Dec. 15, 2006: Michigan - It's Geography and History (1856).
In 1856, Jacob Ferris published a book on this observations of the Great West region of the United States. It includes an early description of Michigan as Michigan was remained largely undeveloped at that time was considered a part of the Great West region.

  • {1856: Michigan Geography & History}

    Dec. 5, 2006: 30-Year-Old Car, Built In Bay City, Still Functions. (1928)
    Article from The Bay City Times with picture of a homemade autobile built by Henry Williams 30 years early in a machine shop on Water street. - Contributed by Alan Flood.

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    Dec. 5, 2006: Photo of Capt. John S. Wilson's homestead built around 1842. (Update)
    Capt. Wilson skippered the ship "Mary" which made regular trips back and forth to Detroit. -- Contributed by Alan Flood.

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    Dec. 4, 2006: Early burials at Pine Ridge Cemetery not approved. (1861)
    Judge James Birney who founded Pine Ridge Cemetery apparently requested help from the Bay City Press and Times newspaper to have a few graves sites removed from the cemetery as the property had not been laid out yet.

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    Nov. 30, 2006: West Bay City fires destroys two blocks.(1890)
    Carpenter mill and West Bay City brewery lost.

  • Heritage/Writings/{West Bay City Fire 1890}

    Nov. 29, 2006: Major Fire at village of Amelith. (1896)
    Cheese factory, postoffice and store destroyed.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Amelith Fire 1896}

    Nov. 23, 2006: Biography of Elijah S. Catlin (1824-1902)
    From the book, History of Saginaw County by James Cooke Mills published in 1918.

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    Nov. 15, 2006: New Games added to Family Section.
    The Gaming Hub has four new pages: "I Lost My Puppy," "Table Tennis," "Jaman" (PacMan), and "JigSaw Puzzles."

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    Oct. 17, 2006: Expedition to Saginaw Valley in 1837.
    Excerpt from book, "Memorials of a Half-Century" by Bella Hubbard (1837). This excerpt details the geography and settlements on his trip from Detroit. The history page includes a link to Library of Congress and the full text of the book, which provides extensive information on the early history of Michigan.

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    Oct. 16, 2006: Bay County Active Century Club
    Listing of businesses and other entities that have been in service for 100 or more years.

  • Heritage/Directories/ {Bay Co. Century Club}

    Oct. 16, 2006: Bay County Centennial Farms.
    Bay County farming families. List beginning year and family names with address.
    Heritage/Directories/ {Bay Co. Centennial Farms}

    Oct. 14, 2006: Politics & Government.
    Added new reference page covering politics and government which includes current election information on major candidates and issues.

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    Oct. 4, 2006: Early History of Bay City Newspapers (1937)
    1937 article from The Bay City Times.
    Heritage/Writings/ {Early Bay City Newspaper History}

    Oct. 4, 2006: Organizational History of Bay County Historical Society (1937)
    1937 article from The Bay City Times.
    Heritage/Writings/ {Organization of Bay County Historical Society}

    Oct. 3, 2006: Origin of the name Saginaw.
    Article from the 1937 edition of The Bay City Times explaining the origin of the Saginaw name.

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    Sep. 26, 2006: River of Time Pictorial. (update)
    Adding photos from the 2006 event.

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    Sep. 24, 2006: 1895 Map of Frank W. Wheeler Co.'s Ship Yard.
    Replication of 1895 Sanborn-Perris Co. map.

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    Sep. 16, 2006: Baseball History in Bay City from 1882 to 1937.
    A 1937 newspaper article by Paul Jablonski of The Bay City Times about early baseball in Bay City. Includes several photos of early players and the 1884 team.

  • Heritage/Writings/Sports/{Bay City's Early Baseball History}

    Aug. 23, 2006: Union Red Rover Fire Company No. 1 (1861)
    During a communities early years, fire departments were comprised of volunteer firemen. This article lists the names of volunteers for one of Bay City's early fire departments.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1861, Bay City Press and Times}

    Aug. 20, 2006: Volunteers for 2nd Regiment Michigan Cavalry. (1861)
    The articles lists 36 men from the Bay County area who volunteered to join the Union army during the Civil War.

  • Writings/ {Sep. 5, 1861 - Bay City Press and Times}

    Aug. 10, 2006: Bay City to East Saginaw Road Needed. (1860)
    Article in the December 21, 1860 edition of the Bay City Press and Times.

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    Aug. 10, 2006: Trombley Boys Escape County Jail. (1860)
    Article in the September 12, 1860 edition of the Bay City Press and Times.

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    Aug. 6, 2006: Devastating Water Street Fire of 1863.
    On July 13, 1863, a fire brock out in a new building on Water Street being built for the First National Bank. The fire spread to nearby buildings spreading over a four block area before finally being put out. A year later, the Bay City Press and Times recalled the fire.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Devastating Water Street Fire of 1863}

    Jul. 25, 2006: YMCA and Peninsulars Organizations.(1889)
    Two articles. One about the YMCA moving to the Walton and the other about the Peninsulars needing to move out of it.

  • Heritage/Writings/{Peninsulars & YMCA relocating.}

    Jul. 25, 2006: F. W. Wheeler & Company (1889)
    Frank Wheeler started his shipbuilding business in 1877 in West Bay City. In 1899, the company was reorganized and this document is now a part of the Heritage Library.

