

    We've been reluctant to add such free services because of the these advertisements that are beyond our control, but this one we thought was worth it because it allowed us to customize the images. Presently, Bay-Journal is not supported financially by sponsors. At some point this may happen in order to improve the offerings of the website by purchasing paid services that will eliminate the uncontrolled advertisements.

  • Information/Tourist Center/ Go to Tourist Center!

    May 1 - New Birney Genealogy. (update)
    We've added some new family information to James G. Birney's descendants that was contributed by Allen W. Whittemore. The new information is on Sophie and Alice, daughters of James and Amanda (Moulton) Birney. Both married into the wealthy Blackwell family from New York. Both marriages took place in Bay City, Sophie was married at the Trinity Lutheran Church while Alice made married at her parents residence. We also added a "new" page for an obit on Alice.

  • Heritage/People/ {Birney Family Genealogy}
  • Heritage/Writings/ {Obituary of Alice (Birney) Blackwell}

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    Apr. 24 - Tourist Information (update)
    We've done some updating to the Tourist page to increase the amount of information on attractions in the Saginaw Bay Area. The idea, of course, is to make it easy for visitors to our area to understand what's we have to offer to them. Feel free to let us know what else you think should be added.

  • Information/ Tourist Center

    Apr. 12 - Aerial views of Bay City and Ridge Road Cemeteries (new)
    While researching some information on the internet, we stumbled onto an aerial mapping feature available from the US Geologoical Survey. Being of a curious nature, we looked to see what we could find on the Bay City area. The results are presented in three new aerial maps. One is of Bay City metropolitain area, another of the cemeteries along Ridge Road, and the third is a view of the Saginaw River from Bay City to Saginaw. The later two, are a series of images that create an overall composite map.

  • Maps Library/
  • {Aerial view of Bay City area}
  • {Aerial view of Ridge Road cemeteries}
  • {Aerial view of Saginaw River}

    Apr. 11 - More Biographies from Pioneer Society of Michigan (new)
    Brief biographies have been added for the following pioneers:

  • {Joseph Trombley} - one of the first settlers in Bay City.
  • {Sarah (Chapoton) Trombley} - spouse of Joseph Trombley.
  • {Benjamin F. Partridge} - prominate businessman, politician, and county sheriff during Bay Ciyt's pioneer days.
  • {Harry Holmes} - Contractor and builder in Bay City, 1860-1880s.

    Apr. 7 - 1940 School History Articles (new)
    In 1940, The Bay City Times rans a series of articles that appeared in their Saturday editions covering the history of Bay City's schools. The articles give some good details about the early schools most of which has long disappeared. Include with each article was a photo of the school building. At this time we have posted four of the articles -- more will be posted as we get the webpages done. Each of the webpages has a menu that so you will be able to easily move from article to another.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Buildings/1940 Bay City School Histories}

    Apr. 5 - Civil War Diary of Mary (Craft) Hemminger of Bangor (new)
    Like so many other young brides, Mary struggled at home while her husband went off to war. Thanks to Phyllis Nilsson, who transcribed and contribute this diary, we are able to better understand what life was like for a Civil War bridge, and the times in which she lived. At home in Bangor township, she was left to care for her young daughter and fend for herself while worrying about the safe return of her husband, Isaac.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Civil War Diary of Mary Hemminger}

    Apr. 1 - Residents of Bay County in 1847. (new)
    In 1891, Judge Albert Miller made this document recalling the early people of Bay County for the Pioneer Society of Michigan. It includes the names of many people and their family members and a number includes the place they were from or went to after a living here. We created an index to make it easy to identify the names contained in the document and provided photos on those that have a picture.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Residents Of Bay County In 1847}

    Apr. 1 - Bay City Polk Directory 1883-94. (update)
    This directory was originally indexed by name, we've added an index by "location" so it is now easy to see who else was on a street or nearby.

