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Dec. 23 - Pictorial: Cemeteries (Update)
This pictorial has been updated with photos of St. Anthony and Pine Ridge cemeteries in Williams Township.

  • Pictorial Library / {Cemeteries}

    Dec. 14 - Green Ridge Cemetery Map.
    With the addition of the map of Green Ridge cemetery (formerly Eickemeir's cemetery) donated by Alan Flood, the Maps Library now covers all of the cemeteries along Columbus Avenue and Ridge Road.

  • Maps Library / {Green Ridge Cemetery Map}

    Dec. 12 - Bay City School Histories, 1940. (Update)
    In 1940, The Bay City Times ran a series of articles on the history of Bay City schools which was published on Saturdays. Seventeen schools are covered, and included in their history are the names of principals and teachers. The following schools have been added: Kolb, McKinley, Park, Riegel, Salzburg, Trombley, Washington and Wenona. School histories that were added earlier are: Central High, Corbin, Dolsen, Eastern Junion High, Garfield, T.L. Handy Junior High and Lincoln.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1940: Bay City School Histories}

    Dec. 8 - Mader Trombley Recalls 60 Years Ago.
    The Bay City Tribune in 1895 interviewed Mader Trombley who recalled for them the pioneer days before Bay City existed.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Mader Trombley Recalls 60 Years Ago.}

    Dec. 5 - Village of Portsmouth History (1868-69)
    Taken from the Polk Directory, includes list of township and village officers.

  • {Portsmouth History, 1868-69}

    Dec. 2 - Article: The Remarkable Trombley House.
    This article provides an oversight of the history associated to the Trombley house which was built in 1837 two decades before Bay County was organized. This fact that it is still standing today is remarkable, and largely due to the Bay County Historical Society taking over ownership of it around 1981.

  • Magazine / Articles / {The Remarkable Trombley House.}

    Dec. 2 - Trombley House's 100th Anniversary.
    This article written in 1936 by Bill Knodt, Jr. briefly covers the early history of the Trombley House, and gives a good description of what the Trombley brothers had to do to erect a frame house in the wilderness.

  • Heritage / Writings / {Trombley House 100th Anniversary}

    Dec. 2 - Trombley House Land Transactions.
    The Trombley House was built in 1837 by Joseph and Mader Trombley and is the oldest structure in Bay City. Thanks to work done by Eurdine Ringwelski we have a record of the people who own the house for the past 168 years.

  • Heritage / Writings / {Trombley House Owners}

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    Nov. 26 - Civil War: Two 1861 Articles from Bay City Press And Times.
    Article published April 20th on rebels attack on Fort Sumter. Second article published May 2nd on first Bay City volunteer grouped, called the Union Cadets.

  • Heritage/Writiings/ [Apr. 20, 1861: Rebels Attack Fort Sumter]
  • Heritage/Writiings/ [May 2, 1861: The Union Cadets]

    Nov. 13 - 1859 article with comments made by James Birney at Bancroft House.
    The article covers the celebration opening of the new Bancroft House in East Saginaw at which James Birney gave a toast to the success of the Saginaw Valley.

  • {1859: James Birney's Comments at Bancroft celebration}

    Nov. 12 - 1866 obituary of Andrew J. Walton, of West Bay City. - Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx.
    Born in Saybrook, Ohio, former supervisor of the Bay County poor farm, and Civil War veteran.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Obit. Andrew J. Walton}

    Nov. 11 - George Gougeon's 1909 Letter to New York Firm.
    Mr. Gougeon, owner of a grocery store on Bay City's west side, was upset by an invitation from a New York import company which invited him to go to Saginaw where their salemans would should him their latest goods.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Gougeon Grocery Store}

    Nov. 5 - New Column: Thinking Out Loud! - by Michell Krueger.
    We are pleased to announced that Michelle Krueger has volunteered to help Bay-Journal on a regular basis. Michelle will be helping with the copy editing as well as writing a regular column called "Thinking Out Loud!" Her column will be a regular addition to the Bay-Journal Monthly magazine and she plans on covering a wide range of subjects. Her first column touches on the recent bankruptcy of the Delphi Company and her thoughts of what it means to the Michigan econony.