  • Heritage/Writings/Articles of Association.}

    Jul. 25, 2006: Michigan Central Railway Depot (Update)
    Added two new articles to following pages:

  • Heritage/Writings/{1899: Articles on depot's construction.}
  • Heritage/Writings/{1890: Articles after depot's construction.}

    Jun. 20, 2006: Pioneers That Donated Property for the former St. Joseph Cemetery. (1951)
    Article written in 1951 on the pioneers who donated the land for former St. Joseph cemetery located on the south east corner of State and Smith streets.

  • Heritage/Writings/{Pioneers Who Donated Land for St. Joseph Cemetery}

    Jun. 16, 2006: Industrial Works - The Capacity Will Be Double In the Near Future. (1890)
    October 14, 1890 article from the Bay City Daily Tribune regarding a major expansion of the Industrial Works, which a year before had considered a move to Detroit.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1890: Expansion of Industrial Works.}

    Jun. 16, 2006: Biography: George Henry Lavigne (1869-1928)
    This young boxer from West Bay City began a professional boxing career in 1886 fight out of Saginaw. He went on to become the World Light-Weight Champion in 1896. He is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and Michigan's Sports Hall of Fame.

  • Heritage/People/ {Bio., George "Kid" Lavigne.}

    Apr. 15, 2006: Pioneer's Recollection of Saginaw Valley Indians. (1865).
    Article in the Bay City Journal newspaper by pioneer recalling Indians in the Saginaw Valley during the early settlement period.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1865: Early Saginaw Valley Indians}

    Apr. 7, 2006: 1916 Wenonah Park Eddy Pavilion.
    A 1916 newspaper article by the Bay City Daily Times on the new Eddy pavilion.

  • Heritage/Writings/ [1916 Wenonah Park Eddy Pavilion}

    Apr. 1, 2006: 1909 Plan for the original Wenonah Park.
    The Wenonah Park was planned for when the former Wenonah Hotel was built in 1908. However, it didn't open until a couple of years later. The plan shows the original features of the park.

  • Maps Library/ {1909 Plan for Wenonah Park.}

    Apr. 1, 2006: Recalling Bay City's Wenonah Twins.
    A brief history article about the Wenonah Hotel and Wenonah Park which were part of a master plan that reshaped the Center Avenue and Water Street section of downtown Bay City.

  • Monthly Magazine/Articles/ {Recall Bay City's Wenonah Twins}

    Mar. 20, 2006: Civil War Names Database for Bay and Arenac Counties. (Update)
    The names list of Bay County Civil War soldiers has been reformatted to a table listing, and new names have been added to the list. In addition, resources links are provided to the Regiment histories of that these soldiers were in.

  • Heritage/Groups/Military/Civil War/ {Bay & Arenac Counties Civil War Names Database.}

    Mar. 7, 2006: Article: Missing 1863-64 Bay City Newspapers Now Available At Library.
    These editions of this historical newspaper were considered lost and never got micro-filmed. In January 2005 they were accidentally found and are now available to the public on micro-film at the new Alice and Jack Wirt Public Library in Bay City.

  • Articles / {Missing 1863-64 Bay City Newspapers Now Available At Library.}

    Feb. 12, 2006: Pictorial: Veteran Groups. (Update)
    About a half a dozen new photos of Civil War veterans were been added courtesy of the State Archives of Michigan. Names include Bedell, Clark, Garrigues, Landon, McKinney, McKnight, Raymond and Wheeler.

  • Pictorials / {Veterans Groups}

    Feb. 10, 2006: U.S. Civil War Maps.
    Series of geographic maps with a brief history. Includes resources for additional maps and information on the Civil War.

  • Maps LIbrary/ {U.S. Civil War Maps.}

    Feb. 2, 2006: Bay City Railtrail Map.
    This map shows the route followed by the railtrail along with nearby parks and shopping areas.

  • Maps Library/ {Bay City Railtrail Map.}

    Jan. 28, 2006: Schools: Good Time To Modernize. (Article)
    We think it is, and we offer a few reasons as to why and how the structure of school systems might be modernized to improve education which might save some money as well.

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    Jan. 18, 2006: Civil War Diary of Mary Hemminger. (update)
    Two more weeks of entries for July 1863 of this Bangor township resident have been added from her diary.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {Civil War Diary of Mary Hemminger}

    Jan. 12, 2006: Civil War News (update - 5 new pages)
    Added local Civil War news articles from the Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, 1863 issues of the Bay City Press and Times. Include in these stories is the establishment of a county bounty to encourage volunteers to enlist to meet draft quota.
    Also, included are pdf files of the actual paper published on January 2, 1864.

  • Heritage/Groups/Military/Civil War/ [Civil War News]

    Jan. 7, 2006: Pictorial: Libraries (update)
    Today was the final day of operation for the Central Library on Center Ave. in Bay City, and we took a number of pictures of the exterior and inside of the building which have been added to the Pictorial for libraries.

  • Pictorials/ {Libraries}

    Jan. 6, 2006: John W. Putz Hardware (1966)
    Article published by The Bay City Times on the 50th anniversary of Putz Hardware store.

  • Heritage/Writings/ {1966: Putz Hardware 50th Anniversary}