February 9, 2015
History Visitation Church.
- History done by Ray Herek, recorded in pdf format.
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    February 7, 2015
    William A. Sempliner (1844-1918).
    - Mr. Sempliner was born in Austria-Hungary, and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 24. He spent many years working as a peddler, until he settle in Bay City, where he started his own business. He was married to Esther Bru.
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    November, 17 2014
    John W. Knaggs (1840 - ?).
    - John W. Knaggs, a Civil War veteran, was born in Monroe Co., Mich., and came to Bay City in 1865, where he found employment in the insurance business of John Drake. Later he established his own insurance business having several different partners over the years. He was married to Mariette (May) Stockings, who was prominent in the womans suffrage movement and other social item. She was honored as a member of the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame.
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    October 27, 2014
    Bay City Dry Docks.
    - Bay City having several shipyards also had two dry docks for a number of years doing repairs on vessles on the Great Lakes. The history includes the names of the owners of these dry docks over the years.
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    October 16, 2014
    Bay City Boat Manufacturing Co..
    - Bay City Boats had its beginning , when it took over making knock-down boats from Defoe Boat and Motor Works. Defoe was the first to offer the knock-down boats. When Bay City Boats took over manufacturing them, their was plenty of competition these type of boat for other boat businesses.
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    August 16, 2014
    History of Visitation Church.
    - Article by Ray Harek. The Visitation Church located on State, was situated on property bought from pioneer Jospeh Trombley. The church was opened in 1895 and was attended by mainly French decendents. The first pastor was Father J.G. Sanson, a French man.
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    June 25, 2014
    Bay City Port Facilities 1910.
    - Bay City's greatest asset is its location along the Saginaw River near the Saginaw Bay, which made it early on as a major port on the Great Lakes. It also made the city a ship building center and a prime location for sawmills during the lumbering years.
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    June 25, 2014
    Frank L. Westover (1853-?).
    - Frank L. Westover was born in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Mass., and came to Bay City in 1866. where he practiced law, then newpaper writer. Late he became state senator for Bay and Midland Counties. His last position was as an insurance agent. He married Cora I. Tripp.
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    Capt. Davison History.
    June 24, 2014
    Davidson Ship Building History.
    - Founded by James Davidson from Buffalo, N.Y., in 1874. Mr. Davidson's shipyard was located in West Bay City and was the largest shipyard at that time. The yard produced some of the largest wood vessles on the Great Lakes.
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    June 18, 2014
    Lewis Lee Smart (1882-1947).
    - Lewis was born in Bay City, Mich., later he moved to the Detroit area where he was a successful business man. He married Sybil L. Board and they had three children.
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    June 9, 2014
    Capt. John H. Anderson (1845-?).
    - Capt. Anderson; born in Port Dover, Canada, began his career as a sailor for a number of years. in1879 he settled in Bay City where he entered the insurance business. He was married to Imogene Ramsdell.
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    May 16, 2014
    Two Updates from 1847 history.
    - Judge Albert Miller, one of the earliest pioneers of Bay City, wrote what he recalled of from 1847 history. Two portions of which were added to the Birney and Trombley genealogy pages.
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    May 10, 2014
    William W. Currey (1857-1938).
    - William was born in Durumbo, Canada, and in 1859 moved with his parents to Almont, Mich. After living at several other localities in the state, he settled in at Bay City, where worked at a few occupations before becoming a salesman of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.
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    May 9, 2014
    John Carroll (1848-?).
    - John Carroll was born in County Kerry, Ireland. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1865, living in New York until 1869 when he came to Bay City, MI, and worked in a butcher shop, later he entered into in a partnership in the wholesale produce and fruit business. He married Annie Joyce, of Ontario, Canada.
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    May 4, 2014 (Update)
    Bio: Joseph Eastwood.
    - Added a poem to his biograhy page that was written by his 16 year-old grand-daughter, Louise Eastman. The poem is about the United States which appeared in the publication Modertor-Topics in 1909.
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    May 3, 2014
    Bay County Jail History

    - Added additional information to present page. Now includes names of the sheriffs, and more details about the jails. There are biographies in the Writings/People for many of the known sheriffs.
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    May 2, 2014
    Rev. Henry P. Maus (1870-1928)

    - Rev. Henry P. Maus was born in Bay City where he attended St. James Church and school, afterwards went to Assumption College in Canada to become a priest. He served several parishes around Michigan, the longest be at St. Andrews in Saginaw.
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    Apr. 28, 2014
    Col. John C. Boughton (1836-1894)