    Nov. 3 - Clarkson Park - New Bay City Baseball Park and Team.
    This baseball park built in 1909 was named in honor of John G. Clarkson, a Hall of Fame pitcher who played during the late 1800s and afterwards retired to Bay City. Include are articles describing the new ballpark, the dedication ceremony and the game between the Bay City club and Battle Creek team.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1909: Clarkson Park}

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    Oct. 22 - Changes to Bay-Journal Monthy Magazine.
    All of the website updates that have been listed in the page of each issue of the magazine, will now be available from a single page for the year, which is what you viewing now. During this process updates will be removed from the previous versions, and their layout will be made consistent with this present issue.

    Oct. 8 - Bay City's Last Street Car.
    1924 article from the Bay City Times-Tribune contributed by Alan Flood.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1924: Bay City's Last Street Car}

    Oct. 7 - 1899 Martime Bios. from History of the Great Lakes, by J.B. Mansfield
    Six new maritime biographies courtesy of "Links to the Past" website.

  • Heritage/Writings/People/ {Charles B. Keeler | Charles O. King | George E. King | Joseph H. King | Lewis E. King | Ralph B. King}

    Oct. 4 - 1899 Martime Bios. from History of the Great Lakes, by J.B. Mansfield
    Five new maritime biographies courtesy of "Links to the Past" website.

  • Heritage/Writings/People/ {Capt. Wm. Patterson | Charles E. Harmon | Frank Hausbeck | William Hay | Charles H. Phillips}

    Oct. 2 - Friends Hold Party for Joe Barker at the Campbell House.
    In 1882 Joe Barker decided to leave his job as foreman of the Pitts and Cranage mill, but not before his friends gave him a going away party that made the news.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1882 Party for Joe Barker}

    Oct. 2 - Wood-Working Establishments Burned During 1881.
    An 1882 article from The Evening Press of Bay City detailing 140 fires during 1881.

  • Heritage/Writings / {Wood-Working Fires of 1881}

    Oct. 1 - Jewish Colony of 1891 in Huron County, MI.
    Story from The Bay City Times Tribune published in 1923, about the a group of Russian Jews from Bay City and Detroit that struggled to establish a colony in Huron County in 1891. (Contributed by Leslie (Wright) Hammond.)

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Jewish Colony of 1891 in Huron Co.}

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    Sep. 27 - Building of the Steamship Australasia at Davidson Shipyard.
    An August 28, 1884 article about the steamship Australasia nearing completion at Capt. James Davidson's yard. The article describes in detail the largest wooden ship built by Capt. Davidson at that time.

  • Heritage/Writings: {1884: Australasia Launching Soon.}

    Sep. 25 - New 2005 Photos Added to River of Time Pictorial
    Pictures taken taken at this year's River of Time Living History Encampment on Sep. 24.

  • Pictorials/ {Pictorial: River of Time}

    Sep. 24 - 1895 Article on Consolidation of Bush-Clift Insurance Agency.
    The article announces the merger of this insurance which has roots to John Drake who was one of the earlies agents providing insurance in Bay City.

  • Heritage/Writings/ [1895, Bush-Clift Ins. Merger}

    Sep. 23 - 1895 Base Ball Articles
    Four articles from the Bay City Tribune newspaper about the Bay City base ball club managed John Clarkson who also pitched for the team.

  • Writings / {1895 Base Ball Articles}

    Sep. 21 - Base Ball Briefs, October 11, 1885
    Bits of information on base ball news published in the Bay City Tribune, includes reference to John Clarkson, Hall of Fame pitcher who retired to Bay City after his career.