  • Heritages/Places/Directories/ {Bay City Polk Directory 1893-94}

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    Mar. 22 - 1905 Sketches of Bay County People (new)

    In 1905, the G.W. Graham Publishing Co. printed the, "Michigan Gallary of Pen Sketches" which contained prominent businesses from various cities in Michigan. We put together a pictorial on those from Bay County.
  • Heritage/Pictorials/ {People Sketches 1905}

    Mar. 21 - Elizabeth (Wilcox) Rodgers (new)

    Elizabeth and her family arrived in Lower Saginaw (Bay City) in 1837, a year after her husband, Thomas Rodgers came here from Canada. As a young girl she learned medicine from her father which she put to good use attending to the medical needs of the early pioneers of this area. We've added a writing done by William R. McCormick, another pioneer, about Mrs. Rodgers.
  • Heritage/Writings/ {Elizabeth Wilcox Rodgers}

    Mar. 20 - Pin Up Board (new)

    Some more fun for kids -- we've created a pin up board where characters and objects can be moved around with the mouse to create fun scenes. It will young kids become familiar and hone their skills at using the mouse. And, they get to be creative by combining these icons into their own picture.
  • Kidz Only/ {Fun Things To Do!} (Use the drop down menu and select "Pin-Up Board."

    Mar. 18 - Recalling Old Streetcar Days (new)
    Robert Trudell, who was a youngster when streetcars first appeared in Bay City wrote down his recollections of that time period, and this appeared in Leslie Arndt's book, "The Bay County Story -- From Footpaths to Freeways." He makes reference to the evolution in transportation that took place beginning with streetcars and ending with the jitney (buses) that eventually ruled the day.

  • Heritage/Writings/Transportation {Old Streetcar Days by R. Trudell}

    Mar. 17 - Heritage Homestead Pictorial (new)
    We gathered images we had stored on some of the early Bay City homes and created a pictorial for them. We'll add more as we go along. If you can contribute some -- that would be great!

  • Pictorials/ {Heritage Homesteads}

    Mar. 16 - Biography of John McGraw (new)

    John McGraw was a wealthy lumber baron from Ithaca, NY. He and his friend, Henry Sages, also from Ithaca, partnered to build The Sage & McGraw Mill in 1865 which gave birth to the village of Wenona that later became the heart of West Bay City.
  • Heritage/People/ {John McGraw, Lumber Baron}

    Mar. 15 - Memories of Third Street Bridge (new)
    Article recalling my fond memories of the old Third Street Bridge that was at one time the only bridge connecting the east and west banks of the Saginaw River in Bay City. Before it, a wooden toll bridge in the same spot was the first structure crossing the river. Until it was created -- travel across the river had to be made by barge or boat.

    The only other bridge that I can remember from my more youthful years was the Balinda Street Bridge which was a knotch or two narrower than the Third Street Bridge, and a bear to cross if driving an automobile. Maybe you can recall the Cass Avenue Bridge -- it's one that I have no memory of at all. If so, why not share on Bay-Journal so I can enjoy learning what it was like. For that matter, I encourage you or others to help keep these memories alive for others by contributing a Personal Memories article about any subject that was special to you during your younger years.

  • Heritage/Writings/Personal Memories/ {My Memories of the Third Street Bridge}

    Mar. 14 - Building of Michigan Central Railroad Depot (new)

    The Michigan Centrral Railroad depot and complex was located between Woodside Ave. and First Street, just south of Madison Ave. In 1899, the Bay City Daily Tribune ran a series of articles regarding the proposed new depot being built in Bay City by the Michigan Central Railway Company. Thanks to a contribution from Alan Flood who enjoys researching old newspapers articles, we can read about it as well.
  • Heritage/Writings/ {Building of the Michigan Central Depot (1899)}

    Mar. 14 - Patrick Henry and Liberty. (new)
    Another document addition to the Selective U.S. History section, the words of Patrick Henry written in 1775 on the subject of liberty.

  • History/Selective US History/ {Liberty, Patrick Henry}

    Mar. 13 - Articles of Confederation (new)
    Added to the Selective U.S. History section. Many may not know that the Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the U.S., it eventually was substantially rewritten because it severly limited the role of the national government -- all power lied with the states. The national government was limited to diplomacy and defense of the nation.

  • History/Selective US History/ {Articles of Confederation}

    Mar. 11 - Bay County Historical Society (new)
    Added a Personals page. Features some of the many activities that the society is involved in related to our county's history. I stopped by the museum that other day and had a chance to see the construction going on to ready a "new" exhibit area for displaying larger and more artifacts of the past. The new exhibition is planned to ready for the public in the first quarter of 2005.