    - Col. Boughton, a Civil War Vet., was born in Novi, Oakland co., Mich. After the war he settled in Traverse City, and in 1883 he moved to West Bay city, where he had a grocery business. He is buried Elm Lawn Cemetery. He was married to Mary E. Brooks, from New York.
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    Apr. 27, 2014
    Leonard L. Cole. (1886-1916)

    - Lionard L. Cole was born in Toledo, Tam Co., Iowa. He played miner league profession baseball in Bay City, as pitcher. Helped the Bay City club win the pennant in 1908. From there he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs and became of their best pitchers. He was married to Ida E. Seder.
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    Apr. 26, 2014
    Jame G. Birney's Letter to His Son. (1846)

    - James G. Birney is one Bay City's most signifcant pioneers, and was one of its founders. He was known around the world for his anti-slavery position and activities, he twice was a presidential candidate and for governor of Michigan. In 1842 he wrote this letter to his son, George when he first came to Bay City, which was known as Lower Saginaw back then. It gives some insight into what life was like during the time of our ancestors.
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    Apr. 25, 2014
    William B. Fitzgerald (1874-1930).
    - William was born in Bay City to Irish parents. He first began work life as a merchant than latter held several possitions in community service, such as police officer, fireman and sheriff of Bay county.
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    Apr. 24, 2014
    Pine Ridge Cemetery Transfers.
    - Contributed by Alan Flood. Pine Ridge Cemetery was Bay City's first formal cemetery in 1858, it replaced Potter's Field, located south off columbus Ave., between Saginae St. and Washington Ave. Pine Ridge was founded by Judge James Birney, when he died his daughter took over the cemetery, and she sold it to George Ames in the early 1900s. Ames died in 1931, and is the last known owner. John Cuthbert the secton before Ames' death, continued to maintain the cemetery until his death in 1956, since then the abandoned cemetery has been maintain soley by volunteers.
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    Apr. 23, 2014
    George Carpenter (1825-?)
    - George Carpenter was born in New York, he and another early pioneer, John A. Weed teamed up in 1854 to build the first vessel in Lower Saginaw (now Bay city). George moved around Michigan building vessels. Later in life he lived in Fair Haven, Huron Co., where he was into farming. He was married to Hariette Batty, of Conn.
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    Apr. 22, 2014
    Michael Garland (1838-1913)

    - Update to Mr. Garland's history with his Obituary.Mr. Garland was born in NY, and began work with engines when 12 years-old. For several years he worked in various other communities before settling in Bay city, where found the M. Garland Machinery Co. He held over 150 patents. He was married twice, first to Cyrena Bradenburg, after her death, to Emma Holland..
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    Apr. 20, 2014
    Henry H. Thomas (1843-1908)

    - Henry was born in Stafford, NY, was a veteran of the Civil War. In 1872 he came to Bay City, Mich., where he started a dynamite factory in Kawkawlin. He was married twice, Maria Smith and Delia Stewart.
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    Apr. 19, 2014
    Bay City Fire Department History 1918.

    - The Bay City fire department dates back to 1859, but had megar means to fight fires, and it was done by volunteers upto 1876. Bay City had many early fires due to the wooden products that dominated the area from lumbering.
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    Apr. 17, 2014
    Residents of Bay County In 1847.

    - In 1891, Judge Albert Miller of Bay City, presented the history of Bay County upto 1847, before the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society. It details the people who lived during the earliest days leading to what was to become Bay City, Bay County, Michigan.
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    Apr. 16, 2014
    Warren Edward Avis (1915-2007)

    - Warren E. Avis, founder of the rental car business at airports, was born in Bay City, Mich., and buried at the Elm Lawn Cemetery in Bay City. He was an honored veteran of WWII serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps, receiving a Bronze Star and the Distinquished Flying Cross. After selling his rent a car business, he start three others: Avis Farms, Avis Enterprise and Avis Sports inc. He lived in Ann Arbor most of his adult life. He was married twice, first to Susan Packer, then Yanna Elbim.
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    Apr. 15, 2014
    Charlotte "Lottie" Wilson.

    - Charlotte was born in Niles, Mich. She became a prominent artist painting portraits, and painting on objects. She was also active in the Womans Suffrage Movement, and lived in Bay city for about a decade. She was married three times.
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    Apr. 14, 2014
    Businesses in Bay City - 1890.