  • Writings / {1885 Base Ball Articles}

    Sep. 20 - Bay City Independents Base Ball Team
    New Personals page for Bay City's vintage base ball club. The team had 10 wins and 4 losses in their first year of play. Be sure to visit their website for information on the club and interesting local history related base ball.

  • Personals / {Bay City Independents Base Ball Team}

    Sep. 17 - Writings: Indian Burial Grounds on West Side.
    A short article that appeared in The Bay City Times in 1909 regarding the discovery of Indian relics on the west side of the Saginaw River during excavations.

  • Writings / {Indian Relics 1909}

    Sep. 16 - Writings: Newpaper articles on baseball players John and Arthur Clarkson.
    The Clarkson brothers played baseball during the 1880s & 90s, as did a younger brother, Walter. All lived in Bay City after thier playing days. John compile the most outstanding records during baseball career. His records have withstood the test of time and still rank him as one of the all time great pitchers. He was elected in the baseball Hall of Fame in 1963. There are two new articles about John's death in 1909 and one article in 1899 about Arthur written.

  • Writings / {John Clarkson} & {Arthur Clarkson}

    Sep. 12 - Personals: "The Finest" Antiques & Auctions Web Page.
    "The Finest" antiques and auctions, owned by Rick Schmidt, has added a Personals web page covering his specialty as a seller of antiques and auctioneer.

  • Personals / {The Finest Antiques & Auctions}

    Sep. 8 - Article: Lessons Learned During the Development of a B&B.
    Dan and Linda VanPelt, owners of the Angle's Lair Bed and Breakfast in Bay City, wrote an article about their experience in turning their spacious mansion into a bed and breakfast. Whether you have had thoughts about doing the same or have an old mansion you'd like to restore, you are bound to pick up a few tips from their article.

  • Articles / {Lessons Learned During the Development of a B&B.}

    Sep. 5 - 1890 Bay City River Front Panoramic Map.

    This Birdseye View map captures what the Bay City river front looked like in 1890. Also, many buildings are identified. At that time some of the street names were different than they are now, i.e., Columbus was simply Twelfth street, and Cass Avenue was known as South Center street. There are three swing-span bridges (Third st., Twenty-third st., S. Center st.) and one railroad bridge (M.C.R.R.) shown. Because of the large size of the original map, only the area along the river is provided in order to speed up loading time.

  • Maps Library / {1890 Bay City River Front Panoramic Map.}

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    Aug. 27 - Bay City Commission Meeting on Bridges. (1890)
    According to this article of the Bay City Daily Tribune, city commissioners discussions regarding the South Center street and Twenty-Third street bridges.

  • Heritage / Writings / {City Commission Meeting on Bridges.}

    Aug. 27 - Former Mayor's Home Used For Mercy Hospital Will Soon Be Gone.
    Article written in 1956 about the pending demolition of the original Mercy Hospital which was once the home of Nathan B. Bradley, the city's first major.

  • Heritage / Writings/ {Sep. 30, 1956 - The Bay City Times}

    Aug. 23 - More Civil War News!
    1865 news articles published by the Bay City Journal.

  • Heritage / Writings / {Lee's Surrender to Grant.}
  • Heritage / Writings / {Capt. James G. Birney's Letter To His Father.}

    Aug. 22 - 29th Regiment, Michigan Infantry, organized in East Saginaw.
    An article from the Bay City Journal in 1864, on the 29th Regiment, which was organized at East Saginaw. Includes names of officers and their hometowns.

  • Heritage / Writings / {Departure of the 29th Regt.}

    Aug. 13 - Pictorial: Street Scapes

    A beginning of a new Pictorial indexed by streets showing how they looked during different time periods. Plans are to add contempory pictures of the same location for comparison.
  • Pictorials / Street Scapes / {Street Scapes}

    Aug. 2 - Michigan Central Depot and Improved Jackson St. (1890).

    1890 newspaper article donated by Alan Flood. When the MCRR depot on Jackson Street in Bay City was built it was considered one the finest buildings in the city and led to many other improvements near the depot.
  • Heritage Library / Writings / {Michigan Central Depot - 1890}

    Aug. 2 - Construction of Jones Clinic (1916).