  • Personals/ {Bay County Historical Society}

    Mar. 1 - New Map Resources (new)
    Added an 1802 heritage map of Michigan which at this time was still undeveloped except for settlements in Detroit.

  • Information/Maps Library/ {1802 Michigan}

    The Library of Congress has an extensive collection of maps online that many may not be aware of. We added a link page to their website which includes direct links to a selected number of maps that we picked for your awareness.

  • Information/Maps Library/ {Library of Congress Map Collection}

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    Feb. 20 - Bay County Historic Plat Maps (new)
    We've created an index page in the Maps Library to some of the older plat maps of Bay County that are available from the State of Michigan website. The index page provides some basic data to browse saving you time searching on their website. There is also a link to pre-seached listing of all Bay County plats.

  • {Maps/Bay County Historical Plat Maps}

    Feb. 17 - Ethnic Genealogy & History of the Saginaw Bay Area (new section)
    We've added a whole new section to the Heritage Library for individuals interested in their family's heritage. This section is intended to include content related to ethnic history and a forum community where individuals can interact with others to further their genealogy. As of this writing there is a content section for Polish descendants and specific forum boards for French, German and Polish heritage groups.

    During the heavy immigration period family's and their neighbors typically migrated to the same location in America. Once settled here, they eventually spread out to neighboring communities to improve their lot. In the case of the new section, the family's neighborhood is the Saginaw Bay Area settled by many ethnic families who had their initial homesteads in places like Saginaw, Midland or Bay City.

    The growth of this new section will rely heavily on contributions from viewers who are interested in furthering the knowledge on their ethnic history with others. If you are doing your family's genealogy this a good opportunity to help us develop what can become a valuable resource that will benefit everyone.

  • {Heritage/Ethnic Groups of the Saginaw Bay Area}

    Feb. 9 - Journal of People (updated)
    We've modified this page by replacing the standard static alphabetical listing of people with a dynamic spreadsheet table that allows sorting and search of the data.

  • Heritage/People/Journal of People

    Feb. 8 - 1899 Paper on French Missions to Saginaw Valley (new)
    Paper written by Fred Carlisle for the Michigan Pioneer Society in 1899 providing historical references to French Missions in the Saghinaw as early as the 1680s. Include references to the Saginaw Treaty of 1819 and lands distributed to the Riley boys; John, Peter and James, who were sons of Me-naw-cum-e-goqua, a Chippewa woman.

  • {Heritage/Writings/Places - Saginaw River}

    Feb. 7 - The Park City (new)

    This is the title of an article published in The Daily Tribune of Bay City in 1884 regarding recent improvements made to the city's parks. Parks at that time were: Carroll Park, Washington Park (no longer exists), Park Place (now Battery), Madison Park (now Birney Park) and South Bay City Park (now, Rooselvelt Park). Include with this article are other news items that appeared on the same page.

  • {Heritage/Writings/The Park City}

    Feb. 7 - 1864 Thanksgiving Proclamation (new)
    On November 10, 1864, the Bay City Journal published a reprint of President Lincoln's National Thanksgiving proclamation that year. Included with the reprint is background references on the history of Thanksgiving which dates back to the pilgrims.

  • {Heritage/Writings/1864 Thanksgiving Proclamation}

    Feb. 6 - 1884 Obituary of Luther Westover (new)
    Luther Westover was a wealthy and prominent citizen of Bay City in the late 1800s. He was involved in lumbering and banking, and was a state representative for three years.

  • {Heritage/Writings/Obituary of Luther Westover}

    Feb. 6 - 1864 Article on Gen. David Bell Birney (new)
    Gen. David B. Birney was the fifth child of James G. and Agatha (McDowell) Birney, pioneer residents of Bay City. Gen. D.B. Birney fought with the Union army during the Civil War, as did many members of the Birney family, Gen. William and Gen. Dion, brothers of David B., Major Fitzhugh a step-brother, and Lt. James G. a nephew. The article was written at the time of Gen. D.B. Birney's death and gives details of his early life and action during the Civil War.