    - The Bay City Directory for 1890/91 lists businesses providing not only there address, but the year they were founded and primary offers. A link is provide to biographies for many of the officers.
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    Apr. 13, 2014
    Frank T. Woodworth (1861=?).

    - Frank, former mayor of Bay City, was born in Seneca Co. New York. When about 15 years old, he moved to Bay City to live with his uncle D.C. Smalley. He worked as a bookkeeper for the Second National Bank a few years, and later involved in lumber and coal businesses. He was married to Eva A. Smalley, daughter of James Smalley.
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    Apr. 11, 2014
    Saginaw River Lighthouse History
    - This history is pieced together from various source. The first action was a petition to state of Michigan for a lighthouse at the mouth of the Saginaw River. Approved, building began in 1838, but wasn't finished until 1841. Today there still is an inactive lighthouse being maintained by the Saginaw Bay Marine Historical Society.
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    Apr. 11, 2014
    Peter Brawn (1809-1878)
    - Peter was born in Maine. He moved around to several place before settling down in Zilwukee, Mich., where he became the keeper of the lighthouse at the mouth of the Saginaw River, on the west bank. He remained keeper until his death. He was married to Julia R. Toby, of Maine.
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    Apr. 10, 2014
    Bay City Typographical Union No. 81.
    - In 1914 the International Typograhical Union published an article that included the union in Bay City. It caputures the names of several local citizen in the union, and that year Eugene Cummings was president of the union, which met at St. George's Hall in the Bank block.
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    Apr. 9, 2014
    Dr. Myron W. Clift (1883=1948).

    - Dr. Clift was born in Bay city to William O. and Ella Clift. His father was for along time in the insurance business. Dr. Clift received his medial education at the Univ. of Michigan. He practiced in Saginaw for two years, then settled in Flint. He was married to Eliza Denham of Flint.
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    Apr. 8, 2014
    Herbert Alexander Bargeon (1893-1977).

    - Herbert was born in West Bay City, and when of age was manager of the Kresge Store, on Center and Washington avenues. He was also a member of the Bay City Rotary Club. Later in life, he moved to Florida. He was married twice; first to Daphine Hamilton, then to Violet Gielfuss.
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    Apr. 7, 2014
    Bay City Finacial Report - 1884.

    - Back in 1884 Bay City's population was about the same as it is today. However, they were in much better shap financially at that time because of strong lumbering businesses. I might add that the west side is not included the 1884 data as it was a city itself.
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    Apr. 6, 2014
    Bay City & Bay County Lodges.

    - Documents dating back to 1861 on the original Bay City Masonic Lodge. Another document from 1891 deails the nine lodges in Bay County at the time. It give names of members for each lodge.
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    Apr. 5, 2014
    John H, Avery (1848-1899).
    - John was born at Bradley, Maine. He well educated at the Univ. of Michigan and others. He moved to Bay City where he entered in the family's lumbering business. He moved to Bay City when lumbering was at peak, and own his own businesses. He was married to Ella Smith.
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    Apr. 5, 2014
    John F. Eddy (1848-1899).
    - John was born in Bangor, Maine to a prominent family. He was well educated and was involved at a young age in his father lumbering busineses. He moved to Bay City when lumbering was at peak, and own his own businesses. He was married to Charlotte Whittemore.
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    Apr. 4, 2014
    Phenix Ballard (Bellor) (1848-1942).
    (Contributed by Jim Petremoul)
    - Phenix was born in Mt. Clemens, Mich. He resided most of his life in Bay County. He was the last Civil War veteran living in Bay County to die. His last name has been different on some of his records. Its believed he was born as Bellor.
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    Apr. 3, 2014
    Robert B. Anderson (1860-?).
    -- Robert was born in Toronto, Canada, and moved to Bay City 1883, where he was employed with a wholesale grocery company. Later, he joined the Saginaw Knights of the Maccabees. In about 1892 he was asked to moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he became Great Commander of the State of Missouri. He was married to Annie Mooney who was from Canada.
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    Apr. 2, 2014
    Henry Sage Ingersoll (1842-1911).
    -- Henry was born in Canton, Ill., from where he served in the Civil War. After the war he settled in Wenona (now Bay City), Mich. He got a job at his Uncle Henry W. Sage saw mill business, where he worked about 12 years, then enter the grocery business. Late he moved to Calumet, Mich. He was married to Ida M. Sayles.
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    Apr. 1, 2014
    Arhur H. Hess (1862-?).
    -- Mr. Hess was a native of Bay City, his parents having come here in the 1840s. Arhur had very large and successful dairy business, and also owned a fine herd of horses. He was married to Mollie D. Deegan.
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    Mar. 31, 2014
    William M. Kelley (1831-1910).
    -- William was born in Ireland and came to America when 19 years-old. He went into sailing out of Buffalo, N.Y. In 1863 he settled in Bay City, where he was in grocery business a few years, then became county clerk and active socially. He was married to Sarah A. Waite.
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    Mar. 30, 2014
    Benno A. Kattain (1834-1903).
    -- Mr. Katthain was born at Schlessin, Prussia, and came to the Michigan in residing at Saginaw. He served in the Civil War, and afterwards settle at Bay City where he was in the music business.
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    Mar. 28, 2014
    Thomas F. McCrickett (1860-1916).