    This 1916 article, donated by Alan Flood, appeared in The Bay City Times Tribune newspaper. The article describes the construction details of the new clinic being built on the corner of Jefferson and Fifth by Dr. J. M. Jones.
  • Heritage Library / Writings / {Jones Clinic 1916}

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    Jul. 19 - History of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians of Michigan.
    In 1887 Andrew J. Blackbird, a native Michigan Indian, preserved the history of his heritage, which was made into an ebook by the Guttenberg Project and is shared here as a pdf file.

  • History / Native Settlers / {Ottawa & Chippewa Indian History}

    Jul. 6 - Recipe of the Day.
    We've added a daily recipe feed to our Food and Beverage page, which includes a Recipe of the Week and other resources on food and beverages.

  • Information / Family Center / {Food and Beverages}

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    Jun. 20 - Do You Know The History? [update]
    We've added this local history quiz to the home page, which posts a random picture along with a clue to help you guess the history subject it represents. Just click the link to confirm or get the answer. The history subjects will be changed out periodically providing a fresh series of history questions.

    Jun. 11 - Local Surnames Board added to Focus Forum
    We have no intention of competing with Roots Web or any of the other many surname boards available to families doing genealogy. Our board has a narrow focus on local families only. We thought a local surname board might be a useful tool people doing their family genealogy and are living in the Saginaw Bay Area. It might even be the place to exchange some family histories.

  • Focus Forum/ {Surname Board}

    Jun. 7 - 1849 German Map of Colonies in Michigan.
    This range map is written in German and shows the Saginaw Valley area where German emigrant settlements took place. The map includes earlier villages of Lower Saginaw (Bay City) and Saginaw, as well as a number of other details associated with that time period.

  • Maps/ {Frankischen Colonien Map - 1849}

    Jun. 5 - NEW! Wallpaper Images For Your Computer's Desktop
    We've added a new webpage with nine wallpaper images of local scenes. Each is available in 1024x768 or 800x600 screen resolution. Scenes are: Airfest 2005, City Hall, Davidson Shipyard Slip, Lake Freight Passing Bridges, Legend & Legacy Mini-park, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Pine Ridge Cemetery, and Saginaw River From Pier.

  • Information/Bay-Journal/ {Wallpaper Images}

    Jun. 4 - Political Biography of Herschel H. Hatch (1837-1920).
    Served as a Probate Judge of Bay County and as a Representative in Congress.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Hatch, Herchel H.}

    Jun. 1 - Rev. Sievers Letters to Germany About Frankenlust Colony.(1948-69)
    Eight letters written by Rev. Ferdinand Sievers during the 1848 to 1869 period, in which, he reports back to Germany on the progress being made at the Luthurans emigrant ettlement.

  • Heritage/Writings/ Rev. Sievers' Letter to Germany

    Jun. 1 - New Cemetery Images (Update).
    Images of the Calvary and Heavenly Rest cemeteries in Kawkawlin twsp., Fremont in Monitor twsp, and St. Paul Lutheran in Frankenlust twsp, have been added to the Cemetery Pictorial.

  • Heritage/Pictorial/ {Cemetery Images}

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    May 19 - 1940 School History Articles.
    Contributed by the Stroemer family. The Bay City Time's articles on the history of Bay City schools written in 1940.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Eastern Junior High}
  • Heritage/Writings/ {Fremont & Whittier schools}

    May 19 - 1940 Article on Phoenix Brewing Co.

    Contributed by the Stroemmer family.
    Includes an image of the brewery which was located on Arbor street in Bay City. Article includes some history preceding the brewery.
  • Heritage/Writings/ {Phoenix Brewing Company}

    May 11 - Farragut School Alumni Personals Web Page and Message Board
    Alumni of the former Farragut grade school will gather in Bay City this coming September for a Farragut school reunion dinner prior to the Central High School reunion of the Class of 1960. Farragut alumni are sharing photos on their web page and exchanging memories on thier new forum board.