  • Heritage/People/David Bell Birney}

    Feb. 4 - Header Icons (update)
    The primary page of the main sections now have an icon menu replacing text previously used. No change has been made to the text menu of the content pages themselves. While we have attempted to make the icons symbolic of the contents of each section, this may not be evident to many, however, as you hover of the icon a text of its description will pop-up. An explanation of the icons and the main pages also appears on the primary page of the Information Center in the right-hand column.

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    Jan. 29 Project Gutenberg (new)

    Added to the U.S. History section. If you enjoy history or literature and are not familiar with the Project Gutenberg website, you'll appreciate what they are about. They offer thousands of free literature that is in the public domain in the form of Ebooks. Their library collection of Ebooks is very broad covering many countries on a variety of topcs. We've chosen a few which can be read from our new Project Gutenberg page. You'll want to visit their website and find your own literary treasures.
  • {History/US History/Project Gutenberg}

    Jan. 28 - Gen. David B. Birney (new)
    Gen. David B. Birney was the fifth child of James G. and Agatha (McDowell) Birney. In 1864, the Bay City Journal carried an article written in the N.Y. Herald regarding the passing of Gen. Birney and this is the basis for the new page on him.
    {Heritage/People/Birney, David Bell}

    Jan. 27 - Bay County 1860 Businesses Listing (new)
    Extracted from the 1860 Michigan Gazetteer of Businesses Directory. List companies/people by type of business.

  • Herigage/Places/ {Bay Co., 1860 Business List}

    Jan. 26 - Kidz Only (new section)

    We've added a major new section for kids. Our goal is to provide them with some "learning fun". Our kid's guide, Bubbles, is in charge of the new section which has four rooms - Our History, Learning Fun, Fun Things, and Show & Tell. Each of the rooms has activities specific to them. And, there is room to grow by adding additional activities to each.

    If you have a child, we hope you'll take some time to view the new section to see whether or not it'll fit in with your child's learning activities. We also welcome your comments or suggestions on how we may improve its content.

  • Information/Family Center/ {Kid's Only!}

    Jan. 19 - Description of Wenonah Hotel - Newspaper Accounts (new)
    More contributions by Alan Flood. This time it is a series of six articles on the Wenonah Hotel that appeared in the Nov 9, 1908 issue of the Bay City Tribune.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Wenonah Hotel

    Jan. 18 - Lumbering - Newspaper Accounts (new)
    Three newspaper accounts from the Bay City Tribune of 1887 contributed by Alan Flood. One covers salt manufacturing which many of the lumbering companies also were involved in.

  • Heritage/Wrtings/ {Lumbering}

    Jan. 12 - Walleye Express (new)
    We welcome Capt. Dan Manyen to our Personals pages. Capt. Dan is owner of Walleye Express a charter fishing service available year round. If you would like to go first class with the lastest electronic gear, give Capt. Dan a call.

  • Personals/ {Walleye Express}

    Jan. 10 - Biography of Henry W. Sage (new)

    Henry Sage is well known to local history buffs for his contributions to this area. Henry like many others was drawn here to tap into fortune to made in lumbering. He had plenty of experience having previously earned his fortune from the forests of New York, Canada and Wisconsin. This wealth allowed him and his partner John McGraw to build what was considered the largest sawmill in the world at the time. They chose the wilderness land along the west bank of the Saginaw River opposite Bay City, an area once owned by James G. Birney for grazing his cattle. The mill included a company town with living quarters and a store for the mill's workers. It became the Village of Wenona, then West Bay City after merging with the small communities of Banks and Salzburg.

    Along with the biography regarding Sage's contributions to this area, we received permission from Tompkins County, New York, NYGenWeb to reprint two articles written in 1894 about Henry W. Sage's early life and his many contributions to the growth of Cornell University.

  • Heritage/People/ {Sage, Henry W.}

    Jan. 10 - Article: "Historic Saginaw Bay Ice Fishing." (new)
    See "Commentary" section of {Jan. 2004 magazine}.

    Jan. 6 - Fire Department Pictorial (update)
    Added photos of 1928 American LaFrance and 1973 American LaFrance Pioneer fire trucks courtesy of John Kustuch of Essexville Fire Department.

    Jan. 1 - Article: "Dreams Of An Uptown At River's Edge." (new)

  • See Featured History Subject {Jan. 2004 magazine}.