    -- Thomas was born in Detroit, Mich., and came to Bay City at an early age with his parents, where he was raised. He became an engineer after college, and worked for Industrial Works for a number of years, then moved to Detroit working for the Russel Wheel & Foundry Co., until his death.
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    Mar. 28, 2014
    Ira A. Lount (1841-?)
    -- Ira was born at Lapeer, Mich., at the ade of 2 years his parent moved to Canada. When of age he entered the Civil War from New York. Afterwards, he worked in Iowa, Detroit, then settled in Bay City, where he established a furniture business. He married Anna M. ?
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    Mar. 26, 2014
    Wilfred E. See (1861-1925)
    -- Wilfred was born in Lancaster, Canada, and came to Bay City at a young age with his parents, where he was raised. He became very successful in business, having a number of partnerships in furniture, wallpape, etc. His was married to Amelia DeGraw, of Bay City.
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    Mar. 23, 2014
    Samuel Meister (1861-1922)
    -- Samuel was born in Germany, and at a young age came to Bay City with his parents. His father developed a sizeable business, of which Samuel was manager when he died. Spouse: Fannie ? from Ill.
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    Mar. 23, 2014
    Charles L. Adams (1858-1915)
    -- Charles was born in London, Ontario, then moved to Michigan with his parents, here he lived at several different locations. At Bay City he worked for D.C. Holcomb, and later became agent for the Osborn Co. He was married to Clara P. Smith, of Fenton.
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    Mar. 17, 2014
    Yachting Magazine (1908)
    -- Bay City's location has historically been an excellent place for maritime activities, and the Yachting Magazine in 1908 made it well known to outsiders. The article is in pdf format.
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    Mar. 17, 2014
    Alexander McGillis (aka: Gillis) (1852-?)
    -- Alexander was born in Canada, and came to Bay City about 1868, where he worked in the lumber and salt mills. He was married to Ellen Sullivan.
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    Mar. 15, 2014
    Mrs. Annie (Taylor) McDonell (1860-1921)
    -- Annie was born in NY and came with her parents to Michigan at a young age. she had a long career as a librarian at Ann Arbor and Bay City. She was a member of the Michigan Library Association from its beginning, serving as president in 1912/13. She was married twice, the last being to Archibald McDonell, a prominent businessman in Bay City.
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    Apr. 6, 2013
    Michael Daily (1826-1900)
    -- Mr. Daily, one of Bay City's earliest pioneers, was born in New York city, N.Y. When he was 12 years-old he moved to Sagianw, Mich. with his parents. Later he moved to Bay City where he was quite prominent in business.
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    Feb. 4, 2013
    Leonard L. Cline (1893-1929)
    -- Mr. Cline was born in Bay City, MI. He was graduate from the university of Michigan. He was a profession writer working for a number of newspapers, including the Detroit Freepress. Later he became prominent as a novelist. He was married to Mary L. Smurthwaite of Manistee, Mich.
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    Feb. 4, 2013
    Henry M. Campbell
    -- Mr. Campbell was born in 1842 near Sparta, N.Y. He came to Michigan as a young boy with his parents setting near Flint. Later he settled at Bay City where he was in the lumber business with Seth McLean. He was married to Mary Callahan.
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    Jan. 22, 2013
    Thomas P. Bradley (1881-?)
    -- Mr. Bradley was born in Bay City, Mich., to Edward L. and Lucretia A. (Pringle) Bradley. Most of his life was spent in Dulth, Minn., where he like his ahcestor, was suscessful in the lumber business.
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    Jan. 19, 2013
    Bay City Shovels (1913-1969).

    -- The Bay City Shovels was orginally established as the Bay City Dredging Co., which specialized in a walk dredging machine. In 1929 it expanded into manufacturing shovels. In its later year it purchased by several larger companies.
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