  • Personals/ {Farragut School Alumni}
  • Focus Forum/ {Farragut School Message Board}

    May 13 - Bay City School Early History (1937).
    A 1937 article in the Centennial Edition of The Bay City Times on early school histories.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Early History of Bay City Schools}

    May 6 - 1902 Death of Mary L. (Cushway) Andre of Saginaw.
    Mrs. Andre was born in Bay City in 1838, and moved to Saginaw as a child. She was 17 years of age when she married Alexander Andre.

  • Hertiage/Writings/ {1902 Article by Bay City Tribune}

    May 6 - Bay City Timber Used in Frame of Ironclad Monitor.

    Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx.
    Bay City pioneer Alonzo Chesbrough hauled a raft of lumber to New York city used by John Ericsson in building the frame of the Ironclad Monitor.
  • Heritage/Writings/ {1902 Article by Bay City Tribune}

    May 1 - W. F. Benson, Oldest Fish Plant (1905)
    W. F. Benson began a fishing business in 1863 which is considered the first one on the Saginaw Bay, according to an article written in 1905.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Article, March 26, 1905}

    May 1 - Colonial Hotel & Apartments To Open July 1, 1905.
    In 1905, C. D. Vail, owner of a huge home on Center ave. and Van Buren street built by W. D. Young, decides to convert his homestead into a modern hotel and apartment complex.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Article, April 2, 1905}

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    Apr. 26 - Death of Judge Thomas E. Webster (1940)
    1940 newspaper article on the death of Thomas E. Webster, former probate judge of Bay County. Judge Webster built the masion on 900 Fifth Ave. which is now the Angel's Lair Bed and Breakfast owned by Dan and Linda VanPelt. Article donated by Alan Flood.

  • Heriage/Writings/ {1940: Death of Judge Webster}

    Apr. 24 - New Hotel Republic.
    1905 newspaper article on reopening of the Republic Hotel after completion of a new addition and newly renovated interior.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1905: New Hotel Republic}

    Apr. 19 - Interview with Henry W. Sage On English Salt Trust.
    Contributed by Alan Flood. - An 1889 interview by the Bay City Daily Tribune with Henry Sage regarding English salt trust being proposed.

  • Heritage/Writings/People/ {1889: Interview with Henry Sage}

    Apr. 18 - 1863 Diary of Mary Hemminger's Civil War Diary (update)
    Contributed by Phyllis Nilsson. Pages May 28, 1863 throught June 14, 1863.

  • Heritage/Writings/Misc: Civil War/ {1864: Diary of Mary Jane (Craft) Hemminger}

    Apr. 12 - 1914 Obituary of William Westover.
    William Westover, builder of the Westover block, died in Alameda, California at age 86.

  • Heritage/ Writings/People/ {1914 Obit.: William Westover}

    Apr. 1 - Pictorial: Heritage Photos of Saginaw, MI.
    The Pictorial's introduction page includes a brief history of Saginaw and a some links where you can learn more.

  • Pictorials / {Saginaw, MI}

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    Mar. 20 - 1996 Michigan Map of Indian Tribe Locations

    Map shows location of federally recognized Indian tribes in Michigan.
  • Maps Library/ {1996 Michigan Indian Tribes]

    Mar. 9 - Stark Family History
    Tim Stark has shares some of his family's history regarding Stark ancestors that were among the early pioneers of Bay County.

  • Heritage/People/ {Stark Family History}

    Mar. 8 - Franklin B. Ward, Bay City Indusrialist Dies. (1946)
    Bay City Times article, February 7, 1946, on the death of Mr. Ward who was part owener in the Hanson-Ward Co., Radiomaster Co., and Bousfield Wooden-ware Co.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Franklin B. Ward Dies}

    Mar. 5 - New Additions to the Personals Pages.
    New pages have been add for Hydorn Carpet Company of Essexville, the Captains Chair book written by Jay Brandow, and Friends of Pine Ridge Cemetery, a non-profit group organized to preserve this pioneer burial grounds.

  • Personals/ {Hydorn Carpet Company}
  • Personals/ {Captains Chair}
  • Personals/ {Friends of Pine Ridge Cemetery}

    Mar. 5 - 1911 Michigan Railway System Map.
    This map appeared in the 1911 Bay City directory to demonstrate the city's extensive rail and water way connections to other communities.

  • Maps Library/ {1911 MI Railway System}

    Mar. 5 - Kids History Tour of Bay County.

    At the request of "Bubbles," our kids tour guide, we've redone the look of the kids history pages. Bubbles now has the water background that he has always wanted along with a more prominent presence in the text area. However, we refused Bubbles' request to throw out the airplane used to advance from one page to the next.
  • Kids Only/ {Kids History Tour}

    Mar. 1 - Biography of John Clarkson (updated).

    Additional information has been add to the heritage page of this Hall of Fame pitcher who spent most of his adult years in Bay City. Also added is more information on his younger brother, Arthur, who had a cigar store in Bay City and was a pitcher in the major leagues.
  • Heritage/People/ {Biography John Clarkson}

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    Feb 24 - Street Names And Changes of Bay City.
    When the village of Portsmouth and West Bay City merged with Bay City, some of the street names had to be changed to eliminate duplication. This database shows the original names of streets and what they were changed to.

  • Heritage/ {Street Names and Changes of Bay City}

    Feb 22 - 1857 United States Map
    Do you know what represented the United States in 1857 when Bay County was organized? What we know as the West was primarily territories. At that time Michigan was considered a far Western state. The map also shows the states were slavery was practiced.

  • Maps Libary/ {1857 United States Map}

    Feb 17 - Boys Charge Saloon Keeper With Being Open Sunday.
    A humorous article from 1908 about a trio of youngsters (Kowalak, Kusmierz and McKenzie.) that got even with saloon keeper (Joseph Gorney) by bringing charges against him for having the saloon open on a Sunday.

  • Hertiage/Writings/Misc. {Boys Charge Gorney With Keeping Saloon Open Sunday.}

    Feb 14 - Bay County Courts Calendar.
    On this page to the right of the articles listing menu you'll find a this new feature added the Monthly Magazine. It's a quick link to schedule activies of the court by the months shown The calendar's file is very large and will take a while to load and display -- even if you have a cable connection. This feature was added in January, but we failed to call attention to it at that time. A direct link to their home page is [baycountycourts.com]

    Feb 12 - Potters Field Cemetery
    Potters Field was the first group burial of the white settlers in Lower Saginaw. It was located on the between Saginaw and Washington just north of Columbus. Included is known history of this cemetery and clippings from old newspaper articles about it.

  • Heritage/Places/ {Potters Field Cemetery}

    Feb. 4 - Pictorial: James Shearer's 1862 Tool Box (new)
    James Shearer's tool box and large collection of wood working hand tools. An excellent view of the many carpenter tools used in making cabinets and other wood products during the later half of the 19th Century and early 20th Century.

  • Pictorials/ {James Shearer's 1862 Tool Box}

    Feb. 3 - 1873 Bay County Map. (new)
    In 1873 map of Bay County when present Arenac County a part of county. (large file)

  • Maps Library/ {1873 Map of Bay County}

    Feb. 2 - Frankenlust Township Map of Early Amelith Homesteads. (new)
    Map shows locations of the first homesteads of the early 1850s.

  • Maps Library/ {Frankenlust Twsp. Pioneer Homesteads}

    Feb. 1 - Civil War News of 1863 from The Bay City Press And Times (new)
    Thanks to the generous contribution of Linda and Rick Pierson, we have the good fortune of being able to share coverage of the Civil War from the daily news of 1863. Read first hand the articles of publisher William Bryce reporting and discussing subjects such as a "bounty" for volunteers, "feud" with Wayne County over quota credits swindled from Bay County, and much more. -- Additional news accounts from Mr. Bryce's paper will be added in the future.

  • Heriage/Groups/Military/Civil War/ {Civil War News 1863-64}

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    Jan. 22 - Wenona Beach Pictorial (update)
    Six new photos donated by Al Smith has been added to this pictorials. The photos show the French fry stand, the Jackrabbit roller coaster, the Octopus, the Miniature Train, and two of the Bullet. Al played with the Dick Jessup band at the Casino at a time when local favorite Harry Jarkey, a comedian, performed there. -- We can use more photos and stories about Wenonah Beach, so help us if you can.

    Jan. 21 - Pinconning: Bay's Big Village (1886).
    A 1886 Bay City Tribune article about the progress being made in the village of Pinconning.

  • Heritage/Writings/Places {Bay's Big Village}

    Jan. 20 - Pioneer's 1886 Account of Saginaw Valley 50 years Ago.
    Bay City Tribune article penned by pioneer recalling what the Saginaw Valley, an insightful description of the primative Saginaw river settlements with nothing but forests and wilderness between them.

  • Heritage/Writings/Places {Fifty Years Ago}

    Jan. 18 - C.E. Jennison, 1905 Biographical Sketch
    Charles E. Jennison moved to Lower Saginaw (now Bay City) in 1850 and partnered with James Fraser initially before getting into the hardware business on the n.w. corner of Water and Fifth streets.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {C.E. Jennison, 1905 Bio.}

    Jan. 18 - Guest Book (new)
    A guest book has been added to make it convenient for viewers to share their comments about Bay-Journal. It's actually a new board added to the Focus Forum. We hope it will make it easier for some to share their input.

  • Focus Forum/ {Guest Book}

    Jan. 17 - James Fraser, 1905 Biographical Sketch
    Pioneer James Fraser had his beginnings on a wilderness farm in 1833 near the Saginaw settlement before moving to the infant settlement in Lower Saginaw (now Bay City) and became a leading force in its growth.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {James Fraser, 1905 Bio.}

    Jan. 14 - Updates to Bay-Journal News Sections (update)
    We've been adding some new features to the News section. Most recently we've added a news feed from the "Detroit Free Press" to the "Headline News" page which includes news feeds for subjects National, World, Government, Health, Science, Celebrity, Yahoo! Oddly Enough, and Political news. In addition there area special sections for Sports, Financial and Weather news.

  • Special Features/ {Headline News}

    Jan 10. - Biographical Sketch of Alfred E. Bousfield (new)
    Alfred was the son of John Bousfield of Cleveland who established the largest wooden-ware manufacturing business in the United States during the 1800s. The business was moved to Bay City in 1875 and ran by Alfred and his brothers. -- Contributed by Patrick Wilhelm.

  • {Alfred E. Bousfield, 1892 Bio. Sketch}
  • {A.E. Bousfield, death of, Bay City Times 1937}
  • {Bousfield Wooden Ware Co.}

    Jan 4 - Maritime Biographies from History of Great Lakes 1899 (new)

  • {George A. McCoy}, Captain, born in St. Clair, worked in Bay City, retired in Cleveland.
  • {Walter McCrea}, Engineer, born in St. Clair, worked in Bay City, retired in Chesaning, MI.
  • {Christopher J. McGurn}, Engineer, born in Bay City, lived and worked in Cheboygan, MI.
  • John McLachlin, Captain, born in Ontario, Canada, worked for Capt. Boutell of Bay City, MI

    Jan 3 - Maritime Biographies from History of Great Lakes 1899 (new)

  • {James E. Davidson}, Captain & Shipbuilder, West Bay City
  • {Henry E. Ditzel}, Captain, operated ferry service on Saginaw River.
  • {Oliver E. Durrant}, Engineer, born in Battle Creek, worked in Bay City, retired in Port Huron.